20 Best Gifts For the Sports Lover

Photo: Shinola Baseball

Sports are one of the few things in this world that seems to bring people together. Regardless of class, creed, or otherwise, people gather to spectate, cheer, and jeer around the globe. And if there’s one thing that sports fans love nearly as much as their favorite teams, it’s memorabilia. Jerseys, balls, books, games – whatever – athletics aficionados can’t get enough of the stuff.

And that makes it a pretty safe bet to get that fanatic in your life something from this list. Because we’ve traversed the darkest reaches of the internet to curate a collection of superb holiday offerings perfect for anyone whose ever tacked a pennant up on their wall or called out their favorite player’s name while tossing a balled up piece of paper in the trash. Whether it’s baseball, hockey, football, NASCAR, basketball, or otherwise, we’ve lined up the 20 best gifts for the sports lover on the market.

Stance NBA Official On Court Socks

Stance On-Court NBA Socks

A bit more reasonably priced than a sanctioned jersey, these socks are not ones any basketball fan would be upset about receiving as a gift. And that’s because they’re the same socks the players wear on the court. For any hoops fan that already owns every jersey iteration available, these are a great low-cost gift.

Purchase: $24+

Who Shot Sports Book

Who Shot Sports Photo Book

165 different photos are featured in this impressive tome. And each of those photos is a display of unbelievable athletic prowess that exemplifies the upper echelon of physical human potential. For any fan with a bit of space on their coffee table, this superb book is absolutely worth the cost – and will make you look like a hero this holiday season.

Purchase: $27

Blacknet Portable Net

Blacknet Portable Net

The term “sports fan” does not solely apply to couch jockeys. There are plenty of fans that like to spend a little time on the court. Sometimes that means you have to hit up a public park – and most public basketball hoops have been without nets for years. This handy replacement net is an easy way to apply a net to public hoops. And once you’re done shooting, you can just take it home with you.

Purchase: $30

Eephus League Poster Set

Eephus League Poster Set

“America’s Pastime” has a pretty storied history and, fortunately for us fans, has been documented in photography perhaps longer than any other sport. Celebrate that history by picking up these posters and gifting them to fellow baseball fanatics. Each well-designed piece of art features an historic photo, as well as a quote about the One Game.

Purchase: $30

Lids Cooperstown Hats

59FIFTY Cooperstown Hats

The teams of the MLB have seen a lot of stylistic changes over the years, but we still feel drawn to the classic designs from years long gone. Chances are, the baseball fanatic in your life also has an appreciation for the old school logos and/or colors of their team. Well, 59FIFTY has taken it upon themselves to revive some of those old designs in this collection of caps. They’ve even brought forward some now-defunct teams, like the Houston Colt .45s.

Purchase: $32+

Requipd Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Requip’d Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Hockey is a violent sport, there’s no denying that. So what do they do with all the broken sticks? As it turns out, some of them get turned into grilling tools. These three-piece sets – which include tongs, a spatula, your choice of a brush or fork, and an optional bottle opener – feature handles made from real hockey sticks that were actually used on the ice.

Purchase: $35+

Shinola Baseball

Shinola Baseball

For a brand most well-known for their amazing watches, Shinola sure does make a number of killer non-watch items. Take this baseball, for example. Hand cut and sewn in New Jersey and constructed of premium leather and waxed linen thread, these gorgeous balls are perhaps not one you might swing a bat at, but they’ll look great on any shelf.

Purchase: $40

EA Sports Madden 17

Madden 17

The Madden series is a collection of the greatest football video games of all time – but they might also be the greatest sports games period. This newest installment features the best graphics, features, and gameplay to date. And it’s a must have for any gamer who also loves the NFL.

Purchase: $48

ESPN 30 For 30 Collection

ESPN 30 For 30 Gift Set

ESPN is well known for their superb sports coverage and the 30 for 30 series might just be the best sports journalism they’ve ever produced. Now they offer the entire first season in a collection of 6 DVDs – as a celebration of ESPN’s 30th birthday. For any big-time sports fan, this is a must-have documentary series.

Purchase: $50

The Backpack Cooler Chair

The Backpack Cooler Chair

This might just be the ultimate tailgating chair. Not only does it fold down into a lightweight backpack. But, unfolded it also includes a cupholder, cooler, and a number of other pouches and compartments for all your gear from beer to air horns and more.

Purchase: $100

Fielders Choice Goods Baseball Glove Wallets

Fielder’s Choice Wallets

Made from actual recycled baseball glove leather – meaning it was used by actual baseball players – these handsome wallets are a subtle and rustic way for a fan to pay tribute to the America’s Pastime. And, if you really want to go all out, they also sell leather conditioner and keychains.

Purchase: $125+

Todd Snyder x Champion Sweat Pants

Todd Snyder x Champion Sweatpants

Sweatpants are the perfect clothing item for the enjoyment of sporting events – especially in the colder months of the year. They’re warm, stretchy (to accommodate the tons and tons of food you will consume in them), and nobody will question your fashion choice whether you are at home or tailgating. These ones, from legendary brand Champion and designer Todd Snyder, are some of the best.

Purchase: $128

NASCAR Racing Experience

The NASCAR Racing Experience

One thing that racing fans want more than anything else is to get to experience the speed of the track. With the NASCAR Racing Experience, your favorite racing fan can do just that. Offering everything from ride-alongs to full-blown track driving, this is the ultimate gift for anyone that wants to go fast.

Purchase: $130+

Mitchell And Ness Replica Jerseys

Classic Mitchell & Ness NFL Jerseys

For fans of now-defunct old-school jersey styles (and the real players who wore them), these classic jerseys are a no-brainer. Boasting a massive collection of classic designs and the numbers and names of some of the greatest NFL players of all time, these Mitchell & Ness jerseys might be the coolest line of revived sports memorabilia we’ve ever seen.

Purchase: $150+

Mitchell And Ness Classic Authentic NFL Sweaters

Throwback Mitchell & Ness Team Sweaters

One of the things about football is that a good portion of it is played during the coldest time of year. And, when you can see your breath, a normal jersey just wont do. Instead, get your gift recipient one of these authentic Mitchell & Ness throwback sweaters. They each feature a classic design and a are knit from wool and acrylic for both comfort and warmth.

Purchase: $170

Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks

Stadium Seat Cufflinks

If you know a baseball fan who frequently finds themselves at formal occasions, these cufflinks are an incredibly cool and unusual gift idea. Each set features an inlay from the retired seats of some of the most famous stadiums of all time. And they’re a great way to support your favorite team, without wearing a gaudy tie.

Purchase: $180+

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Baseball stadiums are incredible achievements of architecture. Each one has their own character – and that character is in full display on these stadium blueprints. Featuring a classic design, as well as some historical info, any of these prints would be a handsome addition to your favorite fan’s office, home, or man-cave.

Purchase: $180+

Pillbox Bat Co Baseball Bats

Pillbox Bat Co. Baseball Bats

Made as a tribute to one of the greatest sports of all time, these bats are some of the most beautifully designed display sporting items we have ever stumbled upon. Crafted in the USA and hand-painted in Winona, Minnesota, each gorgeous bat is an unmistakable work of art. And, while we wouldn’t suggest doing so, their sturdy enough to function like a real bat.

Purchase: $195+


Wilson X Connected Football

It’s time to prove once and for all who the best couch quarterback is. This smart football from Wilson can measure the stats of every throw. That means you can have actual hard evidence of speed, distance, spiral, and efficiency. Even if you’re just getting this gift for someone as a means to prove that you’re better than they are, it’s a killer gift.

Purchase: $200

StubHub Gift Card

StubHub Gift Card

Memorabilia aside, the ultimate gift for any sports fan is a ticket to see their favorite team. Take the guess work out of gift giving and let them pick the time and place with these gift cards from StubHub. Even if you can’t afford to get them the full value of the ticket, one of these cards goes a long way toward getting them to that game.