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The Wishlist: 20 Best Gifts For The Gearhead

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For some, vehicles are simply a utilitarian means of getting from point A to B, while for others, they’re closer to an obsession and a way of life. If you’re part of the former group, shopping for an automotive or motorcycle enthusiast can be a daunting task, as these typically strong-minded souls tend to be pretty opinionated when it comes to all things motorsport-related. To help ensure you don’t disappoint this holiday season, we’ve compiled this convenient gearhead-centric gift guide.

Whether they ride on to two wheels, four, or more, this curated list is jam-packed with items that are sure to bring a smile to the face of any oil-blooded gearhead. We’ve put in the leg work so you don’t have to, scouring the web for a collection of the best vehicular-themed offerings currently on the market. From small accessories and peripherals to big-ticket gear or part purchases, we’ve included a myriad of high-octane items from all over the automotive/moto spectrum.

Leatherman Free P4 Multi-Tool

Leatherman’s most advanced multi-tool to date, the Free P4 is a robust, 21-function offering weighing in at around half-a-pound. A more sophisticated evolution of the P2 that boasts a saw and 420HC serrated blade, this rugged and versatile item comes in a gray nylon case and is backed by a quarter-century warranty.

Purchase: $140

Heel Tread Socks

The automotive and racing worlds have spawned a slew of recognizable and iconic patterns and color schemes throughout history, and this collection of socks subtly celebrates these legendary liveries with nearly 100 different styles to chose from, ranging from American muscle cars, to tuners, to two-stroke GP bikes, to rally machines, to modern-day supercars.

Purchase: $12+

Race Track Posters

No matter what their choice of vehicle, any track day enthusiast will surely appreciate this selection of different color posters that depict a myriad of the world’s most iconic race tracks like Catalunya, Monza, Suzuka, and Silverstone. When combined, these look fantastic, too.

Purchase: $13+

Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon’s popular virtual assistant, now for your car. The Echo Auto features all the hands-free voice-control functionality and capabilities of the standard Alexa-enabled devices in a markedly more compact, mobile-friendly package.

Purchase: $50

Gestalten Beautiful Machines Book

This recently-released high-gloss full-color coffee table book from Gestalten publishing captures nearly 50 historically significant models through beautiful photography, including a bevy of classic Alfas, Lambos, Maseratis, Porsches, Renaults, and Aston Martins (just to name a few).

Purchase: $62

Leatherman Crunch Tool

With locking pliers, four screwdrivers, and ten additional functions, Leatherman’s Crunch Tool is the multi-tool for mechanics. Weighing less than half-a-pound, this 15-function item comes with a leather carrying case and a 25-year limited warranty.

Purchase: $110

Bradley Mountain Tool Roll

A waxed canvas tool roll made using old-world craftsmanship, this made-in-America item boasts a variety of pockets, sleeves, and pouches to stow away tools. The rollup’s adjustable leather straps enable the product to double as a shop apron, too.

Purchase: $115

LEGO Land Rover Defender

One of the latest additions to LEGO’s Technic lineup, this 2,500+ piece kit for the iconic Land Rover Defender wonderfully creates the Defender in impressive detail — from the wheels and tires, to the inline-six engine, to its luxurious interior. With working doors, a transmission with high and low gears and a selector, LEGO says this is its most sophisticated model yet.

Purchase: $200

Craftsman 450-pc Mechanic’s Tool Set

This kit provides pretty much everything a shade-tree mechanic could ever need (minus a torque wrench and a few other essentials), to wrench on a car or motorcycle, plus a handy mobile case to keep the massive collection of tools organized.

Purchase: $229

ARB Bushranger Exhaust Jack

This exhaust jack from ARB uses burnt fumes spit from the exhaust to inflate a balloon which can be placed underneath a 4×4 vehicle in order to get it unstuck. It also provides a wide footprint for maximum efficiency while still being able to collapse into a highly-compact shape for when not being used.

Purchase: $258

EezTire Pressure Monitoring System

This digital gadget keeps an eye on tire pressure and has a variety of settings for different types of vehicles. This is a great product that ultimately affords peace of mind and confidence, especially when pushing the limits of a car or bike at a vintage track day or off-road.

Purchase: $280

Traxxas TRX RC Car

This high-end, scaled-down rock crawler comes complete with expedition rack, jerry cans, snorkel, tow hooks fore and aft, and several other little replica accessories. The non-opaque body leaves the suspension and powertrain on full display. The kit also requires assembly which makes for a fun project.

Purchase: $280

AGV X3000 Helmet

The X3000 is AGV’s take on a vintage-style full-faced helmet that boasts modern safety and technology standards. One of the few helmets with an old-school snap visor and bullet-bottom ring, the X3000 is sold in a number of colors and retro replica paint schemes including that of Giacomo Agostini and Barry Sheene.

Purchase: $380+

MOMO Custom Steering Wheel

The famous Italian auto outfit is now offering a custom steering wheel configurator on its website that allows buyers to select from a variety of steering wheel shapes/types, as well as grip embroidery, custom spoke engravings, horn buttons, stitching patterns and thread colors, spokes, leather and grip types, and more. Considering this is the one part of a car that a driver interacts with the most, it’s hard to overstate how transformative this one item can be when it comes to enriching one’s experience behind the wheel.

Purchase: $564+

Aether Moto boots

These motorcycle boots from Aether feature a classic silhouette while still packing a surprising amount of protection, thanks to D30 armor and special construction. Made with all premium materials, these boots are not only made to last but known to take on a charming patina over time.

Purchase: $595

Jane Moto Kingsland Parka

The newest garment from New York’s Jane Moto. Inspired by old waxed British riding jackets, this new offering looks great both on and off the bike. With a water-resistant exterior, an integrated windproof nylon liner, D30 armor in the elbows and at the spine, and the main zipper shielded by a stud-fastened weather flap, the Kingsland Parka provides solid protection from the elements and is a stylish upgrade to any rider’s arsenal of kit.

Purchase: $655

Dainese Smart Jacket

A revolutionary piece of gear from one of the world’s leading Moto gear companies; the Dainese Smart jacket takes the brand’s D-Air cutting-edge wireless airbag system and puts it in a compact vest that can be worn under any existing jacket (or backpack), adding airbag protection to your current loadout.

Purchase: $700

Autodromo Intereuropa Manual Wind Watch

A beautiful manual wind movement watch inspired by mid-century Italian sports cars, the Intereuropa boasts a polished steel case, multi-layered dial, and a plush Saffiano leather that was originally patented by Prada.

Purchase: $1,250

Ixoost F1 Tire Speaker

This is a premium speaker built into a genuine scaled-down Pirelli F1 tire that’s used for wind-tunnel testing. Available in nine different eye-catching colors, and featuring a 100 w Dsp amplifier, 100 mm mid-woofer, and Bluetooth connectivity, this rubber-shrouded stereo not only looks excellent but sounds great, too.

Purchase: $2,660

Sparco Gaming Rig

A professional racing simulation rig from the legendary Italian race outfit, this state-of-the-art Sparco gaming setup includes a Samsung Ultrawide 4K 49” curved monitor, Sparco Monitor stand, ECU and wireless Logitech keyboard.

Purchase: $6,999

SuperVeloce Serie Titanio Espresso Machine

A top-of-the-line Italian espresso machine inspired by 90’s V10 Formula One race engines, brimming with carbon fiber and anodized alloy accent pieces. This auto-themed appliance wonderfully combines form and function, while making a stellar cup of espresso in the process.

Purchase: $10,565

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