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Jan 12, 2017

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If you’re the type of person who values music as a medium, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve picked up a decent pair of headphones at some point. And rightfully so. They’re more private and portable than your average set of speakers and – more often than not – sound a good deal better than even the best earbuds. But the biggest problem with a killer set of headphones is that, when you’re not using them, they can be pretty difficult to store.

Sure, you could stash them in a drawer or plop them on your desk, but do you really want to risk damaging your high quality – and likely high priced – audio muffs? Instead, you should consider picking up one of these stands. Any of the following twelve options are an excellent way to keep your favorite ‘phones safely on display and out of harm’s way. Yet, they’ll remain easily accessible for whenever you’re ready to switch on the turntable and dive back into your favorite albums.

Elevation Lab The Anchor Headphone Stand

Elevation Lab The Anchor Headphone Hanger

If you’re limited on room, the Anchor by Elevation Lab is a superb option. Just stick it under your desk or counter of choice and you’ve got yourself a place to hang your headphones. In fact, they’re built to accomodate two pairs, if you’ve got them. Made from silicone and reinforced by steel pins, this clever device is affixed to the underside of any workspace with a 3M adhesive strip – the very same one you’d mount a GoPro camera with.

Purchase: $11

Brainwavz Hengja Headphone Stand

Brainwavz Hengja Headphone Hanger

This headphone hanger is designed to latch onto your countertops or the side walls of a desk or bookshelf. And the metal construction and screw-tight latch ensures that it will stay secure regardless of the surface to which it is attached. This option is excellent for anyone who doesn’t have much in the way of room, but also doesn’t want to sacrifice security or style. And it is free of any surface-damaging glues or adhesives – if you don’t want to deal with cleaning up sticky residue when the time comes.

Purchase: $15

AmoVee Pro Headphone Stand

AmoVee Pro Headphone Stand

Not satisfied simply with making a headphone stand, AmoVee has crafted from acrylic an all-in-one electronics stand. Not only can you stash your ‘phones on this thing, but you can also hang your favorite watch, wrap up your cables, and rest your cellphone or tablet. And, at a height of 10.6 inches, it easily fits any professional or DJ style headphones.

Purchase: $16

Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand

BlueLounge Posto Headphone Stand

Slim and small, this headphone stand from Bluelounge is proof-positive that sometimes the most minimalist design can, in fact, be the best. In spite of its small footprint, the Posto’s aluminum body is plenty strong for even the heftiest of studio headphones. And the flexible rubber headrest is sure to keep safe whatever you mount upon it. Sometimes, simple is better.

Purchase: $20

NetDot Aluminum Double Headphone Stand

NetDot Double Headphone Stand

If you share a space with another music enthusiast or you just have dual headsets for specialized purposes – video games sometimes require different gear than record players – you might want to get this stand from NetDot. Made from aluminum and featuring silicon pads (on which to rest your headphones) and a cow hide leather base (to protect the surface of your desk), this sturdy stand can hold two separate headsets at a time. And it comes in a number of different color finishes, if you want to match it to your other desktop gear.

Purchase: $25

Avantree Steel Headphone Stand

Avantree Headphone Stand

This helpful solid steel and silicone stand answers the question of what to do with your headphone cable when it’s not in use. The wide bowl-shaped base is a perfect vessel in which to wrap your ‘phone cable. And it fits most headphone styles and won’t tip over during use. The silicone base and cradle also ensures that both your headphones and the surface on which you place them will remain unscratched and undamaged.

Purchase: $25

Omega Wooden Headphone Stand

Omega Wooden Headphone Hanger

Both functional and featuring a handsome design, this unique stand from Omega is certainly a stellar choice for anyone with discerning tastes. Measuring up at 10 inches in height, the Omega Headphone Stand features a walnut finish that pairs equally well with wood and leather furnishings. It also fits most contemporary style headphones. And its smooth facade is sure to leave your most prized headphones without so much as a scratch upon them.

Purchase: $30

Luxa2 Headphone Stand

LUXA2 E-One Headphone Stand

One of the best parts of the minimalist LUXA2 E-One stand is that it is universally compatible with all headphones. So, whether you’ve got a pair of Beats, a beefy set of studio-quality Audio Technicas, or cream-of-the-crop high-fidelity Audeze LCD-3s, they can be hung on this stand, no problem. And you can rest assured that they’re safe, thanks to its high-grade CNC precision diamond cut aluminum construction.

Purchase: $30

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

Satechi USB Headphone Stand

Capitalizing on the opportunity to create a multifunctional headphone stand, Satechi put a unique spin on theirs – adding three USB 3.0 ports, so the user can expand their computer’s preexisting ports. It’s also universally compatible with all headphone types and features a handy cord organizer on the back of the arm and rubberized grip on the bottom of the base and on top of the cradle.

Purchase: $40

Just Mobile HS 100 GD HeadStand Aluminum Headphone Stand

Just Mobile HS-100GD HeadStand

Beautifully crafted from brushed aluminum, this handsome headphone stand has a unique feature that isn’t immediately obvious. That is, the unique dual-disk shaped base is actually a cleverly disguised cord organizer. All you have to do is wrap your headphone cord around the base and bam! No more tangled untidiness. And, so long as your headphones have a band connecting them, they’ll fit nicely on this offering from Just Mobile.

Purchase: $48

Woo Audio HPS TB Universal Adjustable Headphone Stand

Woo Audio HPS Headphone Stand

While good design and basic functionality is usually plenty when it comes to headphone stands, Woo Audio wanted to take it a step further. Made entirely from high quality aluminum and requiring no assembly, the HPS line of headphone stands features a body with an adjustable height. So, if your headphones tend to hang a bit low and you want to make sure they’re not resting against whatever surface your stand is on, you can adjust this one’s height anywhere between 11 and 14 inches. And it comes in either single or double headphone varieties.

Purchase: $69

SilverStone Technology EBA01 Aluminum Hi Fi Audio Premium Headphone Stand

SilverStone Technology EBA01 Headphone Stand

Resembling a desk lamp, this offering from SilverStone Technology features a unique extended cradle that can house up to two sets of headphones at a time. The rounded cradle ensures that the weight of your devices will be balanced and evenly distributed. And the 2-centimeter thick solid aluminum base ensures that it wont tip over while in use. If you own a premium pair of headphones, don’t you want to display them on something that reflects their value? If so, this is the stand for you.

Purchase: $70

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