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15 Best Front Pocket Wallets

Sitting on your wallet is never a good idea. Whether you have a George Constanza sized billfold or a sleek and slim one built for minimalist carry, it can throw off the natural alignment of your spine and make for uncomfortable drives in the car. For some reason, we all seem to have embraced this as just another one of the unfortunate facts of life. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

The best solution to this problem? Front pocket wallets. These slim, paired down wallets are built for unobtrusive everyday carry that offer up just as much functionality as your normal pick. With construction and stylings ranging from all-metal to wood, and of course beautifully cut leather, there is one out there for every guy who is tired of sitting on his wallet. Whatever your preference or personal style – we have a pick for you in our list of 15 best front pocket wallets.

JBird Taco Card Wallet

Constructed from American made full grain vegetable tanned leather, this wallet offers a simple and effective way to carry your cards and cash. Like the name suggests, it holds your goods in a single piece of leather that is held together by an elastic band.

Purchase: $20

Dash 3.0 Saffiano Slim

A simple sleeve made from a durable vegan canvas. With two slots, one main one down the center for cards, and another smaller one for your cash, you’ll easily be able to carry all of the essentials. All things said it’s an ideal replacement for larger and more cumbersome pieces of EDC.

Purchase: $25

Machine Era Slim Wallet

Not only is this American made wallet incredibly slim, but it could quite possibly be one of the strongest metal wallets out on the market today. Made from grade stainless and featuring a simple elastic strap, it’ll keep all your cards and cash in one place and protected from RFID theft and whatever else the world throws its way.

Purchase: $38

Ezra Arthur Cash Fold

A lot of slim wallets are more geared towards those who have all but ditched carrying cash. The Cash Fold is for those who aren’t willing to go so far. Made from a high-quality American Chromexcel Horween leather, this wallet unfolds into three sections – one for holding cards, and the other two for wrapping around it to keep them safe.

Purchase: $40

Trove Wallet

An attractive and unique solution for carrying cards. Essentially just a high-quality elastic fabric with a full grain Italian bonded leather center, this wallet is flexible, attractive, and built for daily carry.

Purchase: $43

Tight Wallets TGT Americana Delux Wallet

TGT’s Americana wallet is an ideal pick for those who want something closer to a sleeve, but don’t quite want to give up on all of the pockets they get with their regular folding wallets. Featuring dual Italian lambskin leather pockets stitched to a flexible colorful elastic band, users get a full two pockets worth of storage in one small container.

Purchase: $46

Trayvax Axis Wallet

This wallet from Trayvax may very well outlast you. Made from a tough metal, and featuring a unique closure system, this thing can easily hold up to 14 cards and 8 or so bills. Thanks to a special cord and loops, you can just as easily throw this in your front pocket as you can strap it to your belt. A great American-made pick.

Purchase: $50

Bellroy Leather Card Sleeve Wallet

A simple sleeve made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather, this wallet makes your cards and cash easily accessible thanks to an integrated pull tab and exterior pocket. All things said, a fantastic wallet from the originators of the slim wallet market.

Purchase: $54

Tanner Goods Journeyman

As simple as it is attractive, this wallet from the Portland, Oregon-based Tanner Goods is a kind of variant of the card sleeve wallet. It has three pockets, one interior for cards, cash or I.D., and then two quick access pockets for more often used cards.

Purchase: $60

Madera Union Wallet

Here’s an attractive wood wallet with RFID theft protection and a simple strap for securing cards. Coming in either Oak, Cherry, or Walnut, it makes your most used cards easily accessible via the quick access card slot while keeping your important I.D.s and cash close via strap.

Purchase: $75

DPTR Clamshell Wallet

As well made as it is simple, the Clamshell wallet from DPTR operates like a vertical taco wallet. Made with one piece of leather sourced from the Chicago-based tannery Horween Leather Company and featuring one strong elastic strap, it is the ideal minimalist wallet for putting in your front pocket.

Purchase: $60

Hardgraft Wild Pocket Wallet

Like everything from the UK based Hardgraft, this wallet is stunning. Made from a fine washed leather and lined with a felted wool, this card sleeve can hold about six cards with a little bit of cash. No crazy functionality – just great materials with a classy build.

Purchase: $85

Bellroy Note Sleeve

Out of everything on this list, the Bellroy Note Sleeve is likely the most wallet-like of the bunch. The brilliant build by Bellroy, however, makes it slim enough to function perfectly as a front pocket wallet. Made from full grain vegetable tanned leather, this bifold wallet can hold up to eleven cards with cash thanks to the clever pull-tab compartment.

Purchase: $90

Grovemade Black Minimalist Wallet

Grovemade got its name primarily due to their creative use of woods. Wood desk equipment, wood watches, wood iPhone cases. Wood everything. Thankfully, the Portland, Oregon-based brand didn’t let their history hem them in. They’ve ventured into the territory of metalwork with their Black minimalist wallet, a lightweight aluminum with steel face-plated case wrapped in leather. This makes for a really stunning piece of EDC that can easily hold up to five cards as well as a bill or two.

Purchase: $99

Shinola Magnetic Money Clip Card Wallet

Designed in Detroit, made from American leather, and manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts by artisans at Abas Leather Accessories, this wallet is by far the most stand-out offering of the bunch. It features two card slots, as well as a leather wrapped magnetic money clip for easily carrying bills on you. And while it may empty out your wallet initially, it easily goes really well with attire for more dressed up occasions.

Purchase: $150