20 Best Gifts For The Beer Lover

Photo: Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

You may not know it, but beer is nearly as old as recorded human history. For centuries people have celebrated their successes, mulled over problems, and mourned their losses over pints of the stuff. That means this beverage, at its core, is a societal and congregational tool rivaled only, perhaps, by food. And as long as it has been around, people have been sharing it amongst one another. Today, that tradition still continues.

If you’ve got a friend or a family member who likes to toss back a few amongst good company, then you should probably consider gifting them something beer related. But, we don’t mean just heading down to the liquor store and picking up a couple of 40’s to chug in the alley. ‘Tis the season to put a little more thought into your holiday presents. Maybe that friend or family member of yours has a healthy appreciation for beer, but knows little of its storied history. Maybe they have never made their own. Maybe you just want to giddily watch them struggle over an oddity or two. In any case, the following 20 items are the best beer lover’s gifts available on the market this holiday season. Cheers!

How Beer Saved The World DVD

How Beer Saved The World

If you’ve got someone on your list that doesn’t know the full story behind how beer helped shape our world as we know it, you’d be doing them a disservice if you didn’t pick up this DVD. Produced by the Discovery Channel, this documentary follows the story of our favorite social beverage from its inception through nearly every facet of human history. And it outlines exactly how beer has, time and time again, kept humanity safe.

Purchase: $11

Tasting Beer Book

Tasting Beer Book

Understanding the many facets and flavor profiles of beer is, unfortunately, not something people typically learn on their own. It takes a bit of research but can be made all the more easy with the help of this handy tome. Within these pages, you’ll find everything from how-to tastings, to food pairings, to proper pouring techniques. For anyone looking to educate themselves (or others) on the subtle nuances of the bubbly brew, there’s nowhere better to start than the Tasting Beer book.

Purchase: $11

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Coozie

Thermos Can Insulator

Trying to enjoy oneself outside on a hot summer day is a much simpler task with the inclusion of a cold beer. But, you also run the risk of that brewski warming up in your hands. And that can put a damper on the whole situation. That’s where this Thermos brand Can Insulator comes in handy. Just like its larger cousins, this vacuum insulated koozie will keep your beers cold for up to 12 times longer than just the can itself. And it won’t sweat on your furniture or clothes.

Purchase: $12

Ice Core Beer Pitcher

Ice Core Beer Pitcher

Just like cans, pitchers sometimes warm up before the liquid within has been finished. And nobody likes a warm beer. Each of these specialty pitchers feature an aluminum core into which you can put some ice – thereby keeping your beer cold for hours longer than a standard pitcher. And since the ice is kept separate from the liquid, you never have to worry about it getting watered down.

Purchase: $14

Creative Crafthouse Beer Bottle Puzzle

Beer Bottle Puzzle

Whether you know someone who likes to work for their beer or you just want to mess with someone this holiday season, this Beer Bottle Puzzle is a superb gift option. This unique wooden puzzle container fits most 12 ounce bottles and comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to get the bottle in place. And once they unwrap their gift, you just get to sit back and enjoy the show.

Purchase: $19

HexCup Beer Pong Set

Hexcup Beer Pong Set

For anybody who has been to a house party in any of the last ten years, beer pong (or, more accurately, Beirut) is likely a familiar game. One of the biggest drawbacks to the standard Solo brand cups used in the game, however, is their tendency to “drift” or “float” as a result of liquid on the game table. This unique reusable set of cups bypasses that issue with their innovative design. And the hexagonal honeycomb-inspired shape “interlocks” the cups in a tight formation for the perfect rack every time.

Purchase: $20

Corksicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

This little hard-to-describe device is one of the best things to have with you on any occasion in which you have beer that’s not quite cold yet. Rather than waiting for beers to cool down in your fridge, just pop the cap and fit one of these from your freezer into any standard long-neck bottle and enjoy refreshingly cool beer immediately from start to finish. And they come in a two pack – in case your generosity only goes so far.

Purchase: $20

Moleskine Beer Tasting Journal

Moleskine Beer Journal

We’ve tried many beers in our time, but we can’t remember them all. Chances are, if you’ve got a beer fan in your life, they’ve had a similar problem. With this Moleskine notebook, your gift recipient can make strides toward figuring out exactly what beers they have and haven’t enjoyed. It also helps as a tool for palette development, as the page layout encourages the user to take notes on the flavor profiles of each beer they taste.

Purchase: $23

The Diagram of Beer Varieties Poster

The Diagram Of Beer Poster

For lovers of both clever graphic design and the wide wide world that is beer varieties, this poster is a singularly enjoyable work of art. Like a beautifully executed flow-chart or a beer family tree, this diagram shows every major variety of beer and nearly every sub-category of each. And, if you’re looking for a specific kind to try, the tiniest print is a list of beer options you can find in the real world.

Purchase: $29

Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set

Libbey Beer 6 Glass Set

You may or may not be aware, but there are specific glass shapes that coincide with beer styles. And, sure, some of that is strictly tradition, but there’s also some science behind it. That means that certain glasses can actually make specific beers taste better. For that friend who’s been drinking all his beer styles out of the same mason jars, pick up this 6-glass set and set them straight.

Purchase: $30


Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

Every beer fan should try making their own at some point or another. It’s an excellent way to expand one’s worldliness and appreciation for the craft behind the beverage. This tiny and inexpensive kit contains everything one might need to brew a single batch of a specific beer. As a starter’s option, there’s little better.

Purchase: $40

Swag Brewery Beer Soap

Swag Brewery Beer Soap 6 Pack

These day’s it seems like we can incorporate beer into every aspect of our lives. And now we can include bathing into this lot thanks to the Beer Soap from Swag Brewery. Each pack comes with six scented variants ranging from Apricot Wheat to Vanilla Porter to IPA and Ground Hops. Who knows, maybe it’ll even mask that stale beer scent from the night before.

Purchase: $43

Beer Cap Map

Beer Cap Map Of The USA

Looking for a way to physically check off those items on your beer bucket list? Why not check out this Beer Cap Map? It holds up to 77 pop and twist-off beer caps in it’s 24 x 15-inch design, comes equipped with mounting holes for easy installation and is built from Baltic Birch wood, contributing to its handsome display.

Purchase: $45

Kegworks Growler On Board Beer Transporter

KegWorks Growler Transport Unit

Yet another excuse to drive carefully, the Growler Transport Unit is your surefire way to transport up to three standard 64 oz or half-gallon beer growlers to the nearest holiday party, picnic or summer bbq once the weather begins to warm. It’s made from black lightweight and low-density foam that protects your precious libations while simultaneously insulting the beverages as well.

Purchase: $48


Pat’s Backcountry Beverages Carbonator Bottle Starter Kit

There’s nothing like a fresh carbonated beverage at your disposal while out and about or on the trail. And thankfully for us, Pat’s Backcountry produces this shatter-proof Carbonator Bottle that holds up to 20 oz of your favorite liquid. It has the ability to carbonate any liquid you put in the bottle – yes even beer if you wish – though if you like, Pat’s Backcountry also sells brew concentrates that would work swimmingly with this bad boy.

Purchase: $50

Yeti Brick Bottle Opener

Yeti Brick Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a bottle opener is a bottle opener. Except when it’s the Yeti Brick. Made by a brand renowned for their superb outdoor coolers, this massive 3/4-pound stainless steel bottle opener is kind of like keeping on hand a structural beam that happens to be efficient at popping the top off beers. It’s honestly the most rugged opener we’ve ever seen. But they’re limited, so pick one up while you can.

Purchase: $50

Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit

Mr. Beer Homebrewing Kit

Great for newcomers and somewhat-seasoned hobbyists alike, this home brewing kit from Mr. Beer is a superb low-cost way to up anyone’s beer-making output. It comes with a clever barrel-shaped keg fermenter, extracts for two batches (4 gallons), and eleven shatterproof 25-ounce reusable bottles. It’s also a pretty killer way to get a return on your gift if you also enjoy beer.

Purchase: $50

Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle and Beer Growler

Hydro Flask Insulated Beer Growler

Known best for their high quality insulated water bottles, Hydro Flask has not relegated their products strictly to H20. Which is an excellent business decision from a beer lover’s perspective. This 64-ounce beverage container offers the same double-wall insulation that can keep water cold for hours and hours, but the size is the same as a standard large growler found at nearly every single brewery around the country.

Purchase: $87

Spartan Carton Leather Six Pack Carrier

The Spartan Carton Leather Beer Carrier

If you or someone you’re gifting needs a more reliable – those cardboard carriers can be a bit flimsy – and design-forward way to transport a 6-pack of beer, try the Spartan Carton. This made-to-order handmade carrier is crafted from leather, masonite, and plyboo (a bamboo product). That means it is both far more handsome and structurally sound than almost any other 6-pack carrier.

Purchase: $109+

The Gift Of Great beer

The Gift Of Great Beer

The ultimate gift for the beer lover is, undoubtedly, beer. Thankfully we now live in a world where the delicious alcoholic beverage is widely available locally and through ship-to-your-home services. And that means you can pick up the perfect beer gift for the brew aficionado in your life – whether they like hop-forward Imperial IPAs (like Drake’s Denogginizer), winter-friendly stouts (like Clown Shoes’ Undead Party Crasher), or big bold reds (like Port Brewing’s Shark Attack), you’ll find them more accessible than ever before.

Purchase: $7+