The Wishlist: Athlete’s Holiday Gift Guide

Nike Metcon 2

Every family has at least one fitness freak. The avid runner, the Crossfit gym frequenter, or the bodybuilder. While most of us just enjoy chowing down on good food or enjoying some of our favorite beverages, their idea of a good time is sweating up a storm while doing everything from pull-ups to handstand pushups and who knows what else. Luckily, if you are at a bit of a loss as to what exactly you should get these ironmen, we’re here to help out.

The kinds of gifts that you’d want to get the athlete can vary. Maybe you want to set them up with new workout gear from some of the top athletic wear brands, or possibly you’re tired of seeing your Tupperware going missing so you want to give them their own to carry around their meal preps. Whatever the case, we have all of the picks you could hope for. From great weights and workouts to do at home or in the gym to critically important recovery tools, it’s all right here in our list of the 20 best gifts for the athlete.


BlenderBottle GoStak

If you are tired of seeing your Tupperware going missing, then you should consider setting your resident weightlifter up with this GoStak from Blender Bottle. Made from BPA and Phthalate-free plastic, this stack of four separate containers can twist together for the easy transport of all of the good protein and fat rich foods they crave.

Purchase: $10

stretch out strap

OPTP Stretch Out Strap

Any athlete should know that recovery is just as important – if not more important – than the workout itself. This American made nylon Stretch Out Strap is built to help increase mobility and flexibility by helping you get deeper stretches at new and different angles.

Purchase: $15

grenade grips

Grenade Grips

Training grip-strength can be kind of awkward sometimes. You either have the option of standing around and doing small wrist curls with weights in your hand or squeezing those goofy contraptions. What makes Grenade Grips great is that you can incorporate them into any part of your workout. Just slip them on a barbell, dumbbell, or pull-up bar and your forearms will feel like they’re on fire while you’re doing your reps.

Purchase: $20


Speed Jump Rope

Running not your thing? Try using a jump rope for cardio at the beginning or end of your workout. It’s a simple but effective way for you to get your heart rate up while doing some aerobic exercises. This particular PVC coated aluminum rope measures in at ten feet long but can be adjusted easily thanks to the thumbscrews located next to the ball-bearing equipped aluminum handles. A great addition to the gym bag.

Purchase: $20

sklz ladder

SKLZ Quick Ladder

If you are looking to do some agility training during the off-season or just in-between games, this Quick Ladder from athletic company SKLZ is a great pick. Made up of 11 heavy duty plastic rungs and a tough nylon rope, you’ll have up to 15 feet to improve on your footwork.

Purchase: $28

adidas slipper

Adidas Slip Ons

These aren’t going to make you run faster or jump higher, but they sure are going to make you a whole lot more comfortable while you make it from the gym locker room back to your apartment. A great pick for the basketball star or the swimmer.

Purchase: $30


Mobilitywod Supernova 2.0

Knots. Gnarly ones. That is what the Mobilitywod Supernova 2.0 ball is designed to destroy. Lay this sucker down on the ground and lean your weight into it and it’ll force your muscles into releasing and relaxing. Thanks to the grip pattern on the ball and the nylon game construction it’ll be sure not to slip and slide around no matter what surface you plop down on.

Purchase: $40


Gaiam Athletic Dynamat

Whether your athletic friend is already a yoga fiend or is just starting to do more floor and bodyweight work, this yoga mat from Gaiam is a great pick. It boasts a grippy 26-inch side and is 78-inches long with 5mm of thickness to help add a little cushioning.

Purchase: $40

ten thousand

Foundation Shirt

Ten Thousand’s Foundation Shirt is made from a performance merino blend that’s been given a pique weave for breathability throughout even the toughest workouts. Due to the fabric choice, it’s naturally anti-odor, and thanks to the inclusion of a laser cut logo under the arms and reflective logo along the right shoulder, the shirt also offers a comfortable and sharp shirt your gym going friend will be more than happy to receive.

Purchase: $48


RYU Everything Short

Made from a 4-way stretch knit with mesh side panels, these shorts are as flexible and breathable as they are comfortable. The quick-drying polyester material also features built-in moisture management, making it so you can leave it all on the court and still walk off feeling fresh.

Purchase: $55


Mobot Water Bottle And Roller

The Mobot Water Bottle combines two workout essentials into one sleek package. The foam exterior on this 40 ouncer works perfectly as a roller, and the stainless steel 18/8 stainless steel bottle can hold all the water you’ll need to keep you hydrated through a particularly gnarly WOD or workout.

Purchase: $65


SKLZ SpeedSac

For the athlete trying to get some serious training in during the offseason or in-between games, this Speedsac from SKLZ is essential. It’ll help develop more explosive movements off of the line and strengthen the core and lower body muscle groups. This package includes three durable weight bags that can be filled with 10 pounds of sand each.

Purchase: $80

primal kettlebells

Onnit Primal Kettlebells

Finally. A kettlebell that looks how workouts make you feel. Each one of these kettle bells from Onnit feature a different, aggressive looking animal. Whether it be the 54 pound Orangutan, the 36 pound Chimp, or 90-pound bigfoot, these chip-resistant and perfectly balanced bells are a great add-on to the collection.

Purchase: $85

nike metcon 2

Nike Metcon 2

These are a pair of incredibly versatile and tough sneakers built for taking on any workout you throw at them. With an upper made from rubber and mesh, you’ll get all of the support and breathability you’d want, along with the fresh, attractive look that Nike has built their entire brand on.

Purchase: $120+

jaybird headphones

Jaybird X2 Sport

These Jaybird X2 wireless Bluetooth headphones are built to get out there and motivate you to push it that much further. Whether you are going the extra mile or for ten more pounds and one more rep, having these in your ears can help you do it. They operate for 8 hours off of one charge and come with a lifetime sweat proof warranty.

Purchase: $150


Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

A big part of any fitness routine is being able to track your progress. This fitness tracker is particularly good at doing just that. It can track your heart rate, more accurately measure your daily calorie burn, and has a GPS run mode so you can keep track of your real-time stats.

Purchase: $150


TRX Training Kit

This TRX suspension trainer basic kit is a great pick for doing intense at-home workouts. It comes with a DVD and booklet that outlines all the different workouts you can do, and even features a door anchor that allows users to turn their bedroom or living room into a go-to workout area.

Purchase: $150

duffel pack

Aer Duffel Pack

One of the biggest annoyances of those who workout regularly or who are looking to start is having to drag equipment and changes of clothes around constantly. This pack from San Francisco-based company Aer makes that all easy with their duffel pack. It easily stores everything you’d want to bring to the office along with a special ventilated pouch for storing a change of shoes for the gym.

Purchase: $150

tech spray jacket

Zanerobe Rec Tech Spray Jacket

A lightweight, all-purpose ventilated jacket for keeping you protected from the elements and cool at the same time. Made from a mix of nylon, polyester, and elastane, this jacket is incredibly flexible and accommodating for a wide range of movements. Ideal for the guy who wants a jacket as handsome as it is technical.

Purchase: $170

oakley prizm

Oakley Radar Pace

If Siri was your trainer, this is what she’d look like. These sunglasses from Oakley come with an integrated fitness tracker that literally tells you everything you need to know about your workout while you are working out. From pace to speed and climb, Oakley’s Radar Pace sunglasses give you real-time feedback so you can be sure to push yourself a little harder and a little further every time.

Purchase: $450