15 Best Cycling Instagram Accounts

Photo: @jeredgruber

Cycling, as a sport, is kind of hard to wrap your head around. The communities that make up the world of cycling are so varied and large that trying and fit them all in one place feels a bit like a Sisyphean task.

Yet, somehow, they are all in one place: Instagram. Scroll through the right tags and you’ll find everything from older cyclists who love nothing than to go on long touring trips through the country, to street rat fixed gear kids who seem to break every traffic law known to man in the span of just two blocks. The cycling world as represented on the social media platform is just as diverse and exciting as it is in the real world. This makes searching through popular tags and accounts dangerously time consuming and fun. It is just way too easy to infinitely scroll through account after account, getting a little taste of each different spin that people have put on two wheels. We’ve assembled a list of what we think are the 15 best cycling Instagram accounts out there. Whether you look to them for inspiration, motivation, or simply acclimation, you are sure to find what you are looking for here.

Ebbe Hastng

Riding in the cold over wet or icy roads can be the furthest thing from fun. But the Swedish cyclist and photographer Ebbe Hastings manages to make it all look like a blast. Whether gliding through foggy woods, or mowing across snowy fields with face protection – something about her photography makes even the coldest and most miserable of rides look like nothing but a good time. This is some of the best wintertime motivation, if we’ve ever seen it.



A commercial photographer based out of Vancouver BC, Sterling Lorence brings all of his expertise into the woods with him when shooting mountain bikers ripping through downhill courses or grinding along single track trails.


Guilhem LaCaze

Coffee, beautiful bikes, and mountains – if any or all of those sound good to you, you’ll likely find yourself happy you followed Switzerland-based athlete Guilem Lacaze. Whether ripping around a track or climbing snowcapped peaks – he manages to capture it all in stunning detail.


I Am Specialized

Everyone has their brand loyalty, sure, but it is hard not to fall a little for Specialized’s official account. Full of shots from races, backcountry adventures on mountain bikes, and photos taken by weekend warriors – it is an easy follow that’ll get you excited for clocking out and clipping in.


Jered Gruber

Ask any road cyclist what it is they love most about their sport, and they’ll likely mention the views. Nothing is better than getting out and enjoying the open air and uninterrupted vistas – and likely no one is better at capturing this scale than Jered Gruber. The photographer has a real knack for capturing the cyclist in context. Whether charging through a crowd in a race or making a solo ascent – his images capture the beauty that comes with the pain.



One of the better ways to keep your tabs on the cycling world at large is to follow athletic apparel brands like Maap. The Australia-based company’s account is full of photographs as fine as the clothing worn by everyone in them, from weekend warriors to the full-blown athletes competing in road races or cyclocross events.


Not Chas

Cyclecross, alleycats, road races, you name it and Chas Christiansen is doing it…and probably ten other things, at least. The renaissance man rides competitively for Oakley, runs his own courier business based in the Bay Area, and is an artist and musician to top it all off. Following his personal search for the stoke will help you find yours.


On The Back Foot

Cycling is one of those sports that ages really well. Case in point: On The Back Foot. This account specialized in cycling culture, history, and myths by consistently posting a collection of fantastic archival images from when cycling was nothing but tension shifters, grit, and steel frames.


Paris gore

Mountain biking combines everything we all love about hiking, just with more speed and danger. Nothing captures that better than this Instagram account. Whether it be the people, the places, or the wild tricks – photographer Paris Gore captures all of the mountain biking world in all of its vibrance and dynamism.


Roman Shot This

This New York City-based photographer is just as adept at snapping shots in the big apple as he is at capturing images outside of it. This cyclist’s account is full of striking and artistic shots of riders weaving through traffic in the city and navigating the surrounding snowy parks and trails.


Ron Olofsson

Ron Olofsson is a photographer and cyclist with an unique ability to capture compelling road shots – whether in the foggy, cold winter, or in the warmer months. If Kinfolk started a cycling magazine, this is the guy they’d call to do their photography.



One of the things that set Rapha apart as a cycling apparel brand was their ability to capture the look and feel of cycling in a new, and intimate way. Their Instagram account, while surely just another ploy to get you to spend a rent check’s worth on cycling gear, is worth following if only to help motivate you to get back out on the saddle and enjoy the road.



What happens when you take track bikes off the track and give them to a bunch of punk kids living in the city? Slumworm is your answer. The San Francisco-based cyclist uses his account to document his effort to constantly push the limits of what can be done with a brakeless track bike in the city.



Most every endurance athlete nowadays has a Strava account – and for good reason. It is an incredibly fun way to stay in touch with friends or to benchmark yourself on tough local rides. Strava’s dedicated cycling instagram account pulls from some of the best shots out there – exposing you not only to new people to follow in the cycling world, but to new locales to try and conquer.


The Radavist

If you are even slightly engaged in the world of cycling, you know that the end-all-be-all of online cycling publications is The Radavist. From wild builds to new gear and compelling stories from the road or trail – they have it all and then some.


Two Wheels Plus A Motor

If you live your life on two wheels and want your Instagram feed to reflect that, take a scroll through our list of the 15 best motorcycle Instagram accounts.