Summer Style: 12 Best Collarless Shirts For Men

Taylor Stitch Bandit

Reverse engineering trends in men’s fashion is a bit of a fool’s errand. Yet with collarless shirts, it is hard not to at least speculate a bit. Did this old style from the industrial revolution make a comeback because of our newfound appreciation for a bygone period? Or is it maybe more practical than that? Men, for the most part, don’t really wear ties anymore. Having a collarless shirt if anything seems like a more practical step forward rather than a trendy look back at an old world style.

Either way, the result is the same. Collarless shirts, also referred to as grandfather shirts or granddad shirts, are once again becoming a common item in guys wardrobes. Some embrace this old school industrial worker vibe, while others nod more to the heritage of the Indian kurta. The only real downside to this new type of shirt is that it can be hard to get an understanding of what you want and why. So to help you on your search for the best collarless shirt, we’ve put together a list of some of the most standout collarless grandfather shirts out there.

Uniqlo Linen Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt

A solid shirt from Uniqlo with short sleeves and a left breast pocket. The fabric is made from blended linen and cotton making for a nice cool feel for the summer, while the low grandad collar keeps fabric out from under your chin and neck. This shirt – available in either grey, olive, blue, white, or navy – makes for a solid warm weather wear.

Purchase: $20

Orvis Band Collar Shirt

While a lot of this shirts have a hyper clean look look to them, Orvis’ band-collar shirt boasts a more relaxed and comfortable fit. Made with a blend of cotton and linen, it has a lightweight and airy feel to it that makes it a perfect button up for the summer. To top it off, the cuffs on the sleeves feature a contrasting white interior and buttons along the front and left breast pocket.

Purchase: $90

Taylor Stitch Bandit Shirt

Cut from a lightweight 6.5 ounce Japanese selvedge cotton, this short sleeve band collar shirt boasts a casual look and comfortable feel. The California based brand gave the summery shirt a washed treatment for a soft feel, and a single needle construction to complement it. All things said the shirt finds a balance between a more cleaned up look and a relaxed beachy feel.

Purchase: $118

Paul Smith Painted Dot Shirt

This pure cotton shirt from Paul Smith features a fun all over print and a contrasting top pink button and lining under the band-collar. The dots on the shirt each have a unique and hand applied look to them upon closer inspection, making it so they contrast not in form but in quality with the natural shell buttons. A fun shirt for the workweek.

Purchase: $156

Oliver Spencer Grandad-Collar Shirt

This shirt from the British brand Oliver Spencer relies on simple, quality construction. Cut from a soft deep navy cotton, this collarless button up shirt not only has an undeniable laid back feel to it but one that comes across as a bit more sophisticated. The left breast of the shirt features a rounded pocket, while the front and sleeves of the this piece boast off-white buttons.

Purchase: $165

New England Shirt Company Floral Shirt

This American made shirt from the New England Shirt Company is cut from a pure cotton fabric with a unique blue hued floral print. The grandad collar has a single button closure while the back of the yoke has a box pleat for a structured feel to it that compliments the eye-catching print. All things said a really stand out piece from the Fall River based shirt maker.

Purchase: $184

Folk Collarless Canvas Shirt

Here’s a shirt from the British brand Folk that can be worn either as an over shirt or a colder weather button up. The all black cotton canvas construction paired with the snap down front and jetted breast pocket give it a look that is at the same time ‘no fuss’ and clean looking. Great for those looking to go with a collarless shirt that has a utility forward look.

Purchase: $190

Sunspel Grandad-Collar Shirt

Great for wearing with lighter colored or grey chinos, this collarless shirt from Sunspel is the perfect example of a laid-back but smart style. The navy cotton and linen blend fabric paired with navy buttons down the front and along the cuffs give the shirt a really paired down look to it. Well worth adding to the wardrobe for summer wear or for a more laid back office environment.

Purchase: $195

Richard James Patterned Linen Shirt

This pullover grandad collar shirt from Richard James gives a kind of nod to the Kurta. Featuring only five buttons down the front of the shirt before the opening stops right around the middle, it sets its self apart from others you’ll find. In addition, the Italian made pure linen shirt features a navy and white pattern that is both lightweight and sharp looking. A fun shirt that stands out from the crowd simply by virtue of its cut.

Purchase: $280

Gaspard Grandad Collar Dobby Shirt

What makes this collarless shirt really stand out from the rest is its indigo dye and woven geometric shapes in its cotton-dobby fabric. The combination of these two things on this sleekly cut shirt make for a downright gorgeous yet simple look that looks at home anywhere – in the office on a workday or outside of your favorite cafe dissecting the paper.

Purchase: $280

Gaspard Striped Cotton Voile Shirt

We don’t think we could think of a better shirt for a beachside retreat. This ‘Gaspard’ shirt from Officine Generale is made from a lightweight cotton-voile that has a warp and weft to it that looks as relaxed and casual as it feels. The vertical stripes down the shirt add a kind of classic northeastern beach house look to it as well. A great summer beach essential.

Purchase: $280

Japanese Poplin Gaspard Shirt

A decidedly more clean and prim take on the collarless shirt from Officine Generale. Made with a lightweight cotton poplin fabric and featuring white buttons down the front placket and a pointed back yoke, it’s a great pick.

Purchase: $325

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