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The 30 Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

While we’d never dispute the toughness that comes along with being a mother, we still firmly believe that our fathers deserve plenty of recognition for the things that they’ve done for us. And it’s safe to say that we’re not alone in that thinking, what with Father’s Day being such a widely recognized holiday around the United States.

But appreciation for all the work that went into raising us right should garner a bit more than a heartfelt card. Don’t get us wrong, emotional validation is plenty important – but it’s not something you can physically use to get you through the day. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to carefully curate this collection of great gear perfect to pick up for the dad in your life this Father’s Day. And, best of all, every item on this list costs under the $100 mark.

Olight S1 Baton Flashlight

Nobody should be without a good EDC flashlight and they don’t get much better than Olight’s S1 Baton. This tiny torch offers and output of up to 500 lumens and 600 hours of runtime on just a single RCA123A or CR123A battery.

Purchase: $50

EDC Card

Boasting over 30 functions in a format compact enough to fit in your wallet puts this impressive one-piece multi-tool squarely at the upper echelon of day-to-day usefulness. And since it’s also crafted from military-grade blade steel, it will survive through years of hard use.

Purchase: $50

Hitch And Timber EDC Card Caddy

A classic card and cash carrier is plenty good if you don’t actually carry anything other than cash and cards. The EDC Card Caddy from Hitch and Timber is the best minimalist wallet for anyone who wants to carry a little bit more, like an everyday carry pen or small form pocket knife. And it’s made in the USA from high quality gorgeous leather.

Purchase: $54

Cargo Works Macbook EDC Kit

For those times that you need to haul around some tech but a full backpack is just a bit too cumbersome, there’s the Cargo Works Macbook EDC Kit. This 900D polyester canvas bag with a neoprene-lined interior compartment has enough easily-organized space for all your high-tech gear, but isn’t bulky enough to make your back ache. And it offers MOLLE webbing for added carry options.

Purchase: $60

Milwaukee M18 Drill Driver

Power tools are a handyman’s best friend. And a cordless drill is probably the single most beneficial one to own. This year, get your Pop this one from Milwaukee and save him the effort of having to screw, drill, or bore by hand. Trust us, he’ll thank you.

Purchase: $63

Stanley 7QT Heritage Cooler

Whether bringing lunch to the worksite or just taking some snacks out on the lake during a fishing trip, there’s no better vessel in which to put everything than Stanley’s 7-quart heritage cooler. It’s tough, looks great, and even comes with a vacuum insulated thermos that can keep your tea hot or your cold brew frosty for up to 24 hours.

Purchase: $64

Rhone Bullitt Shorts

Gym shorts are a necessary staple for any man who cares about his health enough to get up and get moving. These ones from Rhone are also stylish – on top of offering a relaxed fit, moisture wicking, and pocket space for your trusty music player.

Purchase: $64

Baxter Of California Safety Razor

While there are a few well-to-do folks in the world that can afford to go to a barber to have their faces shaved, the rest of us generally have to do it ourselves. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for awful disposable razors. Give this safety razor from Baxter of California a try and you can have a barbershop-level shave in the comfort of your own home.

Purchase: $65

The Surfer’s Journal

There’s arguably no publication that covers all things surf related quite as wonderfully as The Surfer’s Journal. Whether the dad in your life just appreciates good marine photography or they still like to get out and catch a few waves themselves, this is a superbly entertaining and inspiring publication to have.

Purchase: $66+

Best Made Toolbox

The toolbox is a classic staple of any garage – and this one pairs the classic contraption with a timeless look. Keep your (or your dad’s) tool set organized in this handsome 22-gauge steel container and you can always have them ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Purchase: $68

Big Idea Design 10-in-1 Titanium Pocket Tool

Ten (or more) functions in a format that fits on your carabiner keychain – that’s what this multi-tool has to offer. And that’s a pretty indispensable thing to have, even if you primarily use it as a bottle opener. Best of all, it’s made from titanium, so you know it will last a lifetime.

Purchase: $69

Library Hand-Cut Double Old Fashioned Glass

Hand-crafted libations deserve the respect of being served in worthwhile glassware. Not only is this set of rocks glasses hand-cut and blown by master craftsmen, but it also adds a bit of class and refinement to any home bar.

Purchase: $72

Heimplanet Monolith Dopp Kit

Whereas most dopp kits are little more than just canvas pouches, Heimplanet took theirs a few steps further, offering compartmental internal storage, a removable mirror, and the option to use it both as a standing and hanging bag. Really, you’ll have a hard time finding another quite as capable as this one.

Purchase: $75

Tactile Turn Titanium Glider Pen

Not only is an EDC pen an indispensable piece of gear, but the one you choose to carry also says quite a bit about your character. This one will tell people that you are smart, discerning, prepared, and just a touch more interesting than all the white-bread Mont Blanc users.

Purchase: $79

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet

Though much of the EDC community frowns upon the classic bifold wallet, we are firm believers that – when done right – it can be a wonderful addition to your daily gear. Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve isn’t just done right; it has raised the bar with its 12 card capacity, quick access slots, and incredibly minimalist format.

Purchase: $80

Lagavulin 16-Year Scotch

There are few pleasures in this world quite as good as sipping on a well-made scotch whiskey. And that’s exactly what you get when you pop open this 16-year offering from Lagavulin. It is smoothness and character incarnate, but with enough of a bite to remind you what you are drinking is, in fact, quite alcoholic.

Purchase: $80

Iron & Resin Strand Pant

Sweatpants aren’t exactly going-out clothes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find something similarly comfortable to leave the house in. Take, for example, these draw-string chinos from Iron & Resin. They’re comfortable, relaxed, and made from a ripstop canvas that’s tough enough to weather the outside world.

Purchase: $85

Seavees Legend Sneaker

Whether the dad you’re buying for used to be a skater or just likes comfortable relaxed kicks, there’s not much better out there than these canvas sneakers from SeaVees. They feature a classic silhouette, come with interesting fabric patterns, and still have excellent slip resistance – thanks to the signature herringbone rubber outsole.

Purchase: $88

Buck Mason Slub Hoodie

Tell your dad that it’s time to ditch that old torn up sweatshirt and slip into something just a little bit better – like this Slub Hoodie from Buck Mason. It’s just as (if not more) comfortable, is made in the USA, and looks great.

Purchase: $88

Best Made Straight Hold Hatchet

The camping hatchet is, arguably, the most classic outdoorsman’s piece of gear. This one, from Best Made, is crafted right here in the USA from 1060 steel and lacquered Appalachian hickory. It’s versatile, handsome, and about as effective as they come. And we think that any red-blooded woodcutting dad would be lucky to have one.

Purchase: $88

Shun DM0760 Classic Asian Chef Knife

A primary staple of anyone serious about working in the kitchen, the Chef Knife is an incredibly useful cooking tool. Made by Shun from VG-10 steel clad with 32 layers of carbon steel, this one is kind of like the samurai sword of kitchen gear. If the dad in your life likes to cook, he shouldn’t go without this knife.

Purchase: $90

Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack

This incredibly tough outdoor backpack actually compresses down to about the size of a softball for easy space-saving storage. Designed by the crew at Matador, it opens back up to a 28-liter format just as easily. Plus, it’s puncture and water resistant, features ultralight lumbar padding, and is compatible with hydration packs for long-form hikes.

Purchase: $90

Amazon Fire TV

Save your dad from the horrors of the cable companies and get him onboard with the far-superior streaming services offered on Amazon’s Fire TV. All in all it’s cheaper, much more expansive, and just as easy to use – if not easier.

Purchase: $90

Craighill Jack Puzzle

Desktop gear – especially when it comes to toys, puzzles, and other fidget-style oddities – is an excellent way to spruce up any man’s office while still adding to the overall work experience. Take, for instance, this solid brass USA-made puzzle from Craighill. It looks great when put together and will help get those brain juices flowing whenever your dad hits a rut.

Purchase: $95

Horween Leather Timex Weekender Watch

Timex is a brand that manages to be both timeless and relatively inexpensive in their offerings. And this EDC wristwatch of theirs is made all the better by the addition of a handsome Horween leather button-stud fastening band. It’s simple, yet refined and looks good for just about any occasion.

Purchase: $98

Flowfold Stormproof Conductor Duffel Bag

Plenty of duffel bags are just big pieces of canvas with a zipper. This one from Flowfold offers the same versatile carry options and capacity, but does so in a package that weighs just 12.7 ounces overall and is water-resistant – should your dad find himself on his way to or from the gym in an unexpected downpour.

Purchase: $98

Iron & Resin Shop Apron

Whether crafting a wooden table or working on that long-term classic car build, a shop apron is a superb way to keep one’s clothes free of dirt, dust, grease, and grime. It’s also a handy way to keep a few necessary tools on you at all time. This one, from Iron & Resin, also has the added benefit of being handmade by master craftsmen in California.

Purchase: $99

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Studio Headphones

A good pair of hi-fi headphones is an absolute must for anyone who considers themselves an audiophile – or even just a fan of some great tunes. The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Studio Headphones, while relatively inexpensive, offer superb fidelity and beefy sound that’s sure to keep anyone’s head bobbing.

Purchase: $99

The James Brand Folsom Knife

The James Brand Folsom knife was specifically designed to be the ultimate EDC folder. And while the merits of that claim might be disputed by some, it’s definitely one of our favorites of all time. If the dad in your life appreciates bladed tools in even the slightest fashion, they’ll absolutely love this one.

Purchase: $99

BioLite Base Lantern

Whether your campsite is just too big to be illuminated by a single fire or you just want a little extra light to keep yourself out of the dark, BioLite’s Base Lantern has got you covered. It offers an output of 500 lumens of soft light and also doubles as a USB portable battery pack.

Purchase: $100

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