25 Best Everyday Carry Gifts Under $50

Dec 6, 2017

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Though there are certainly a large number of everyday carry items that are quite expensive – like heirloom knives – one of our favorite parts of EDC is that some of the best things are also extremely affordable. In fact, you could fill up your pockets with a complement of noteworthy gear without breaking the bank.

That also makes EDC gear excellent for gift-giving season. If you know someone who would appreciate a new knife, keychain, pocketable flashlight, or whatever else, you can likely find a worthwhile example in any category for a reasonable price. In fact, that’s exactly why we put together this collection. These are the 25 best pieces of EDC gear you can buy for less than or equal to $50 bucks

Word Pocket Notebooks

With a number of different colorful cover options, these USA-made pocket notebooks are the perfect thing to keep in your EDC for note-taking, idea-jotting, or even just doodling during your downtime.

Purchase: $10+

Titanium Pocket Bit

Mated to a titanium key ring, this keychain driver bit is an excellent tool for the DIY maven on-the-go. And, the best part is, when there aren’t screws that need tightening or loosening, it also doubles as a bottle opener.

Purchase: $14

Anker PowerCore+ Mini

Everyone carries tech on them in some form or another. And since that tech needs to stay juiced to be useful, you should also probably tote around this chapstick-sized charger. It’s got enough power potential to get your phone back to 100% and then some.

Purchase: $15

Kappa Quick Release

If, like us, you keep some useful tools on your keychain, you probably also know that detaching those tools for freedom of motion can be rather obnoxious. Skip the annoyance and make your tools more easy to use on the go with the Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release.

Purchase: $25

Supr Good Co Slim Wallet

With an incredibly slim and minimalist format (only 3mm thick), this wallet is flexible and versatile, offering the perfect size for front-pocket storage, but with enough possible capacity to fit up to 8 cards inside of it.

Purchase: $25

RMK Paracord Quick-Release Keychain

A carabiner keychain or belt clip is a handy way to keep your keys secure while also keeping them out of your pocket. But they can also be annoying to clip on and off over and over again. With the Arktype RMK, you can keep the security and add in a little convenience, thanks to the neodymium magnetic quick-release attached to it.

Purchase: $32

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keychain Multi-Tool

Leatherman makes some of the greatest multi-tools of all time. So it should come as no surprise that, when it came to making a keychain version, they excelled. The squirt is super tiny, but still boasts a whole host of tools from scissors, to pliers, to cutting blades, to drivers, and more.

Purchase: $33

Everyman Grafton Pen

There is often beauty in simplicity. Or at least that’s the case with the Everyman Grafton Pen. This simple clicker everyday carry pen will keep you writing day-in and day-out. And since it’s compatible with a large number of different ink cartridges, you can pick the one that suits you best.

Purchase: $35

Opinel No. 8 Outdoor Survival Knife

Opinel has been making quality cutting tools for over 100 years. So its safe to say you can trust their stab at a folding outdoorsman’s knife. This blade features a serrated edge and is mated to a super durable weather- and temperature-resistant handle. It even has an emergency whistle built-in.

Purchase: $35

Machine Era Original Brass Pen

With a solid brass construction, this handsome and hefty screw-top everyday carry pen is a sure head-turner. That super tough construction also guarantees that it’s going to keep on writing for a very very long time.

Purchase: $38

Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning Battery Cable

While it’s a little bit bigger than a pocket item, this cable is an excellent means by which to keep your tech charged up. It’s also incredible durable, thanks to a paracord wrap around it, and it’s attached to a battery so, even when you’re not near an outlet, you can still juice up.

Purchase: $40

Quiet Carry Bandit Titanium Keychain Knife

One of the greatest keychain knives we’ve ever come across, the Quiet Carry Bandit is a tiny titan. It doesn’t hurt, either, that it’s attached to a super durable and lightweight titanium handle. It also has a sturdy back lock to ensure the blade stays deployed during usage.

Purchase: $40

Cargo Works iPhone EDC Note Case

For those days when you have too much gear to fit in your pockets, but you don’t want to carry around a whole backpack, there’s the Cargo Works iPhone EDC Note Case. Built from super sturdy nylon and featuring a MOLLE compatible format, this pouch also has a handy internal organizational system to keep all your gear in order.

Purchase: $40

Spyderco Tenacious Knife

Spyderco is known for two things: their iconic leaf blade shape and incredible quality. Their Tenacious, while perfect for those on a budget, is no exception. If you’re into the uniqueness of Spyderco’s PM2, but you aren’t ready to spend over 100 bucks on a knife, this is a pretty solid middle ground.

Purchase: $42

Bradley Mountain Large Valet Tray

Crafted from high-grain quality oiled leather, this brass-riveted valet tray is an extremely handsome desktop addition. And it’s the perfect way to make sure that all your EDC gear stays together at all times.

Purchase: $42

Timex Expedition 40 Scout Watch

The Timex Expedition is a superb and slick take on the classic field watch, featuring a nylon band, a sturdy case, and a water-resistance of up to 50 meters. All around, this is a solid budget wristwatch.

Purchase: $44

Bellroy Key Cover

While they’ve already mastered the wallet several times over, Bellroy has also taken a shot at creating a key organizer – and, by god, we think they’ve nailed it. This smart high-grain leather key keeper can hold up to 4 keys at a time, features a magnetic closure, and comes with a key fob loop.

Purchase: $45

Trayvax Axis Wallet

One of the all-time toughest minimalist wallets ever made, this interesting take on the classic bifold can carry all your cards, some cash, and more without taking up any more space than absolutely necessary. And, if you take it, it will survive all your adventures, even to the ends of the earth.

Purchase: $45

The Ridge Polycarbonate Wallet + Cash Strap

Made from the same material as bulletproof glass, this clever minimalist wallet is super lightweight, but can still hold all of your cards you need daily – as well as a wad of cash in its cash strap.

Purchase: $45

KeyBar Key Organizer

There are few things quite as annoying as jingling keys in your pockets. Never fall victim to the annoyance again with the KeyBar Key Organizer. Out of the box, this organizer can hold up to 12 keys of varying sizes, but can be expanded to hold even more.

Purchase: $45

Kingston Digital 128GB Data Traveler

In a format small enough to put on your keychain, this flash drive still boasts more than enough room to store literally hundreds of thousands of documents. That’s a handy bit of tech at your disposal in the digital age.

Purchase: $47

Olight S1 Baton Flashlight

Olight’s smallest side-switch flashlight ever, the S1 Baton is an impressive bunch of tech in a tiny package. In fact, it offers up an output of between 0.5 to 500 lumens, can run for up to 600 hours, and is even IPX8-rated water-resistant.

Purchase: $50

MecArmy Illuminex-1 Flashlight

The world’s smallest micro USB-rechargeable flashlight in the world, this keychain torch is the ideal solution for anyone that wants an EDC light, but doesn’t think they have enough room. It also offers up an output of 130 lumens and can run for up to 6 hours straight.

Purchase: $50

EDC Card

With over 30 built-in functions, this absurdly useful EDC tool won’t quite make you Inspector Gadget – but it isn’t that far off either. Plus, in addition to all of its uses, it’s also TSA compliant, so you can always have a helpful multi-tool on you, even when you travel.

Purchase: $50

Nagao Higonokami Friction Folding Knife

This classic Japanese folding knife has no lock to speak of. Instead, the blue paper steel blade stays deployed thanks to the friction between the user’s hand and the tang lever at the end of the blade. It’s also attached to a beautiful all-brass handle.

Purchase: $50

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