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The Wishlist: Mixologist’s Holiday Gift Guide

Whether there’s someone in your life who’s made a career of tending bar at the local craft cocktail lounge or simply someone who sees the likes of a rum and coke as played out and boring, there’s rarely a dull (and sober) moment when we find ourselves in the company of these crafty individuals.

That’s why gifting the mixologist in your life – especially if you’re not sure what to look for – can be a daunting task in and of itself. So, with a little experience and knowledge of our own, we worked to put together the ideal gift guide for the mixologist complete with everything from booze to books on the subject, with everything in between these cocktail-infused chemists of the kitchen can use to mix up the perfect beverage to pair with any season. Simply cruise through the following list of 20 and check them out for yourself.

Whisky Advent Calendar

Finally, an Advent Calendar for adults. Here, the traditional chocolate-based calendar leading up to Christmas morning has been altered in favor of those who fancy something a little more thrilling. We’re talking 24 different premier whiskies from around the world, from a 50 year Scotch to delectable Irish and American whiskeys. In some cases, samples include whiskies that typically sell for upwards of $800 a bottle – all surprisingly hidden in a standard advent calendar format, ready to surprise and delight the whiskey fan in your life for almost a month straight.

Purchase: $165

Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Functioning as a nearly essential ingredient in almost every craft cocktail, Angostura Bitters have been a barkeep go-to since their initial introduction to the cocktail scene back in 1824. Adding a layer of complexity while decreasing the harshness of the spirit, there’s no excuse why any mixologist shouldn’t have these bitters at the ready.

Purchase: $10+

W&P Design Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

Craft up the perfect Old Fashioned with a little help from W&P’s Cocktail Syrup. It’s carefully made from demerara cane sugar and aromatic bitters to help take the guessing game out of perfecting this classic whiskey cocktail.

Purchase: $12

3 Ingredient Cocktails

For the mixologist in training, this fine history examines the best classic cocktails around, in addition to offering a curated collection of 75 iconic three-ingredient cocktails featured in the modern era.

Purchase: $13

Time & Oak’s Signature Elements

Inspired by the unique flavor profile of barrel-aged spirits, Time and Oak offers their Element that swiftly and robustly adds complex barrel-aged flavors to your favorite spirit in as little as 1-4 days. Ideal for cocktail enthusiasts both new to the craft or well-versed in experience.

Purchase: $15

TearDrop BarSpoon

Another essential bar item, this Teardrop Barspoon is not only functional but boasts a clean design thanks to a smooth coil, matte black color scheme and 30cm of length.

Purchase: $23

Meehan’s Bartender Manual

Written by none other than acclaimed mixologist Jim Meehan himself, the Bartender’s Manual is purposed to serve as an in-depth guide to the ins and outs of the bar industry. From the history of cocktails to menu development to the tools needed to outfit the perfect cocktail bar, it’s all here and all for the taking for the aspiring mixologist.

Purchase: $25

OXO Insulated Cocktail Shaker

Shaken, not stirred. At least with this insulated cocktail shaker 007 himself will approve of your homemade martinis. It features a self-straining top, double-wall construction, and 18-ounce capacity so everyone can get a taste of some experimental drinks.

Purchase: $30

Kiel Mead Brass Coasters

Keep those fresh countertops and coffee tables protected in style with a bit of mid-century-looking coasters. Understated, yet sharp, these hefty discs are built from solid brass and sanded in different styles to keep things interesting.

Purchase: $30

W&P Design Bartender’s Knife

Made from hardwood, brass, and high-quality steel, the Bartender’s Knife is a perfect addition to the home bar. It comes equipped with a multipurpose blade that peels, slices and picks cocktail ingredients, while the clean design makes it an aesthetically-pleasing piece all on it own.

Purchase: $35

Carry on Cocktail Moscow Mule

No matter how honed their skills might be, mixologists are limited when flying at 35,000 feet. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean they have to settle for a subpar cocktail. These Carry-on Cocktail kits come with everything required for the perfect Moscow Mule. The only thing that’s missing is the booze.

Purchase: $40

Parachute Linen Tea Towels

Reliable tea towels are certainly bound to get their fair use by any mixologist. These user-friendly options are made with 100 % Belgian Flax and are machine washable because accidents happen.

Purchase: $49

Norlan Vaild Whisky Glass

What better way to enjoy a fine glass of whiskey than with Norlan’s Vaild Whisky Glass? Not only are they sleekly designed, but each glass features a recursive infinity mirror that refracts the whisky’s own reflection back into itself. Truly a sipping experience unlike any other.

Purchase: $58 for 2

Alessi Lemon Squeezer and Muddler

From an Old Fashioned to a Mojito, if you’re without a muddler you’re in bad shape. Therefore don’t keep your craft cocktail enthusiast in the dark. Instead hook them up with the gorgeous dishwasher safe and 18/10 stainless steel citrus squeezer / muddler from designer Guido Venturini

Purchase: $59

Shinola Rocks Glasses

An essential item for the bar without a doubt, this set of four 10.5 oz semi-hand blown rocks glasses are perfectly outfitted for the whiskey or Old Fashioned drinker in your life.

Purchase: $65

Tom Dixon Tank Whiskey Decanter

There’s really no better way to put some pricey whiskey on display than with a handsome mid-century-inspired decanter. This one from Tom Ford is made entirely out of mouth-blown glass, and adorned with hand-painted copper accents. A fine addition to the home bar.

Purchase: $110

Luigi Massoni Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Whether it’s being poured over or chilled with the compound, ice is an essential element to just about every cocktail recipes. So, it goes without saying an ice bucket would be a key element to the bar cart. This option from Alessi is not only sleek and stylish, but boasts a stainless steel composition, metallic finish, and 43.75 oz capacity.

Purchase: $115

Victorinox Wine Master

If there’s one thing Victorinox can do well, it’s crafting reliable multipurpose pocket-friendly items. That tradition continues with the Wine Master, complete with 6 separate functions, a two-step lever for uncorking wine bottles, and a leather pouch to keep everything protected when not in use.

Purchase: $150

Teak Cutting Board

All that fruit needs to be cut somewhere right? Well, with this rectangular chopping block built from wood sourced from sustainable, managed plantations the mixologist in your life will certainly have an ideal medium on which to prep for fruit-infused or garnished drinks.

Purchase: $153+

Warehouse Trolley Bar Cart

Purposed as the ideal means to keep any and all cocktail sundries in their rightful place, this vintage factory- inspired bar cart is built with from a handcrafted iron frame complete with wide wood-plank shelves. It also boasts an integrated iron handle making the cart simple and easy to maneuver.

Purchase: $746

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