The 9 Best Hammock Chairs For Outdoor Relaxation

Sep 23, 2022

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Versatile, sturdy, and convenient, a hammock chair is one of the most overlooked items when putting together a camping or glamping checklist. Even those who do have an indoor hanging chair in their own homes may not realize that there are plenty of outdoor-ready options that can easily be traveled with. On the other hand, there’s incredible value to be had in investing in a more permanent fixture; a swinging seat for your backyard or bedroom.

Some may see them as gratuitous replacements for stationary chairs, but we guarantee you that many benefits are to be had from hanging in a suspended state. For one, your back and neck benefit from not staying in the same position for long stretches of time. Also — and this is the most important point — hammock chairs are fun! For this guide, we’ve combed through the burgeoning market to give you a guide to the best hammock chairs to buy, whether you’re going camping or simply want to replace the family recliner.

Hammocks Vs. Hammock Chairs

Just Hangin’ Out

The main difference between hammocks and hammock chairs, other than the obvious default resting position, is where you can put them. Used for sitting and lounging rather than sleeping, hammock chairs take up significantly less space. And because they don’t always require two separate uprights or trees for anchoring, you can often put them anywhere you want, including indoors. Due to the looser definition, these furniture pieces can come in all shapes, sizes, and functions, from decorative living room fixtures to all-weather luxury camping essentials. Standard hammocks are fantastic for practical purposes of lying down to get a good night’s sleep or to catch a quick nap, but unless you want to spend the day horizontally or reclined, hammock chairs have significantly more versatility.

Hammock Sky XXL Hammock Chair

If style and affordability are what you’re going for, then look no further than Hammock Sky’s XXL Hammock Chair. Utilizing the age-old cross-woven fabric aesthetic of Northeastern Brazil, the chair is made from a blend of 65% colorfast cotton and 35% polyester for both durability and comfort. Available in three colorways — turquoise, brown, and orange — the unit comes with everything you need for an easy setup, plus a drink holder. This single-person hammock chair has a weight limit of 330lbs and is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.

Purchase: $50

Ozark Trail Portable Hammock Chair

Ever since becoming popular on TikTok, the Ozark Trail Portable Hammock Chair has been on our radar. Made to supplant the traditional, run-of-the-mill fold-out camping chair, this swinging seat is more than just a viral hit. Attached on either side to the upright rods of the foldable steel frame, the foam-padded seat ensures that long days of sitting and relaxing don’t take a toll on your back or neck as a rigid chair might. Made from sturdy nylon for weather resistance and longevity, the Ozark Trail is super easy to set up and travel with, weighing just over 11lbs and occupying a minimal footprint.

Purchase: $50

Chammock Original

Launched from a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, the Chammock followed up its success with a Red Dot Design Award for its quality construction, versatility, and a total weight of just 9oz. Made from N66 ripstop nylon, the Original model is one of the few in this guide to require uprights on either side. Intended for outdoor use, the chair is attached via carabiners to the heavy-duty, tree-friendly nylon straps overhead. The chair itself has large slits on either side to make it easier to utilize tables or countertops nearby. Likewise, the front of the seat has a gear pocket that can also store the entire chair inside for seamless travel.

Purchase: $100

La Siesta Domingo King-Size Hammock Chair

By the looks of it, you wouldn’t have assumed that La Siesta’s Domingo Hammock Chair would stand up to Mother Nature’s harshest torrents. However, the stylish, weatherproof polypropylene material will bead off moisture and resist even the most aggressive wear and tear it might face. Available in six attractive striped colorways, the hand-made Domingo is large enough to support two people at once (with a weight limit of 355lbs) and can accommodate different sitting positions. Connecting to the chair via stainless steel swivel, the spreader bar up top is made from durable bamboo that’s been responsibly sourced.

Purchase: $160

Amok Draumr 5.0

It often seems like hammocks and hammock chairs want nothing to do with each other. And while you’d mostly be right, the exception to the rule is Amok’s Draumr 5.0. This latest edition of the company’s flagship chair accommodates luxury in-air sleeping with a sleeping pad pocket while also being able to convert to a chair with ease. Protected with a “bomb-proof” zippered bug net, the concave interior comes equipped with plenty of storage pockets and gear sacks both big and small. The newly upgraded tree straps now have built-in drip stoppers to prevent water from trickling into the hammock itself.

Purchase: $220

NEMO Stargaze Recliner Luxury

The NEMO Stargaze Recliner might be the epitome of what hammock chairs can and should do. Featuring a headrest in the back, the luxury Stargaze acts as a comfortable camping chair in its own right, with padded armrests, an integrated cup holder, and a sizable gear pocket. However, unlike regular camping chairs, it lets you rock back and forth, supporting you in a suspended position while attached to an aircraft-grade aluminum pole on either side. If you want to watch the stars at night or have a quick cat nap during the day, just take advantage of the auto-reclining hardware and lean back with ease.

Purchase: $250

Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chair Combo

Make everyone jealous at your next tailgate or fishing trip with this pair of Cradle Chairs from Hammaka, which lets you swing off the back of any (stationary) vehicle that has a standard trailer hitch. Made from UV-protected polyester, the chairs install easily and have a weight capacity of 350lbs. For extra relaxation, a detachable footrest is equipped in front. The hitch stand is sold separately, but if you grab the combo pack from the company’s website, which includes two chairs and the powder-coated steel hitch stand, you’ll save some money for you and another person to hang out in style

Purchase: $280

Zero Gravity Hammock Chair

Unlike many of the other chairs in this guide, the Zero Gravity is meant to be a semi-permanent fixture (i.e., its 84-pound frame is not meant for frequent relocating). However, once you have this hammock chair set up, you’ll probably want to stay put anyway. The luxurious outdoor seat will add an elevated feel and experience to any deck, patio, or yard. Suspended from a powder-coated steel frame, you won’t just be protected from the elements thanks to the durable, weather-resistant polyester but the umbrella overhead will ensure that you’ll stay fairly dry during a downpour.

Purchase: $400

SEGMART Hanging Egg Chair

The SEGMART Hanging Egg Chair is not just a fun and soothing way to relax, but it stands as a remarkable design piece as well. With a weight limit of 350lbs, the rattan wicker-wrapped chair is built from steel and includes a tufted polyester cushion and headrest pillow that you can remove for easy cleaning, all hanging from a super-durable steel stand. Whether you put this in your living room or out on your deck, the Egg Chair is built to last, constructed with corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant materials.

Purchase: $600

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