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The Wishlist: Handyman’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is the time of year when we have the opportunity to get people the stuff they might not go out and get themselves. For some, that means new clothes. For others, it’s new high-tech gear. But, here we know that the things that most frequently get overlooked are a man’s tools. Even the most frequented tool chests are often full of devices that have fallen into disrepair. And that simply will not do.

Tools are a lot like electronics in that, almost every year, brands release new updated versions that are better than their predecessors. Yet we still manage to see friends and family continue to use that same old rusty hammer year in and year out. You know the saying, “a poor craftsman blames his tools?” Well, sometimes it really is the tool that’s the problem. Perhaps it’s time to do something about it. The following are the 20 best tools available this holiday season for the handyman in your life.

GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet

GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet

If you or someone you know has ever had the misfortune of having to loosen a bolt deep in the engine bay of any car, you know exactly how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, GearWrench has taken it upon themselves to develop these gearhead-friendly Gimbal Ratchets. The idea behind them: give the tool a wider arc of motion to allow for easier use in tight spaces. It’s kind of like a gyroscope for your ratchet wrenches. And it makes the work so much easier.

Purchase: $11

Fiber Fix Repair Wrap

FiberFix Repair Wrap

Duct tape might seem like the best quick-fix for a broken tool. That is¬†unless you’re familiar with FiberFix. This stuff is 100 times stronger than duct tape, becomes as hard as steel in only 10 minutes, and can fix just about anything you can wrap it around.

Purchase: $20

Stanley FUBAR Demolition Bar

Stanley FUBAR Demolition Bar

Equal parts chisel, axe, and crow bar, the FUBAR Demolition Bar is the best tool for when stuff hits the fan. It’s also just a pretty great multifunctional home improvement tool. For everything from yard work to a full home remodel, this tool is a handy one to have around.

Purchase: $25

Crescent adjustable locking wrench

Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench

Stripped bolts are one of the worst misfortunes a handyman can run into. Normal wrenches are rendered useless and even adjustable wrenches struggle to loosen them. Not the Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench. Thanks to the 14 locking positions and double the gripping power of a normal adjustable wrench, this one will make quick work of even the worst bolts.

Purchase: $25

Fiskars IsoCore Finishing Hammer

Fiskars IsoCore Finishing Hammer

A hammer is an essential handyman tool, but not all are created equal. Take this one from Fiskars, for example. It might look like your average hammer, but it’s built with a shock absorbing system that is four times more effective than your average wooden handled variety.

Purchase: $25

Bradley Mountain Utility Roll

Bradley Mountain Utility Roll

A tool box is an excellent vessel in which to keep your vast collection of devices. But it isn’t always necessary for smaller jobs or for taking your tools on the road. Instead, stash your favorites into Bradley Mountain’s Martexin heavy waxed canvas Utility Roll, wrap them up with the attached oiled leather strap, and hit the road. It’s also great for pocket knives and other EDC tools.

Purchase: $32

Griffin Pocket Tool XL Titanium

Griffin Pocket Tool XL Titanium

Significantly lighter than its stainless steel counterpart, this Griffin is no less capable. This pocketable one-piece multitool serves over 15 functions and is an excellent addition to anyone’s everyday carry. Whether you need to measure something, loosen a bolt, or just crack open a frosty beer, the Griffin Pocket Tool has got you covered.

Purchase: $60

Worx Switchdriver

Worx Switchdriver

Your typical electric drill leaves a lot to be desired in the realm of timeliness. Especially when it comes to changing out bits. If you’re trying to do some work that requires you to drill starter holes before driving in screws, the back and forth of bit changing is a major drawback. That’s why Worx invented the Switchdriver. With just the push of a button you can swap back and forth between a drill and driver attachment, cutting your work time down significantly.

Purchase: $70

DEWALT Pneumatic Brad Nailer Kit

DeWalt Pneumatic Nailer Kit

Whether you know someone who is a finish carpenter, or you’ve just got a friend to likes to build out of wood, a pneumatic nailer can be a tremendous boon to their progress. And this one from DeWalt is one of the best. It features a long-life maintenance-free motor, a tool-free jam clearing mechanism, and the depth can be adjusted simply and easily.

Purchase: $73

Scout Leather Co hex Driver With bits

Scout Leather Co. Hex Bit Driver

Sometimes you just don’t want to dig through a tool chest to find a full-sized screwdriver. Other times, you might be away from your toolbox. In any case, this hex bit driver is a pocket-friendly way to make sure you’ve got a driver on you at all times. Made in the USA from solid brass, this mini driver (which comes with a complement of bits) is set in a spinning bearing, so the addition and/or removal of screws is a snap.

Purchase: $80

Worx electric jaw saw

Worx Electric JawSaw

The Worx Electric JawSaw might just be the best tool for trimming the branches off that unsightly tree in your yard. The unique jaw design paired with scissor cut action significantly reduces a risk of kickback (that means your eyes are less likely to be full of splinters) and it is far more stable than it’s other chained counterparts.

Purchase: $90

Wilton BASH Sledge Hammer

Wilton BASH Sledge Hammer

We know what you’re thinking: a sledge hammer is a sledge hammer. Except that this one is basically unbreakable. The high-visibility head is crafted from drop forged 46 HRC steel. And the anti-vibration tapered neck is wrapped in vulcanized rubber for superb grip and comfort.

Purchase: $93

Wera Koloss Hammer Ratchet

Wera Koloss Ratchet Hammer

There are plenty of multi-functional tools that don’t quite live up to what they’re supposed to be able to do. This is not one of them. This high-quality ratchet is ideal for everything from hobby building to mechanical engineering and everything in-between. And it also works as a fully-functional hammer – with no ill effect to the ratcheting components.

Purchase: $99

Iron and Resin Shop Apron

Iron & Resin Shop Apron

Most types of handiwork is messy in some way or another. And that can result in a lot of ripped clothing, grease stains, and more. Save your shirts and pants by picking up this Martexin waxed canvas apron from Iron & Resin. The leather straps will secure it day in and day out and the pockets are excellent for stashing tools, screws, and other loose items as you need.

Purchase: $99

Leatherman Wave Multitool

Leatherman Wave Multitool

This 17-function tool (which includes pliers, knives, drivers, and much more) is widely considered to be one of the best multitools ever created. It’s also made of high-quality materials that are certain to last through heavy use. If you know anyone that considered themselves a handyman and they don’t own one of these, you should absolutely gift it to them.

Purchase: $100

Skilsaw worm drive circular saw

Skilsaw Worm Drive Circular Saw

For anyone that does a decent amount of carpentry, a circular saw is a must. This high-quality saw is more lightweight than its predecessor, features a 51-degree bevel for a wide variety of cuts, and has an anti-snag lower guard for smooth and safe operation.

Purchase: $160

Thorogood Men's American Heritage Steel Toe Work Boot

Thorogood American Heritage Steel-Toe Work Boot

Even if you’re just doing some hobby work at home, a solid pair of work boots can save you from a broken toe or a bad fall. These USA made work boots feature a slip-resistant crepe sole, a tobacco leather upper, and a crush-proof steel toe.

Purchase: $165+

Oxx Coffeeboxx jobsite coffee maker

Oxx Coffeeboxx Jobsite Coffee Maker

Coffee is the fuel that feeds the handyman in many cases, but it isn’t always convenient to get some on the job site. That’s why Oxx invented this hardened coffee maker. It’s capable of brewing a good cup, and it’s tough enough to use in a workshop. It’s also leak-proof and dust-resistant. Really, it’s the perfect caffeine delivery system for any craftsman.

Purchase: $199

Milwaukee LED Site Light

Milwaukee M18 LED Compact Site Light

The sun doesn’t operate on our time. And sometimes that can mean it’s gone down long before you’re done working. If you find yourself in such a situation, you’ll count yourself lucky if you have this LED site light on hand. With a maximum output of 4,400 lumens, it’s practically a second sun.

Purchase: $299

Generac iQ2000 power generator

Generac iQ2000 Power Generator

Plug-in power tools are awesome, but they’re not always practical to use. Especially if your work site is a good distance from the nearest wall outlet. But you can solve that problem with little hassle if you pick up this power generator. Weighing less than 50 pounds and with a 7.7-hour runtime at 25% output, this power pack will keep your tools going even when you can’t find a plug.

Purchase: $719