The 20 Best Coffee Tables For Any Budget

Photo: CB2 Element Cement

When it comes to the outfit of your home’s primary areas, coffee tables often serve as the quintessential centerpiece that ties everything together. Aside from the obvious inclusion of an aesthetically-pleasing couch, sofa, or seating area, the generational accessory has fostered its own reputation as one of the most valued aspects of the dwelling — giving rise to a fantastic selection of manufacturers, designers, and builders who focus almost exclusively on the creation of the perfect tabletop.

Over the past century, prolific designers have built their brands off of the designs commonly associated with your home’s most heavily-trafficked living areas. Whether you’re looking for an example that will complement your rustic game room, modern living room, or bombastic man cave, there are a variety of offerings that can help to add a touch of character to your space — but that’s not always a good thing. The size of the furniture industry is daunting, especially when it’s your first time buying a centerpiece for your home. To remedy this, we’ve done the hard lifting for you, creating a guide to the best designs, styles, and names in the industry. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive right into our guide on the best coffee tables you can buy right now.

HOMFA Nesting Coffee Table

HOMFA’s Nesting Coffee Tables are as basic as it gets. Both pieces feature durable materials and construction, and boast a solid MDF countertop and bamboo table legs. Thanks to their aesthetically pleasing appearance, these modern tables fit well within a variety of spaces — thanks, in large part, to their lightweight and space-saving designs. Better yet, easy assembly makes this affordable setup a nice decision for those who are looking for something simple and to the point.

Purchase: $40

IKEA Lack Coffee Table

No list is complete without IKEA, and the Swedish company’s simplistic Lack coffee table is the perfect representation of why they’ve become a staple in the furniture industry. This minimalist setup boasts a lightweight, easy-to-build design that’s also ultra-affordable — given its particle- and fiber-board construction. While acrylic, plastic, and a layer of good-looking paint bring this centerpiece to the next level, this original example will look great in any room due to its classic rectangular design. You’ll even be able to store and display your favorite magazines, books, and adornments, thanks to the Lack’s secondary shelf unit.

Purchase: $50

Project 62 Emmond Mid Century Coffee Table

Target is a great place to find modern furniture and interior design peripherals at an affordable price point — represented here with the Project 62 Emmond table. This mid-century offering brings an original rubberwood frame, splayed legs, and a contrasting tabletop into the limelight for any interior space, offering you an attractive centerpiece for socialization, and rounding it out with an easily-attainable price point. Here, you’ll find a handsomely painted exterior, durable components, and a modernist design that was popularized in the heart of America’s mid-century homes.

Purchase: $160

Hay Tulou Coffee Table

Hay’s Tulou Coffee Table is an odd sight, drawing large inspiration from the traditional tray table that was popularized decades ago. Not only does this unique variant exude an aura of functional design, but its minimalistic stature also makes it a joy to move, place, and use in every area of the home. A durable, spun-steel top and four-legged frame provide adequate stability for everything from books, magazines, and devices, all the way to cocktails and coffee. Better yet, the table comes in a variety of colors, so you’ll be able to match it with your current furniture without too much of a hassle.

Purchase: $195

Article Mara Coffee Table

Article’s Mara Coffee Table brings a dash of classic taste to your home, boasting a large, sealed marble surface and minimalistic legs that make it a stunning centerpiece for nearly any living area. Not only do you receive high-quality materials like Carrera marble and walnut legs — each example comes with its own bespoke qualities, thanks to differentiation throughout the stone and wood construction — meaning that no two are alike. If you’re looking for a classy centerpiece that speaks to your lavish tastes, without all of the monetary investment, the Mara is the perfect coffee table for you.

Purchase: $300

Joybird Gert Coffee Table

Joybird has created a handful of the industry’s finest offerings, especially when it comes to attractive living room items. The Gert Coffee Table is one such example — melding mid-century design with a modern aesthetic that’s sure to complement your freestanding furniture. An interesting triangular shape and curved edges give the walnut table top a unique look, while metal legs provide the perfect taper toward the Gert’s foundation. If you’re looking to acquire the perfect piece of classic-but-contemporary furniture, Joybird’s sleek offering is sure to be the perfect element to add to your collection.

Purchase: $390

CB2 Element Cement Coffee Table

CB2’s Element Cement Coffee Table is the perfect unison of granite, marble, stone, and natural fibers, offering buyers a cantilever centerpiece that will add a touch of brutalist design to any room. Each example is made using non-toxic materials, leaving you with a handmade piece that’s conscious of its environment, surroundings, and use. This simplistic piece of furniture weathers extremely well, giving you even more of a reason to use it to your heart’s content. If you’re a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Fallingwater,’ this one-of-a-kind coffee table is sure to meet all your expectations when it comes to tasteful implementation.

Purchase: $400

CB2 Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table

CB2’s simplistic Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table is minimal in all of the right ways, bringing a clear, transparent centerpiece to your favorite areas around the home. Not only does the table’s transparent design blend seamlessly with almost any palette and structure, it provides a perfect place to set your beverages, magazines, and materials, without taking up visual space within your living area. This modern table is the perfect piece of furniture for those who are looking to take their socialization area to the next level, offering a unique foundation, and an unmatched visual appeal that will garner compliments all around.

Purchase: $500

Modernica Case Study Coffee Table

Modernica’s Case Study Coffee Table is widely renowned as one of the most dynamic surfaces around, boasting a fiberglass construction and lightweight materials that make it an effortless pairing for the home’s most trafficked areas. Not only does it utilize a simple, practical approach toward everyday furniture, but the Case Study also brings a flexible demeanor, laminated hardwoods, and exposed wood edges to set it apart from its less-refined counterparts. The table also comes in a variety of different color combinations, giving you the perfect opportunity to utilize it within all of your favorite areas of the home.

Purchase: $595

West Elm Mid-Century Pop-Up Coffee Table

West Elm is always on the cutting-edge of furniture design, and the company’s Mid-Century Pop-Up Coffee Table is a prime example of their commitment to innovative living. Here, you’ll find a mid-century-inspired example that’s as attractive as they come, with the added capabilities of a hidden storage area, an expandable, pop-up tabletop, and premium materials that stay true to the quality that’s been set forth by the brand’s high-end offerings. Kiln-dried solid eucalyptus wood and a water-based Walnut finish bring a tasteful touch to any living area, while a utilitarian design serves to elevate the character of the traditional coffee table.

Purchase: $700

Industry West Catch Coffee Table

Industry West’s unique Catch Coffee Table is a testament to intriguing design, boasting a tasteful orientation and luxurious materials that step outside of the realm of traditional furnishings. Not only does the Catch create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece through the implementation of a unique buffalo leather storage area, but a reclaimed wood table top also offers exceptional visual cues that blend well with a variety of interior design options. Water-based lacquer and applied stains give the table a character that’s hard to put into words — making it the perfect offering for those who are on the lookout for a tasteful centerpiece.

Purchase: $735

Modway Gridiron Stainless Steel Coffee Table

Modway’s Gridiron Stainless Steel Coffee Table is an homage to the importance of straight lines, especially when it comes to their tasteful implementation within interior design. Linear components and gold-colored stainless steel bring a decidedly unique look to the living area, stepping outside the box to portray the designer’s radical vision. In an effort to illustrate the extremes of Modernism, the Gridiron coffee table perfectly blends numerous shapes and patterns to create something entirely profound — giving it an aura that’s both unmatched, and irreplaceable.

Purchase: $750

Crate & Barrel Yukon Coffee Table

Crate & Barrel is one of the industry’s premier furniture companies, and with established offerings like the Yukon Coffee Table, it’s not hard to see why. This aesthetically-pleasing example blends planks of solid acacia wood with butterfly joints and a durable steel base to create a piece that will mesh perfectly with rustic rooms around the house. A warm tint and unique characteristics like grains, knots, and fissures, compliment the table’s antique aesthetic, giving it the perfect leg to stand on for tasteful buyers who want something extra from their room’s furnishings.

Purchase: $800

Bludot Circula Coffee Table

Bludot’s Circula Coffee Table blends a simplistic design with some of the industry’s top materials, including a sophisticated, powder-coated aluminum that exudes an aura of industrial prestige. As a table that’s fit for everything from an outdoor patio, all the way to the home’s smallest living and socialization areas, the Circula is an adaptable piece that won’t let you down when it comes to personalized design — especially since it’s available in a variety of colors, heights, and sizes.

Purchase: $900

Schoolhouse Andy Coffee Table

Schoolhouse has made quite a name for itself in the furniture industry; thanks, in large part, to the implementation of simplistic designs that seem far more impactful than they actually are. The Andy Coffee Table is one such offering — introducing a small classic that’s been inspired by the Thinline original. This transcendental design can serve as the perfect centerpiece for virtually any room in the home, thanks to its adaptable design, earthy color spectrum, and cast aluminum base. A White Oak veneer or a Parchment-hued laminate table top brings classic design principles to the home and office, reinforcing the iconic design that popularized the Andy in recent decades.

Purchase: $900

TRNK Pedrera Coffee Table

TRNK’s Pedrera Coffee Table is an iconic piece of furniture that found its peak during the era of mid-century modernism. It was originally designed for Gaudi’s La Pedrera building in Barcelona, and has since made its way into the consumer market, bringing with it an undeniable aesthetic that’s both minimalist and indescribably tasteful. A substantial glass table top and powder-coated steel foundation provide the perfect basis for casual socialization. But if you aren’t interested in the traditional option, don’t fret – this iconic table comes with both a chrome and brass base, giving you a variety of options to help you complete your favorite living area.

Purchase: $1,140

DWR Eames Molded Plywood Coffee Table

Charles and Ray Eames are one of interior design’s most iconic pairs, creating a handful of innovative designs that have stood the test of time. While most of their established projects are still being popularized in modern culture, few stand up to the successes of the Molded Plywood Coffee Table — a classic piece that originally arrived as a product of the Eames’ generational knowledge. After experimenting with molded wood and heated membranes, the Molded Plywood table was born, bringing with it a simplistic look that can only be described as one of the Eames company’s finest works.

Purchase: $1,197

Anthropologie Waldra Coffee Table

Anthropologie has stood at the cusp of industry dominance for a while now, and with offerings like the Waldra Coffee Table, it’s clear that they aren’t interested in relinquishing their throne anytime soon. This attractive centerpiece utilizes a blond wood veneer that’s been sourced from a nearby forest — giving a second life to naturally fallen trees that would have otherwise perished into obscurity. This salvaged wood provides the primary backdrop for this tasteful centerpiece, giving the table organic lines, natural grains, and a character all its own. To top things off, the materials used in the construction of each table have been approved and sourced by master craftsman, giving you peace-of-mind regarding the quality of each unique example.

Purchase: $1,498

Knoll Platner Coffee Table

Knoll’s Platner Coffee Table is yet another generational favorite that was popularized during the era of mid-century modern, giving birth to a “decorative, gentle, and graceful” example that fit well within many of the 60’s aesthetically-pleasing homes. Each piece of furniture is a testament to the craft — providing buyers with an elaborate centerpiece that’s comprised of hundreds of curved steel rods that have been welded to the table’s circular frame. Although the iconic coffee table was originally designed in 1966, its age has made it a tried-and-true component of many modern homes, bringing it into the limelight, once again, for buyer’s who are looking for a taste of the table’s classic characteristics.

Purchase: $1,750

Herman Miller Noguchi Coffee Table

Herman Miller is a name that everyone in the interior design industry knows, and the Noguchi Coffee Table is equally as affluent. Created over six decades ago by none other than Isamu Noguchi himself, the fabled designer considered this artistic piece to be his only success in the realm of furniture. As the story goes, George Nelson prompted Noguchi to build a table for his era-specific piece, “How to Make a Table.” After garnering deep respect for both the designer and the table, he approached Herman Miller in 1948, hoping to put the table into production. What he didn’t know, however, was that his unique dual-piece design would find a resurgence in the modern design space — making Noguchi one of the most respected names in the industry.

Purchase: $1,995

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