The Wishlist: Big Kid’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t let your inner-child run free on occasion. Although you’re constantly bogged down by the stressful responsibilities of adulthood, your imagination and wonderment are still very much alive. Toys both old and new have the ability to awaken your inner-child and turn back the clock, sending you to a personal Neverland where things were simple and stress was inconceivable

We bet you dig some big kid toys just like we do and probably have a big kid or two on your Christmas list. It was our pleasure to compile this group of wonderful toys, making it easier for you to shop for the kids at heart on your list, as there are plenty of gizmos out there to sift through. Your eyes will light up when you take a look at this diverse collection of toys we’ve found. And, once you get your holiday gifts covered, it won’t hurt to get a few toys for yourself.

Inboard Technology M1 Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are all the rage right now and the best one on the block is the M1. Its 1600-watt motor is integrated into the wheels for a smooth ride all day long, making it capable of speeds up to 24 mph. And, you can even light up the night like a Tron Light Cycle with super bright LED front and rear lights. It’s the perfect gift for the thrill-seeker or active commuter in your life, but it’s also a great way to treat yourself.

Purchase: $899 (11/22-11/26 only)

Hot Wheels Zoom In GoPro Car

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a Hot Wheels car and zoom through a loopy track? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore with this special Hot Wheels GoPro car. It’s able to house a GoPro Hero 5 to give you incredible POV shots for the ultimate toy car action video.

Purchase: $7

Jurassic Park Raptor Claw Bottle Opener

Scaled to the size of the original prop from Jurassic Park, this 5.5-inch heavy-duty bottle opener cast in zinc-alloy may just last you for the next 65 million years, give or take. This raptor claw bottle opener is an authorized item from the famous ’90s movie and will put a smile on any beer-loving movie fan’s face.

Purchase: $16

Papercraft Star Wars Darth Vader Statue

If you have a dark side but are also into arts and crafts, this DIY 3D paper statue of the infamous Darth Vader is the toy you’re looking for. It comes with a 3D model, a digital downloadable pattern, and an illustrated tutorial. When you’re done, you’ll have a 3D paper bust of one of the most powerful villains in the Star Wars galaxy.

Purchase: $18

Elastic Precision PPK Rubber Band Gun

The Walther PPK is the famous German pistol James Bond usually has as a main sidearm. Now you can walk around with the same model in rubber band gun form. It’s built from sturdy high-quality hardwoods and semi-automatically fires five rubber bands at a time up to 20 feet.

Purchase: $20

The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide

Whether you’re holding a foam-bullet office war or doing battle on your home turf, this guide will give you the edge to stand victorious in faux-combat. With the knowledge of this modification guide, you’ll be able to increase the range, projectile speed, and firing capacity of your Nerf guns. This 120-page book also has sci-fi, history, and steampunk-inspired paint jobs for your customizing pleasure.

Purchase: $20

Goshfun Worker Tactics 60 mm Foam Mortar

This foam mortar by Goshfun Worker Tactics doesn’t just look like the actual weapon, it works like the real deal, too. Each foam round has a built-in spring assembly that you can prime for office warfare. And, when you drop one round into the mortar tube, it activates the spring mechanism to shoot the round out about six meters.

Purchase: $69

Prometheus Lights Lambda Top

The spinning top is one of the world’s oldest gizmos and the Lambda is the best version of the famous toy. The 35g top has a solid brass construction and a synthetic ruby ball bearing tip. Made in California, its single-piece design allows it to spin for over 10 minutes.

Purchase: $85

Sony Playstation Classic Retro Console

Continuing the trend of bringing back famous game consoles from yesteryear, the Sony PlayStation is back in classic console form. This version is 45% smaller than the original and packs 20 built-in games including Tekken 3, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, and Final Fantasy VII. Grab one for the gamer on your list so they can enjoy retro video games this holiday season.

Purchase: $100

Infento Rides Kit

Perfect for a creative friend with a kid who loves to build, the Infento Rides kits will allow them to flex their imagination. Each rides kit has the ability to create several cruisers for kids up to 14 years old. Some of the inventive kits include the Explorer, Pioneer, Smart, and Genius kits. Any parent would love this gift so they can give their child a technical skill set for adulthood.

Purchase: $120+

Spyra One Water Gun

We know you’re familiar with the vintage Super Soaker, but the Spyra One is the new champion in water weaponry. This squirt gun has an advanced self-refilling mechanism and fires one-ounce water bullets up to 40 feet. In the heat of a waterworks battle, you can refill your tank in 14 seconds with the push of a button.

Purchase: $134+

BRNLY SlingPop Pocket Slingshot

The slingshot is a classic tool and BRNLY makes one of the best on the market. The SlingPop Pocket Slingshot is made from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum for maximum durability. It includes two black rubber bands with quality leather pads and a built-in bottle opener. It also comes with 50 ball bearings to help you master your aim.

Purchase: $140

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K Blaster

When you absolutely, positively need to dominate a Nerf War, accept no substitutions for the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K. This beast has an advanced acceleration system, allowing it to fire up to eight rounds per second. It can hold 200 high-impact foam rounds and includes a rechargeable battery so you can get back to mayhem quickly.

Purchase: $150

Anki Vector Robot

Touted by Anki as the most advanced home robot ever built, the Vector is a charming little machine that constantly learns new skills. It emulates emotions and interacts with you like a true companion, as it’s powered by advanced A.I. This robot is voice-activated, recognizes people, avoids obstacles, can be used as a smart security camera, and is compatible with iOS or Android devices.

Purchase: $250

LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5

James Bond has gotten behind the wheel of many stunning rides, but nothing beats his Aston Martin DB5 feature car from Goldeneye. Now, there’s a LEGO version of Bond’s legendary ride and it’s nothing short of amazing. The 1,290-piece set has a functioning ejector seat, rotating license plate, and a rear-window bullet shield.

Purchase: $254

Arcade1Up Retro Game Cabinets

If you ever wanted to own an arcade but just can’t find the space to put one in your man cave, Arcade1Up’s Retro Game Cabinets are just what you’re looking for. This 3/4th scale mini-arcade has a 17-inch color LCD screen with superb game-specific graphics and authentic retro controls. Choose from classics like Street Fighter, Rampage, Asteroids, and Centipede.

Purchase: $419

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco

The Traxxas Ford Bronco RC car looks nearly identical to its full-size, gas-fed counterpart. It walks the walk too with its realistic suspension system, plenty of ground clearance for off-roading, and a motor with a functional two-speed transmission and locking differentials. You might just have more fun with this RC car than the real 4×4.

Purchase: $477

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Topping their previous efforts, DJI has created the world’s first consumer drone with an optical zoom. The Mavic 2 Zoom features a 24-48mm optical zoom, a 1/23” CMOS sensor, as well as dolly zoom and hyperlapse capabilities. Capture 48 MP Super Resolution photos during 31 minutes of flight time.

Purchase: $1,179

Bomber Camp WWII Air Force Experience

The badass bombers of WWII ruled the skies, and now, you can experience what life was like aboard those legendary aircraft at the Bomber Camp in California. Hop aboard a B-24 Liberator and a B-17 Flying Fortress to reenact wartime bombing runs. You’ll even have the opportunity to drop dummy bombs and learn how ball turrets operate.

Purchase: $1,400+

Segway Ninebot Electric Go-Kart

Nothing makes you feel like a kid again like zipping down a track on a go-kart. The Segway Ninebot Electric Go-Kart works with the Segway miniPRO 320 for endless carting fun. It can jet to 12 mph in seconds and has a range of 12.4 miles. Also, with its electric brake and handbrake, you can drift like a rally car pro.

Purchase: $2,451

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