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The Wishlist: 20 Best Gifts for the Mixologist

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The practice of (responsibly) imbibing with spirits is a time-honored, and some might argue, an integral part of the holidays. Whether you’re channeling your holiday cheer, celebrating with loved ones, or coping with that one family member who keeps bringing up conspiracy theories about lizard people, spirits are a hallmark of holiday celebrations. In that vein, we’ve curated a list of our favorite booze and bar accoutrements to keep the holiday spirit going without a hitch. Cheers!

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine

Bourbon & Vine was Oak & Eden’s first small-batch expression, and it offers a rich, deep, sweet, and slightly spicy taste. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a delicious, well-crafted whiskey.

Purchase: $60

NATURELAND Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler

A muddler is a great tool when you’re trying to get the most flavor of any herbs or fruit in your drink. It’s an important piece in any mixologist’s collection.

Purchase: $6

OXO Steel Angled Measuring Jigger

Why eyeball it when you can measure your pours perfectly in a jigger that’s made by the most trusted brand in the utensil space?

Purchase: $8

Jack Rudy Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

Cherries are a crowd-favorite garnish for many iconic cocktails. These are made with high-end, Oregon-grown cherries and steeped in Kentucky bourbon for the perfect Old Fashioned or Manhattan accompaniment.

Purchase: $16

Strongwater Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

If you’re going to make one of the best cocktails ever, then you’ll want to be sure and use some of the highest quality syrup as an ingredient. Strongwater’s offering is made with organic demerara sugar, fresh orange peel, and tart cherries.

Purchase: $19

SupremeEight Bar Mat

Having a great bar mat is a crucial part of not destroying your prep space. SupremeEight’s bar mat is made of heavy-duty rubber that’s easy to clean and handles the worst of spills.

Purchase: $24

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cigars (5 Pack)

Few things pair better than a strong spirit and a cigar. Complement your booze with Winston Churchill’s cigar brand of choice.

Purchase: $31+

Sagaform Club Bar Spoon

This is a premium mixing spoon that’s equal parts useful, beautiful, functional, and design-forward. What more could you want from a spoon?

Purchase: $34

Cocktail Strainer Set from Top Shelf Bar Supply

If you want to pour the smoothest drinks you can, then you’re going to need the right strainers for the job. This set covers literally all of your bases in that regard and looks good doing it.

Purchase: $36

Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set

When you spend the money to drink high-end whisky, then you have to drink it from the right glass. Don’t sully your Macallan 18 in just any ol’ mug, drink it in a whiskey-tasting glass like a dignified man.

Purchase: $40

Northern Brewer Hard Seltzer Starter Kit

Hard seltzers are more popular than ever. Sure, it’s easy to get them at a gas station, but mixologists prefer making things with their own hands; let the mixologist in your life make hard seltzers from scratch with this offering.

Purchase: $50

Nambe Barware Blend Bar Board with Knife

Nambe’s bar board is an ideal product for cutting wedges and prepping garnishes. It’s a small-sized, well-made cutting board that’s solid wood and includes a knife.

Purchase: $60

Whiskey Peaks Decanter

Whiskey decanters help aerate the spirit, enhancing its flavor profile. This handsome specimen features a small mountain at its base that makes it as versatile as it is fun to look at.

Purchase: $65

The Elevated Cocktail Shaker

If NASA designed a cocktail shaker, it’d probably look a lot like Elevated’s offering. It features a vacuum-insulated double-wall construction that keeps your drinks cold and won’t freeze your hands or leave condensation rings.

Purchase: $70

Dos Artes Reposado Tequila 1 Liter

Dos Artes is a smaller distillery that makes incredible, aged tequila. Its stellar taste is augmented by its beautifully handcrafted, artisanal bottle.

Purchase: $75

Legacy Pilsner Beer Glass Gift Set

If you’re really going to get the most out of your beers, you need the right glasses. Enjoy your pilsner to the fullest extent with this set that includes a bottle opener, coasters, and an acacia wood storage box.

Purchase: $80

Crafthouse Round Ice Bucket with Tongs

Having a good-quality ice bucket to make drinks at a moment’s notice is essential for the mixologist. This offering is both beautiful and functional.

Purchase: $130

Whiskey Leatherworks Traveling Mixologist Cocktail Kit

Be ready to make delicious cocktails literally anywhere you go with this travel set. If it came with alcohol and ice, it would make you, or the mixologist in your life, a traveling bar cart.

Purchase: $145

Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Box

Why worry about creating the perfect smoky drink when you can literally imbue it with the flavor of fire yourself? The Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Box is the ultimate bar tool to wow your friends and family that adds both flash and substance to your bar repertoire.

Purchase: $300

Vicki 55mm Professional Ice Ball Maker

The most surefire way to ruin the taste of your premium spirits is to water them down with ice that tastes like your freezer. That won’t happen with this ice ball maker that makes the perfect ice sphere for a classy chill every time.

Purchase: $380

cb2 Suspend Tall Bar Cabinet

The perfect bar not only has storage for your equipment, but it also elevates the room in which it sits. The Suspend Tall Bar Cabinet features a gorgeous walnut veneer and has a slab of Carrara-style marble on its back while also offering plenty of space to house your bar necessities.

Purchase: $999

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