The Wishlist: 20 Best Gifts For The Dapper Man

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As a guy, maintaining your clean-cut persona is a top priority; especially when you’re looking to promote an aura of well-kept professionalism. The truth is, becoming a dapper individual isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort, time, and passion to pull off — but when you do, it becomes a part of who you are. Eventually, leaving the house without a perfectly-trimmed beard, styled hair, and a bombastic outfit will seem increasingly heretical.

Since the dapper man is already worried about his appearance, it makes him all-the-more difficult to shop for during the holidays. Not just any face cream, pomade, or boot will do. For the guy who wants, and deserves, the best that the industry has to offer, our guide to the best gifts for the fashion-forward individual is sure to make you the hero this holiday season, without the inherent stress of researching, finding, and purchasing the item. Below, we’ll cover everything from hair and grooming products, all the way to essential style staples that provide a perfect basis for the dapper man.

877 Workshop Dad Signet Ring

Every stylish guy should rock a finger accessory or two, but finding the perfect pairing of class and function can be troublesome. Luckily, 877 Workshop’s Dad Signet Ring is a clean-cut vintage variant that’ll look great with any outfit in your arsenal. This showstopping ring boasts a durable 925 Sterling Silver construction and features hand-cut filigree, lettering, and embossed roses to provide the perfect finishing touch for a night on the town.

Purchase: $231

Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade

The dapper man is a summation of all his parts, and surely, his hair is a point of constant adulation. As such, his hairstyle should be attended to at all times. To keep your hair healthy and sculpted, Imperial Barber Grade Products’ Classic Pomade offers the strongest hold possible, while boasting one of the most reactive mixtures around. This water-based variant applies smoothly and washes out with ease while allowing you to reshape/form your hair throughout the day with a splash of H2O.

Purchase: $22

Thunders Love Charlie Colour-Block Mélange Socks

Any fashionable guy can attest to the importance of standout socks, and thanks to the Thunders Love Charlie Colour-Block Mélange, the application of stylish footwear has never been easier. Better yet, each example is crafted with a high-end recycled cotton-blend that’s been sourced from the industry’s most robust textile stock, meaning that they’re both sustainable and responsible.

Purchase: $28

Proraso Vintage Shave Kit

When you’re a dapper guy, you won’t rely on just any shave kit to keep your face protected. That’s where Proraso’s Vintage Shave Kit comes into play, offering style-oriented men a nostalgic collection of Italy’s most quintessential skincare items. Each collectible tin boasts a great-looking exterior pulled straight out of the 1950s, as well as a Refreshing and Toning formula, Proraso’s classic shaving cream, and Eucalyptus oil that serves to purify your skin while protecting your facial hair from damaging inhibitors.

Purchase: $32

Lagavulin 16-Year Scotch Whiskey

Great taste is key for any fashionable man, and that includes his spirits. Whisky has long been a staple of the dapper community, providing great men everywhere a way to relax, unwind, and enjoy after a day’s work. Lagavulin’s 16-year scotch whisky is one such beverage, combining an inherently-dry texture with a peat-smoke accent to create the perfect medley of classic tastes.

Purchase: $78

Craighill Nocturn Catch Valet Tray

Craighill’s Nocturn Catch Valet Tray is the perfect way to stash all of your essential items. From a set of keys to cigars, this milled and finished American Hardwood peripheral boasts a sleek, stylish silhouette with a central ride to keep your pocketable items separated and organized, while a handsome hue helps it to blend well with any modern/contemporary desk layout.

Purchase: $88

Faherty Sunwashed Long-Sleeve Polo

Faherty’s Sunwashed Long-Sleeve Polo is an undeniable style staple that calls upon one of history’s most iconic silhouettes to round out the dapper man’s robust wardrobe. Each example is crafted using high-end Peruvian cotton and knit that’s been pre-washed for exceptional comfort, while a palette of tasteful colors like burgundy, forest, pumice, and henna ensure that you’ll never run out of attractive layering options.

Purchase: $98

Fulton & Roark Intro Kit

Fulton & Roark’s Intro Kit is a collection of essential skincare items for the most composed of men, bringing a handful of the company’s revered products into one all-encompassing package. Each pack includes Fulton & Roark’s established Shampoo + Body Wash, which supplies an undeniably attractive scent, as well as vitamin B5, rosemary extract, and caffeine to keep your skin attentive and taut.

Purchase: $99

Bellroy Notebook Cover Mini & Pen

If you’re focused on maintaining your outward appearance, it goes without saying that your accessories should exude a similar aura. Bellroy’s Notebook Cover Mini & Pen package is one such offering — a versatile, everyday travel wallet that speaks a language of timeless poise. Each example is crafted with environmentally-certified premium leather and boasts an attractive magnetic closure, a ceramic anodized aluminum pen, and room for up to six of your most important cards.

Purchase: $100

J.Crew Fringed Mélange Cashmere Scarf

J.Crew’s Fringed Mélange Cashmere Scarf is a timeless style staple that’s right at home in any fashionable guy’s arsenal. With its iconic silhouette, navy color, and perfectly-balanced weight, it’s sure to provide the perfect accent to any stylish outfit, while having the added benefit of warmth and protection during those frost-filled mornings.

Purchase: $100

Norse Projects Hestra Leather-Panelled Gloves

Norse Projects’ Hestra Leather-Panelled Gloves are an attractive pair of lightweight gloves that don’t fall short when it comes to warmth and comfort. Each insulated example boasts a full-grain leather construction, a durable thick-knit orientation, and micro-fleece lining to keep your body’s natural warmth from escaping into the autumn air. Better yet, the Hestra also features a partially-elasticated cuff system to keep your extremities protected from the elements.

Purchase: $110

Paul Smith Wood-Handle Striped Umbrella

Paul Smith’s Wood-Handle Striped Umbrella might only see use at specific times of the year, but the peripheral’s stylish demeanor is sure to make the perfect accessory for any dapper man, regardless of the weather. This designer umbrella helps to deter rain and wind, while also providing users with an accessible item that looks the part of an established gentleman’s accessory, thanks to a curved wooden handle, black canopy, and Paul Smith’s signature stripes at its edge.

Purchase: $125

Buck Mason Felted Chore Coat

Buck Mason’s Felted Chore Coat is sure to provide the utmost protection against the elements, while also providing a stylish piece of outerwear for use throughout the year. This durable example is crafted with boiled Merino wool, and boasts the perfect blend of breathability, insulation, and comfort, thanks to its two-part manufacturing process. On its exterior, you’ll find real horn buttons, a selection of great-looking colors, and a simplistic, but tasteful demeanor that’s inherently dapper.

Purchase: $195

A.P.C. Petit New Standard Jeans

A.P.C.’s Petit New Standard Jeans might look like an unassuming pair of denim, but their classic styling, slim orientation, and established name have made them one of the most sought-after offerings around. Each example is crafted from comfortable and durable Black Japanese stretch denim and features a five-pocket silhouette that’s both understated and classy. The cherry on top? An engraved button that’s been adorned with A.P.C.’s rue Madame près du Luxembourg detailing.

Purchase: $235

Apple Airpods Pro

Since the dapper man is always on the cutting edge, Apple’s Airpods Pro are his preferred audio peripheral. These truly wireless offerings have been updated with Active Noise Cancellation to keep your favorite audiobooks, music, and shows free of distraction, while a proprietary transparency mode allows you to pay attention to your surroundings without having to remove the Airpods from your ears. Inside, you’ll find the company’s latest audio technologies, including a high dynamic range amplifier, high-excursion/low-distortion drivers, and an Apple-designed H1 chip to keep latency to a minimum.

Purchase: $249

R.M. Williams Yard Boot 365

When it comes to style and design, Marc Newson is a reliable source. As the brilliant mind behind some of the most lauded industrial design projects around, his partnership with R.M. Williams on the Yard Boot 365 is an undeniable footwear win. This Chelsea-inspired boot is crafted with Poron padding, a comfortable leather sock lining, and a grippy rubber outsole to make it as functional as it is fashionable.

Purchase: $345

Wood&Faulk Northwesterner No.6

Wood&Faulk’s Northwesterner No.6 bag is an homage to vintage style, calling upon a classic silhouette and premium materials to set it apart from its contemporaries. Each example is hand-sewn in Portland, Oregon, and boasts a durable US-milled waxed canvas, dependable brass YKK zippers, and cotton webbing to help it weather the harshest adversaries. At just under four pounds, this rugged, but attractive weekender exudes an aura of tasteful class while maintaining its persona as a durable travel bag.

Purchase: $495

Jacques Marie Mage Akira Sunglasses

Every dapper man needs a pair of glasses to accent his facial features, and with Jacques Marie Mage’s Akira Sunglasses, finding the perfect eye accessory has never been easier. Each example boasts a bold and balanced silhouette that’s been built to pay homage to one of Japan’s most iconic directors, Akira Kurosawa, and keep you looking your best throughout the day.

Purchase: $555

KILLSPENCER Esquire Briefcase

If you’re looking for an aesthetically-pleasing briefcase that’ll help to define your stylish presence, search no further than the KILLSPENCER Esquire. This USA-made peripheral is the perfect piece to accent your everyday attire and comes outfitted with a premium full-grain leather and bull hide leather construction, adjustable COBRA buckles, and a scratch-resistant Alcantara lining to keep your devices and important items safe from harm. Better yet, the Esquire also features a sleek, supple exterior that’s been enhanced by dependable black metal hardware to keep you looking both stealthy and stylish.

Purchase: $695

Todd Snyder + Private White V.C. Manchester Wool Peacoat

Todd Snyder + Private White V.C.’s manchester Wool Peacoat is a stylish essential for even the most dapper of men. This timeless classic is the product of two great names within the outerwear industry and features a 100% cotton wool Melton construction, a fully-lined viscose lining, and two military-grade RIRI zippers to secure your important items. To round things out, a pair of lower welt pockets and hand warmers have been lined in a luxurious ultra-fine needle cord sourced directly from Lancashire.

Purchase: $998

Bremont MBII Watch

Arriving fashionably late is always acceptable, but with Bremont’s MBII Watch, you’ll never need to worry about punctuality. The MBII is an homage to the legendary British aviation company, Martin-Baker, and utilizes a dependable BE-36AE automatic chronometer, 38-hour power reserve, and an Anti-magnetic Faraday cage to protect the watch’s brilliant movement. The kicker? Each variant was once only available to US congressmen and senators, CEOs of leading FTSE and Dow companies, and the chiefs of six air forces around the world, making the widely-accessible MBII a sought-after offering due to consumer demand.

Purchase: $4,995

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