20 Best American Made Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner. And while there are a lot of great gifts you could buy dad that come from overseas, a true patriot knows the value of American-made goods. If the dad in your life falls into that category, well then we’ve got some great news for you.

We’ve put together the following collection of the absolute best USA-made goods for you to pick up for dad this holiday. From pocketable everyday carry, to sports gear, to adventure gear and more, these are the 20 best American-made Father’s Day gifts available right now. Show your dad the respect he deserves and pick one of these up before it’s too late.

Rudy’s Grooming Products

Don’t let their spartan designs fool you, Rudy’s makes some of the absolute best grooming products available on the market. And they’re not just good for keeping your skin and hair in great condition, they’re also free of artificial ingredients, chemicals, and anything else you’d want to keep away from your body. For the dad that likes to keep his appearance in tip top shape, always opt for Rudy’s.

Purchase: $5+

Bradley Mountain Utility Roll

Whether the dad in your life just needs some extra space for a few extraneous everyday carry essentials or he doesn’t have enough room in his pockets for the bare bones gear, Bradley Mountain’s Utility Roll is a superb contingency plan. Made from Martexin heavy waxed canvas, this pocket-sized roll has slots in it for everything from pocket notebooks, to EDC pens, to folding knives, and more. perfect for stashing in a weekender bag or backpack, this is a superb father’s day gift.

Purchase: $30

Machine Era Field Pen

Precision machined from solid stainless steel, this sturdy writing utensil has one of the most interesting and unique deployment system’s we’ve ever seen – consisting of a bolt-action mechanism with an integrated pocket clip. It also comes loaded with a Schmidt all-conditions pressurized cartridge, it’s compatible with Fisher Space Pen refills, and it weighs just 1.3 ounces total. Not a bad scribbling accessory at all.

Purchase: $65

WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Crop No. 002

Even if your dad has a full liquor cabinet, new and interesting offerings pop up all the time – making alcohol an excellent go-to for Father’s Day (or any holiday, really). One such impressive release can be found in WhistlePig’s FarmStock Rye Crop No. 002. Another entry in the brand’s new 100% Triple Terroir vision – meaning they control everything from the grain to the drink’s water quality – this American rye whiskey is practically a collectible item. Though it would be a shame not to drink it.

Purchase: $73

American Bench Craft Hemingway Journal

We are firm believers that every man should carry around a pocket notebook to scrawl down any and all of his best ideas, notable experiences, or… phone numbers. And few compare to the Hemingway Journal from American Bench Craft. Made without any stitching at all, this premium leather journal holds a single standard sized pocket notebook, comes with a Field Notes notebook, and is guaranteed for life. And, of course, it’s American made.

Purchase: $94

Pillbox Baseball Bats

Lots of folks know the phrase “As American as apple pie.” But we’re under the impression that baseball is actually more American than apple pie. And that makes baseball-related gear a superb Father’s Day gift for any and all patriotic sports-loving dads. But if you’re looking for something that will really knock your father’s socks off, the Pillbox Bat Company’s offerings are just the tops. Available in dozens of styles, these hand-painted beauties are gorgeous pieces of sports paraphernalia that would look as good hanging over a fireplace as they would mounted in an office.

Purchase: $100+

Maxx & Unicorn Rectangle Valet Tray

At the end of the day, even the most hardcore EDC enthusiast has to empty their pockets. And this valet tray from Maxx & Unicorn is certainly a worthy repository. Made here in the States from American walnut, this handsome catch-all has room for all your pocketable gear. It even has a separate space with a charge cable slot for your smartphone. Get one for your dad this holiday – and maybe one for yourself, too.

Purchase: $108

Dango D02 Nickel-Plated Dapper Wallet

Dango’s Dapper Wallet was already one of the most gorgeous minimalist wallets ever made. But they managed to make it even better by equipping it with a hand-polished nickel plated aluminum. Of course, this USA-made cash and card carrier is still TSA-compliant, holds up to 12 cards and a wad of bills in the integrated silicone cash strap, and has an integrated bottle opener – perfect for cracking open a cold one at the end of a long day.

Purchase: $129

Rescued Army Surplus Duffel Bag

If any branch of the military knows how to make great carry solutions, it’s the Army. So when the folks at American Bench Craft decided to make a duffel bag, they turned to genuine Army surplus. Purchased at actual auctions (and, therefore, extremely limited edition), these nylon bags are some of the toughest weekenders ever made. They also feature leather carry straps, metal rivets, a small internal pocket, and they’re guaranteed for life.

Purchase: $135

Shinola Leather Football

For any real fan of football, the season never really ends – it just has a few-month-long break. And if your father shares that outlook, then this Shinola-made football is probably an excellent desktop gift, whether his office is in the home or elsewhere. Individually handmade, this heritage leather football is a gorgeous piece of memorabilia for the biggest sports dad in your life – even if they’re a Patriots fan.

Purchase: $150

PF Flyers Sterlingware Hi-Top Sneakers

Even though PF Flyers are guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher, that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing them just because you’ve grown up. In fact, now these all-black sneakers are some of the best and most stylish on the market – and certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the closet of the father in your life. Made to exacting standards, these classic sneakers are beautiful, badass, and a lot more sturdy than similar offerings (cough, Converse, cough).

Purchase: $160

Zero Tolerance 0450 Titanium Flipper Knife

Dmitry Sinkevich is one of the world’s greatest knife designers – so when he paired up with Zero Tolerance, it was immediately clear how special their collaboration folding knives would be. With an aggressive silhouette that’s also somehow minimalist and sleek, the 0450 is built from S35VN blade steel and ultralight yet super tough titanium. It also features a buttery-smooth KVT ball-bearing deployment system, measures up at 7.4″ overall, and has a sturdy frame lock for superb security when in use.

Purchase: $165

Topo Designs Daypack

Built from a combination of super durable 1000D Cordura ballistic nylon and black leather, this everyday backpack is as handsome as it is tough – which is saying a lot. The 20-liter capacity isn’t the biggest out there, but it does made for more svelte everyday carry – perfect for most dad’s day-to-day haul. It even has an internal laptop sleeve that fits a folding computer up to 15 inches.

Purchase: $169

Silver Piston Hobo Nickel Zippo Lighter

Not everybody feels the need to carry a lighter or a fire starter with them as a part of their EDC. But those that do are often quite serious about it. If the dad in your life falls into that group, then you do not want to pass up the Silver Piston Hobo Nickel Zippo Lighter. This solid brass lighter features a hand-carved genuine hobo nickel soldered to it, and the whole thing goes through a special oxidization process, making each and every one unique.

Purchase: $175

Filson Weatherproof Leather Trucker Wallet

Built to uncompromising standards by Filson’s elite Workshop and Restoration department, this everyday carry wallet is made from a proprietary weatherproof harness leather (from Wicket & Craig) and comes with a custom-made solid sand casted brass chain lanyard with Filson brand key ring and snap shackle. It also has a 4+ card capacity, has a secondary zippered pouch for loose papers or small items, and has a large cash pocket for quick-access to your paper currency.

Purchase: $195

Pelican Elite Cooler

There are adventure coolers, and then there’s the Pelican Elite Cooler. This badass ice box is built to survive even the most harrowing conditions and keep right on kicking. Not only can it keep ice cold for a whopping 10 days straight, but it also has reinforced locking latches (for anti-bear protection), and a lifetime warranty. Not that you’ll need it – this USA-made cooler is pretty much indestructible.

Purchase: $224+

Dom Vetro Sunglasses

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Dom Vetro is one of the absolute best American sunglasses brands – a distinction as prestigious as it is rare. With the utmost in customization options, extremely high quality craftsmanship, and a wide range of starting styles, these glasses are perhaps the ultimate style accessory for the uncompromisingly dapper dad in your life.

Purchase: $295+

Best Made S.S.B. Axe

Every outdoorsman worth their mettle deserves to have a high-caliber wood axe. Whether you’re wandering the American frontier or just chopping firewood for the coming winter, you can do no finer than Best Made’s S.S.B. axe. With its Appalachian hickory handle – finished with the Japanese shou sugi ban wood preserving process – and mated to a 5160 American alloy steel head, this hatchet is as sturdy and effective as it is beautiful. For lumberjack dads everywhere, there’s no better gift.

Purchase: $298+

Fender American Original Guitars

In the wake of Gibson’s bankruptcy, Fender has emerged victorious as the greatest purveyor of electric guitars in the States. And while not everything they make is built in the USA, their American Original series is. And if you’ve got a father in your life that knows how to shred, this might be the ultimate gift to get them. Even if they play bass, there’s a worthy option here. These are some of the finest guitars in the world.

Purchase: $1,800+

Weiss Automatic Issue Field Watch

A wonderful American watch brand, Weiss makes some of the finest timepieces in the world. And their take on the classic field watch is no exception. Between its Swiss-made movement, minimalist cobalt dial, exhibition caseback, and handsome leather strap – any father would count themselves lucky to own such a horological wonder.

Purchase: $1,970