Popped Tops: 7 Best Canned Wines

Cans used to get a bad rap. For a long time, the aluminum container was relegated mainly to carrying cheap beer, soda, and not a whole lot else. Within the past five or so years, that changed. More and more craft brewers have been canning their beer. Yeah, there were breweries like Oskar Blues who had been doing it for a while, but between 2009 and 2014 the number of breweries who were jumping onto the trend went from just a few dozen to more than 500. Now, by the looks of it, we may be seeing a similar trend in the world of wine.

Far from the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia schtick of drinking cheap wine out of Coke cans, good wineries are beginning to put some of their more quality stuff in aluminum. As a result, wine drinkers can show up to any occasion without feeling like they’re showing up with an overdressed beverage. In addition to better looks, canned wine simply makes it easier to enjoy something other than suds while at a backyard barbecue, ballgame, or while on the beach. Instead of having to fuss with trying to find an opener or carrying a bunch of heavy glassware with you while out to meet friends, you can throw these in a pack with some cups (or not) and get going. Forget about worrying about breaking bottles. While this particular market is pretty small at the moment – with mainly west coast wineries giving it a real shot – we managed to narrow down the choices in order to give our readers a list of some of the best canned wines around. Whether you are a red, white, sparkling, or rosé fan – take a quick scroll and you’ll be sure to find something you like.


Infinite Monkey Theorem Wine

Ok so you may be set on cutting back on the beer and grabbing more wine than not, but that doesn’t mean that you have to totally give up on the suds. The creatively named Infinite Monkey Theorem from Denver, Colorado has a line of slightly carbonated wines- ranging from a red to a Moscato – that can scratch your itch for fizzing alcoholic drinks. Their red, a drink with traces of blackberries, currants, and a hint of toast and cinnamon on the end, is a particularly good pick for when you’re looking to make the switch from lighter white wines to more full-bodied reds. Coming in at 1 liter and with a 13 percent ABV rating – these cans are just the right size, too.

Purchase: $15


The Drop Rose

A beachy pick for sure, The Drop Rosé is made for warm weather drinking by the water. Coming in 4 packs of 8.4-ounce cans for what we think is a pretty reasonable price, it’s both an easy pick in the store and easy thing to pack out in your beach bag before you head to the shore. For wine nerds, this particular drink is made with a mix of Chenin blanc, zinfandel and syrah all farmed from Lodi, a Californian farm town north of Stockton. For the rest of us – what that all translates to is a crisp, light, and sweet drink ideal for helping you cut through hot and lazy afternoons.

Purchase: $20


Ruza Canned Wine

While a lot about this particular can is small – from the actual single serving size of the can to the modest lot from which it’s grapes originated – the flavor this thing brings is anything but. Take a swig of Ruza and you’ll get a swirl of fruit flavorings, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry that go perfectly while hanging out in the shade or out on the beach. The quality of this 13.5 percent ABV drink is due in part to the attention to detail that was paid to the product from the harvest in Lodi, California, to fermentation, canning, and distribution. The only drawback we can find to this pick is that it isn’t something that you’ll find everywhere. If you find yourself in California, however, keep your eyes out for these in grocery stores.

Purchase: $20


Underwood Wines

Pinky’s down. That is the rallying cry of Union Wine’s Underwood line of canned wines. Probably one of the most recognizable brands out there now doing this type of wine packaging, the Oregon winery is proudly unpretentious when it comes to their goods. They put their 13 percent ABV wines in a can specifically to make it easier for you to kick back and enjoy while out in the woods, on a boat, or kicking back in a hot tub. To top it all off, each of Underwood’s wines come in your standard beer can size – 375 ml. Maybe try not to drink it too fast.

Purchase: $28


Alloy Chardonnay

Great as an alternative to a bottle, or for the guy who has a particularly high tolerance to alcohol, this tall-can of chardonnay from Alloy Wine & Works is ideal for bringing out to a campfire for sharing with friends. Alloy has an interesting back story. It’s a secondary label of Field Recordings, a small operation on the California Coast run by a vine nursery fieldman who sometimes gets his hands on small lots that he then ferments on his own time and releases either in bottles for his single vineyard wines – or in vineyard blends in cans. This Chardonnay is one of those blends, and coming in a pack with 4 500ml cans, it’s hard to pass up.

Purchase: $30


Fiction Red Can

Another secondary label of Field Recordings, this can from Fiction features a blend of seven different wines, all of which come together for a robust red wine that’s ready for backyard cookouts. It boasts tasting notes of grilled meats, sweet carob, black licorice and tobacco. Watch out though. With an ABV of 15 percent and coming in a 500ml can, you may find yourself a little woozy if you keep this all to yourself.

Purchase: $40


Mancan Red Wine (24 Pack)

Founded by someone who just wanted to have the option of buying a can of wine while out at a dive bar or cooking up food in his own back yard, this line of canned wine is made by, and for, guys who love wine but hate drinking it out of stemware. Made from California grapes and canned right in Sonoma, these come in either a blend of white, red, or carbonated white. Pick some up for yourself from their website or keep an eye out for one next time you find your way into a dive bar.

Purchase: $105