The 50 Best Men’s Gifts Under $50

Nov 15, 2017

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For those with tight budgets and light wallets, the holiday season can be a bit anxious-making. How can you get great gifts for those you love without breaking the bank? Too often it can seem that the only way to have a successful holiday season is by purchasing a bunch of gifts with hefty price tags. But we don’t think that is the case. The best presents are ones that show a kind of intimacy – how well you know a person and what it is they like. It’s an opportunity to show that you’ve really thought about them. That can all easily be done for under $50.

To prove it, we spent some time going back through and reviewing some of our favorite gadgets and gifts from the past year – along with some new ones – and pulled together a list of the 50 best gifts for men under $50. Take a scroll through yourself and see if anything pops out to you.

Movie Pass

Movies are too expensive for their own good. Between the tickets, the popcorn, and the soda – it can cost as much as a nice dinner out. But Movie Pass is here to change that. This subscription service allows users to go see as many as one movie a day every day for one low monthly price. An ideal gift for the movie buff.

Purchase: $10

CasusGrill Biodegradable Instant BBQ

Have a group of dedicated grillers in your life? They may get a kick out of this biodegradable Instant BBQ. The easy to use one-time grill is engineered to quickly and easily heat up enough to cook up food for up to an hour. And once you’re done? You can toss it in the trash without feeling any guilt.

Purchase: $11

Field Notes Black Ice Pocket Notebook

Whether there is someone in your life who is always looking for unique EDC to keep on them, or just always needs a pen and pad – this pocket notebook from Field Notes is a fun choice. Each in the pack of three boasts 48 lined pages, a reflective foil cover, and a stable-free binding.

Purchase: $13

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Ever want to pop a squat on the ground but abstained because you didn’t want to get all wet or dirty? Well, now thanks to the Matador Mini Pocket Blanket you can take a seat just about anywhere. The 90-micron thick Hyprlyte nylon blanket is both water and puncture resistant – making it tough enough for years of use.

Purchase: $20

Alexa Buttons

Have a family that’s always down to play a great board game or spend some time with the Wii? Alexa buttons might be for you. The gadgets are engineered to synch up to Echo devices for playing trivia, escaping dragons, or other yet unreleased titles.

Purchase: $20

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen

You don’t have to be an aspiring writer to appreciate a good pen. This one from Fisher uses the special Space Pen cartridge that can write upside down and in the cold. And to top it off, it has a handsome brass exterior case.

Purchase: $20

Soto Pocket Torch

This simple gift turns any dollar store lighter into a veritable torch. Simply insert a cheap lighter into the case, screw on the top, and click the button – the Soto Pocket Torch will create a flame that reached up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit while lasting up to 60-percent longer than your normal lighter.

Purchase: $20

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

On the move a lot? One way to better enjoy your trips is by taking the time to make your own cocktail. This carry-on kit is designed to make that easy and fun. Whether you’re a fan of an Old Fashioned, Hot Toddy, Moscow Mule, or a Bloody Mary – the Carry on Cocktail kit has a pick for you.

Purchase: $25

Good Cigar Pack

A humidity sealed pack with two cigars, a cutter, and matches for the aficionado, or those who’ve yet to be initiated into the cigar world. You can pick these up as either single purchases, or a part of a monthly subscription.

Purchase: $25

Pappy & Company Handmade Bourbon Balls

Don’t want to go all in for a bottle of Pappy? No worries. These handmade bourbon balls from the famed distiller combine great bourbon with even better chocolate for a one of a kind holiday sweet that’ll be sure to please the whisky lover in your life.

Purchase: $26

Paper Shooters

Unlike Nerf guns, these paper shooters provide users with the ability to build their own weapon, fill their own rounds, and fire away either inside or out. Each paper pellet can fire up to 65 feet, and store extra shells in a removable magazine.

Purchase: $30

Thermacell MR-BP Mosquito Repeller

For the backpackers and hikers in your life – this may be the perfect gift. Simply attach this Thermacell unit to an isobutane and propane fuel mix gas canister, flip a switch, and you’ll immediately have a virtually silent 15-foot protection zone that is both odor and DEET free.

Purchase: $33

Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Food Flask

Hydro Flask is known for their vacuum insulated water bottles. Now, they’re expanding their purview to food flasks like this thermos which can keep food hot or cold for up to three hours – perfect for those who work 9-5 and want to eat well.

Purchase: $30

Anker PowerCore

If staying charged is tough for someone in your network of friends and family – you may want to consider hooking them up with a portable battery. This one from Anker boasts enough power to charge up an iPhone seven times over, and a Galaxy S6 five times.

Purchase: $31

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keychain Multi-Tool

Having a great multi-tool on hand at all times is a must. But sometimes, it isn’t all too easy to carry around a big tool along your belt. The Leatherman squirt solves that problem with its small but sturdy build. While it only weighs 2 ounces and measures in at 2.25-inches closed, it boasts 9 tools ranging from a bottle opener to a knife.

Purchase: $33

Arktype RMK Paracord Quick Release Keychain

A secure, attractive keychain with a strong neodymium magnetic clasp for easy removal. All things said an ideal tool for the more tactically inclined.

Purchase: $32

Retro Patents Prints

Technology nerds, designers, and engineers alike will appreciate the simple but attractive design of these prints. Ideal for hanging in the workshop or office.

Purchase: $33

Opinel No. 8 Outdoor Survival Pocket Knife

Looking for a unique outdoor knife? This one from Opinel is a solid pick. Featuring a 3.35-inch blade made from Sandvik stainless steel and a tough fiberglass reinforced handle that doubles as an emergency whistle – it’s an ideal pick for camping and backpacking.

Purchase: $35

Kettle Gryp

Want to get all the benefits of a kettlebell workout without the kettlebell? Equip any of your dumbbells with this Kettle Gryp. It’s easy to transport, tough as nails, and weighs just under a pound.

Purchase: $35

Tile Sport Key Finder

Have a particularly forgetful member of the family? Help them out with the new Tile Sport. These trackers help users locate everything from keys to wallets and more. Misplace your phone? Just hit the button on the tracker and it’ll get your phone ringing even if it is on silent.

Purchase: $35

Everyman Grafton Pen

A simple, reliable clicker pen that takes either G2 or Space Pen refills. It is attractive, simplistic, and ideal for those always looking to jot down their thoughts.

Purchase: $35

Kerhsaw Tinder Personal Axe

It never hurts to have a solid chopper on hand. This one from Kershaw is made with a tough 3Cr13 steel with a BlackWash finish and a glass-filled nylon handle. For extra utility, the axe blade features four hex tools, a nail remover, and a bottle opener.

Purchase: $35

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross

There are only a few board games that both look great and are fun to play. This is one of them. The raucous dice game can be played with up to 6 people at a time and is ideal for dinner parties or your kid’s sleepovers.

Purchase: $35

Set For Set Steel Mace

Tired of just lifting weights in the gym? Switch up your routine with Set for Set’s steel mace. Great for using in a Crossfit gym or in your own backyard – it’ll work your arms, back, and quads like crazy.

Purchase: $37

Best Made Stellarscope

Have a stargazer in your midst? Or just someone who is enamored with well-designed tools? This stellar scope may be worth a second look. Aline the month, date, and time on the telescope and the viewer will see a highly detailed celestial map. All things said an attractive, fun gift.

Purchase: $38

Topo Designs Laptop Sleeve

Don’t have a bag with a laptop sleeve? Not exactly looking to lug a large backpack with you when you only need your laptop? These laptop sleeves from Topo Designs are worth checking out. Made from 1000D Cordura fabric right here in the U.S. – they’re a safe and attractive choice for your laptop.

Purchase: $38

Cocoon Innovations GRID-IT!

For those who care about keeping an organized workstation, there is the GRID-IT! This simple but brilliant laptop case is designed to not only keep your computer safe and secure, but it gives users the ability to fasten down all of their gadgets and gear however they prefer.

Purchase: $38

Statgear Pocket Samurai Titanium Knife

A fun, keychain-sized knife ideal for those looking to keep a letter or box-opener on them at all times. Weighing in at less than an ounce and measuring 2.66-inches when closed, it really is small enough to hook onto your keychain – but its 440C stainless steel blade and titanium handle makes it tough enough to take on a wide range of tasks.

Purchase: $40

Ultra Rugged Lightning Battery Cable

Not all iPhone cables are created equal. In fact, most of them are pretty awful. Nomad’s Ultra Rugged Battery Cable stands above the rest not only because the cord is wrapped in a 1000D ballistic weave nylon, but because it comes with an in-line portable battery that stores enough juice to charge your iPhone one time.

Purchase: $40

.30 Caliber Mini Cannon

These small cannons are perfect for any adult’s inner big-kid. The small .30 caliber canon comes with three steel 5/16-inch steel balls and can be fired off with black powder and a fireworks fuse. Good for hours of backyard fun.

Purchase: $40

Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Trio

If you have a family member who just loves off-the-wall condiments, this trio of spicy sauces is for them. Made by hand in Brooklyn, each of these sauces features their own wild combination of either honey or maple and different spices.

Purchase: $40

Tanner Goods Double Wrap Wristband

A little bit of leather can go a long way. Case in point, Tanner Goods’ Double Wrap Wristband. Made from a vegetable-tanned Meridian English bridle leather and featuring a low profile metallic stud, this small accessory adds a bit of character to any outfit.

Purchase: $40

Filson Red Camp Lantern

Whether you’re genuinely looking for a kerosene lamp to light up the night or just a nice design accent, Filson’s Red Camp Lantern is worth a second look. Made from corrosion resistant steel and break resistant Schott Suprax glass, this fire-truck red hurricane lantern is a fun old-school camping pick.

Purchase: $40

Surf Shacks

From the king of coffee table books, gestalten, comes another engrossing and incredibly well-designed hardback. This book surveys surf shacks the world-round, from the concrete canyons of Manhattan to the island state of Hawaii – providing inspiration and envy for surfers and design nerds alike.

Purchase: $40

Mazama Wares Large Mug

Have a coffee lover in the family? Get them a pair of these mugs and they’ll likely become their go-to. Made right here in the U.S., these slip cast vitrified stoneware cups boast a handsome look and feel.

Purchase: $42

Bradley Mountain Large Valet Tray

For the style-forward or simply the forgetful – having a valet tray on hand can be incredibly helpful. Not only do they serve as a designated spot for often lost items like keys, wallets, and sunglasses – but they do add a bit of character to your desk and nightstand.

Purchase: $42

Nordic Pocket Saw

Ideal for keeping up your yard clean or clearing trails after the winter. The chain is made from a heat treated high carbon steel while the handles are made from a heavy-duty nylon. A solid pick for the outdoorsman.

Purchase: $42

Air Force Coin Knife

An inconspicuous multi-tool hidden in the form of a thick nickel coin. An ideal gift for veterans or active duty members of the Air Force.

Purchase: $43

Orbitkey 2.0 Premium Leather

Not a fan of having your keys jingle around your belt? This gadget from Orbitkey is designed to keep up to 7 keys all organized and silent within its cowhide leather sheath.

Purchase: $43

Aer Dopp Kit

For the member of your family or group of friends that’s constantly on the road, the Aer Dopp Kit is a solid choice. Much like the backpacks from the San Francisco based brand, this kit is made from a ballistic nylon fabric and features a sleek, modern look to it. The interior has a number of organizing pouches, pockets, and even an external toothbrush stand.

Purchase: $45

Trove Wallet Coffee

There are a whole lot of minimalist EDC wallets, but only a few really worth your attention. Made by hand in England from a full-grain leather and elastic fabric sourced from Italy, this simple sleeve can hold up to 10 cards and be stored easily in your front pocket.

Purchase: $45

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Made from premium quality full grain leather and featuring a card-sleeve back, this phone case from Mujjo is ideal for those looking to go wallet free. The interior microfiber lining protects from scratches, while the case’s raised bezel protects your screen from scratches and bumps.

Purchase: $48

S1 Baton Flashlight

Tough, everyday carry friendly flashlight that puts out up anywhere between .5 and 500 lumens at a distance as far as 110 meters. The flashlight takes either RCA123A or CR123A batteries and has a runtime of up to 600 hours.

Purchase: $49

MSR TrailShot Micro Filtration System

This simple, intuitive water filter is perfect for the hiker in your family. Its unique squeezing action allows users to quickly and easily fill up water bottles with fresh, filtered water in only a minute.

Purchase: $49

Sled Legs

Looking for some fresh winter fun with the family? Sled legs may be the answer. Simply strap these heavily padded skids to your shins and you’re good to turn any small hill into your own personal slope.

Purchase: $49

Trayvax Wallet

This is what your bifold wallet would look like if it went to boot camp. The American-made wallet can hold up to 14 cards at a time, features an easy access ID window, and an integrated coin pocket.

Purchase: $49

Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad

For the workaholic in your life, this Merino Wool Felt pad is a fun gift. It keeps your electronics up and off of the desktop while also providing an attractive, high-contrast look.

Purchase: $49

Matador Daylite Backpack

A fun, lightweight backpack that can fold into itself for easy storage or carry. Made from a waterproof and ripstop Cordura nylon it is more than tough enough to stand up to whatever the trail throws your way.

Purchase: $50

Cha-O-Ha Design EDC Card

Keeping a solid multitool on hand has never been easier than with the EDC Card. Despite featuring over 30 different functions, it weighs in at just 2-ounces and can easily fit in your wallet.

Purchase: $50

Atari Flashback Portable

Have an avid gamer in your family with a love of retro-style systems? They’ll love this Flashback portable player. It features an SD slot for playing downloaded games and over 60 built-in titles.

Purchase: $50

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