Call of the Wild: The Best Dog Camping Gear

Dogs are superb adventure companions. They’re incredibly loyal, most breeds have plenty of energy (especially if you take care of them properly), and they generally love the great outdoors. But you’d be remiss in your duties as a dog owner if you, when taking your beloved mutt on a camping trip, loaded your pack full of gear and nothing for the dog.

You see, just like you are discerning with your own personal gear, so too should you be with things for your animal. Because, after all, they’re a member of your family and a life for which you have to care. That means you should gear them up accordingly if you want to get the best experience out of it for the both of you. As such, we’ve scoured the gear space to put together the following list of the 15 best pieces of gear to get out into the wilderness with your mutt. Now, get out there and howl at the moon together.

QUMY Waterproof Dog Goggles

Just as you like to wear sunglasses outside to protect your eyes and see better in the brightest of sunlight, so too could your pet benefit from a pair of UV goggles. These ones are waterproof, will keep Fido’s eyes from getting burnt in the sun with too much exposure, and they’re adjustable – as well as being shatterproof and easy to clean.

Purchase: $8

RC Pet Products Pocket Pet First Aid Kit

As dog DNA and physiology differ from those of humans, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that first aid for your pet requires a different set of gear and supplies from one you might use for yourself. Sure, that’s not true across the board, but wouldn’t it be heartbreaking to find out that you’ve accidentally, in trying to help your pet, gave him or her something toxic? Skip the guess work and pick up this travel-friendly pet first aid kit. Everything in it is safe for dogs and you won’t have to dip into your own supplies if your pet gets hurt.

Purchase: $12

Primal Pet Gear Hands-Free Dog Leash

There are many parks and campgrounds that allow you to bring your dog along for the ride, but a lot of them require that you keep your dog on a leash at all times. Even if it’s not a requirement, you should still keep a leash on hand just in case you need to step away for a minute or keep your dog safe while you check out something sketchy. This one will do the trick as good, if not better than others. And, along with its rugged construction, it also has an added hands-free format that can free you up to drink some water, consult your topographical map, or really do whatever else you need to do while out on the trails.

Purchase: $19

Ilumiseen LED Dog Collar

Let’s say, when you go camping, that you also enjoy hanging around the campfire or going for the rare night hike. Well, if you want to take your dog with you, you’ll want to take steps to make sure you can see him at all times, because dogs are impulsive and they like to run off if given the chance. Well, this LED collar will do a measure of good for making your trusted pal more visible in any conditions. And that might help you keep from losing him. It also comes in a number of different colors, so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Purchase: $19

Petacc Dog Boots

Whether you are trudging through snow, over rocky terrain, or across a desert, you should remember that your pet’s paws are not, in fact, high-tech hiking boots. That means they’re going to feel the cold, uneven, and/or hot sand with every step. Do your dog a favor and invest in some boots, like these from Petacc. They’re water resistant, have tread on the bottom for extra grip, and will keep your pet’s feet from getting mangled on longer trips. You wouldn’t want to hike barefoot, so why would you make your dog?

Purchase: $20

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

If there’s one sure thing that comes with taking your dog on outdoor adventures, it’s that they’re going to get filthy. And, if you happen to like your motor vehicle, that can spell certain disaster for your upholstery and your sanity. That’s why you’ll want to invest in a seat cover, like this one from URPOWER. Made from a wear-proof and waterproof fabric, this handy seat cover will keep the mud from Fido’s paws off your seats, features a non-slip surface to keep your pup from skittering around with every push of the brake, and is super easy to clean.

Purchase: $33

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Admittedly, this device is more for you than for your dog, but the GoPro Fetch harness will let you attach your GoPro action camera on your dog’s back and catch whatever adventures he gets himself into. Then, you can watch the playback and see the world from your pup’s point of view. It’s also easy to clean, water-resistant, and will stand up to mud and dust, no problem.

Purchase: $39

Ruffwear Jet Stream Dog Cooling Vest

If you’ve ever, in the warmer months of the year, enjoyed pouring a cold bottle of water over your head, you know exactly how refreshing and invigorating it can be. Well, guess what? Dogs like to stay cool, too. But rather than hosing your mutt down every time it’s hot, you can do one better and put Ruffwear’s Jet Stream cooling vest on him. Think of it like a moisture-wicking technical exercise shirt for your dog. It’s also super lightweight and comes in 6 sizes – so you can get one no matter how big or small your dog is.

Purchase: $40

RMU The Grrowler Dog Collar Water Bowl

Especially in the warmer months, it’s very important to stay hydrated – and that goes for your dog, as well. But carrying around a bowl can be a pretty big pain when you’re camping or on a long hike. Circumvent that issue with RMU’s Grrowler dog collar. This handy device actually doubles first as a way to keep your dog on a leash, but secondly it expands into a stand-alone bowl. All you have to do is fill it with water and Fido can drink to his heart’s content. Then, once you’re done, you just fold it back up and put it back on as a collar.

Purchase: $40

Filson Dog Bowl

Believe it or not, one of the greatest American brands, Filson, has actually tried their hand (and succeeded in spades) at making some gear for man’s best friend. One of their best offerings is their collapsible dog bowl. Made with a water-repellent exterior and a water-resistant nylon lining, this bowl is easy to clean, has a loop attachment for easy pack carrying or attaching to your keychain carabiner, and it is very easy to wipe clean.

Purchase: $40

Ruffwear Approach Dog Day Hike Pack

While we wouldn’t suggest making your dog a pack mule, there’s certainly no reason they can’t carry a bit of gear themselves – especially if it’s their own stuff. Save your back any excess pain or hardship by wrapping your dog in the Ruffwear Approach day hike pack. This saddle bag will comfortably distribute weight on your pet’s flanks, features an integrated harness, has reflective trim, and can fit up to 16 liters of gear (depending on the size).

Purchase: $52

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Approximately 10 million dogs are lost or stolen per year in the U.S. That’s a massive number. Don’t let your dog be a part of that statistic with the simple addition of the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker. This simple device attaches to your pet’s collar and will let you track their activity, whereabouts, and more – all from your smartphone. And that’s a good thing to have even if your dog never comes out on the trails with you – but it’s even better if they do.

Purchase: $80

Barker Bag Dog Sleeping Bag

The nights can get very cold out in the wilderness. And, since your dog is likely not a wolf, you’ll need some way to keep him or her warm. One of the best ways to do that is with the Barker Bag dog sleeping bag. And while it certainly functions on its own, it also has the added benefit of compatibility with your own human sleeping bag – so the two of you can share body heat in the coldest of conditions. You can even double up on Barker Bags if you own more than one dog.

Purchase: $89+

Boulderlite Noble Camper Dog Sleeping Bag

If you or your pet would rather keep your distance from one another in the night, then you might be better off getting the Boulderlite Noble Camper stand-alone dog sleeping bag. This dog bed will keep your pooch warm in the coldest of nights, has a water-resistant construction, can fully envelop your pup for maximum warmth, and collapses down into a much more pack-friendly format for easier carrying on the trails.

Purchase: $159

Molosser Aegis All-Weather Dog Jacket

If you’re the type to take extreme adventures and you were hoping to take your pup along with you, then you’re likely going to want to invest in Molosser’s Aegis all-weather dog jacket. Yes, it is absolutely an investment with a nearly $500 price tag, but it’s worth it if you were hoping for your dog to accompany you around the world to glaciers, through snowstorms, and in torrential rain. It even features reflective highlights to ensure Fido is visible even in low-light conditions.

Purchase: $495

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