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Lawn Sculpting: The 6 Best Hedge Trimmers

No one likes to shave and that includes dealing with the stubble that your hedges develop. If you’re still out there hacking off stragglers and cleaning up branches by hand, then you, my friend, are living in the dark ages. It’s time to contemporize and get yourself a hedge trimmer that can help you handle all those embarrassing hard to reach places.

They come in either gas or electric varieties with electric being broken down into corded and cordless. Gas models cut like fiends but are noisy, smelly, and costly. Electric models won’t cut as well and you have to either recharge the batteries or lug a cord around. Either way, it’s better than doing it by hand. We’ve tried to be even-handed, but expect to see a lot of Black & Decker on this list. They just hedge out the competition when it comes to trimmers. If you aren’t a B&D fan, we’ve tried to include some other options for your consideration. Ready to buzz some burrs? Then here’s the 6 best hedge trimmers.

Black Decker HH2455

Black & Decker HH2455

Pros: Rotating handle
Cons: Sometimes unwieldy

Best Corded: First up is one of the most popular units for anyone with a smaller yard that can deal with dragging a cord. Tipping the scales at just 6.5 pounds, the HH2455 is very light though still manages to give you 24″ of cutting power, which can be awkward and unwieldy. It chews through branches up to 3/4-inches though expect to do a little sawing on anything over half an inch. Easily the thing to fall in love with about this model is that it includes a 180-degree rotating handle so lefties and righties can get along with it equally well. It also adds greater turning and flexibility. Perfect for working on a ladder. Fatigue is reduced through a low-vibration motor which also runs quiet as a mouse. [Purchase: $70]

Black Decker LHT2220

Black & Decker LHT2220

Pros: Long battery life
Cons: No lockable “On” switch

Best Cordless: Ready to go wireless? Powered by a 20-Volt Lithium Ion battery the LHT2220 brings both cutting power and long-life to the table. The 22″ blade feels perfect for the body and the overall weight comes in at under 6 pounds. You’ll get about 25 minutes of run time on a single battery charge which gives you time to trim thousands of square feet, depending on how badly your bushes need whackin’. For the eco-warrior both battery and charger are EnergyStar compliant and won’t draw extra power. The claim they make is that it can handle 3/4″ branches but you’ll be putting a little elbow grease down to get anything that thick done. Battery charge is slow and there isn’t a locking position, so your hand tires out holding down the safety switch. [Purchase: $89]

Husqvarna 122HD45

Husqvarna 122HD45

Pros: Cuts like a champ
Cons: Lousy fuel lines

Best Gas: Husqvarna is the name in gas-powered hedge trimmers – as well as gas-powered everything else. This is far and away the best gas trimmer out there. It has an 18″ blade that gives you chainsaw-grade cutting power. It claims that the 21.7 cc motor only has a 4/5-inch ability, but can go closer to 2″ in the field. The motor won’t rattle you so every cut is clean, though at 93 decibels, it’s still a noisy bugger. The issue you will encounter with the 122HD45 is the fuel lines corrode for no reason. You might want to be proactive and just get high-grade replacements before tackling your yard. At only 10 pounds its easy to handle even if you’re smaller in size. The side exhaust is great for not blowing fumes in your face. [Purchase: $247]

Earthwise CVPH41018

Earthwise CVPH41018

Pros: Comfortable to use
Cons: Corded

Best Pole Trimmer: Not all hedges are created equal. If you’ve got to trim the maze from The Shining, you might want something with a little more range. This Earthwise uses an 18″ blade attached to a 2.8 Amp motor giving it superior cutting power. The head has six adjustable fixed positions that lock it into place for trimming along the top of high hedges. The handle is a lightweight fiberglass with foam grip that minimizes strain on the shoulders and back. The one drawback is that it is a corded model. While this gives it more juice to draw from than cordless models, you can’t go hither and yon with it. If you simply must go cordless then the Black & Decker LPHT120 should be on your shopping list. [Purchase: $80]

Black Decker TR117

Black & Decker TR117

Pros: Extremely agile
Cons: Smaller

Tiny Dancer: The TR117 usually gets rave reviews from the ladies since it is much smaller and more agile than many of the he-man monsters that are on the market. That isn’t to say it is dainty. With a 3.2 Amp motor that can chew through 3/5-inch branches there’s considerable power under the hood. The difference is the 4 lbs. weight and 17″ blade that allow for supreme maneuverability and the ability to cut in tight spots. It’s corded, which can be a hassle, but for sweeping through a small yard in no-time flat, or for doing some of that lovely lawn sculpture this is a marvel. Besides which, it costs less than a steak dinner. [Purchase: $33]

Husqvarna 226HD75S

Husqvarna 226HD75S

Pros: Lightweight
Cons: Awkward to use

Big Dog: When you’ve got acres to cut of some of the toughest stuff around then you need a tool that is up to the job. A regular hedge trimmer won’t hack it. You need something bigger and badder. At 30″ and carrying a 23.6cc 2-Cycle Engine X-Torq motor, you’ve got the right tool here. It’s got hardened steel blades that make cutting faster and stay sharper longer. They also cut smoother so you get a cleaner result even when sawing away. They help you go through branches up to an inch in diameter. The most alluring part is the 4,100 cuts per minute speed that chops your labor time down to size. Surprisingly light at just over 13 lbs. it’s still a little awkward do to the long blade. [Purchase: $500]