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Get Lit: 10 Best Camping Lights

As comforting and natural as firelight can be by the campsite, these days a bit of electrical assistance is in order to keep the tents lit up after the sun sets as well as the surrounding area. Fortunately, the world of camping lights has continued to greatly expand beyond the realm of lanterns and into full-fledged lighting sets for those glamping or backpacking into the great outdoors. We for one, are just thankful so many options exist for the taking.

Which brings us to our next point. Purpose. This is what’s needed to be considered for each camping excursion, out and back trip, or extended stay. Meaning, how much lighting do you realistically need for your campsite? Will a solo lantern do it justice or are surrounding area lights a more necessary ingredient to brightening up the darkened wilderness around you. That’s why we worked to compile this diverse list of camping lights – from camping lanterns to string lights for a camper van. They’re all here and ready to light up the night.

PowerPractical Luminoodle

As versatile and adaptable as just about any lighting setup out there, the Luminoodle is a handy series of waterproof outdoor string lights powered by a USB battery pack or USB port. From here, once the power source is handled, simply hang or drape it anywhere to light things up under the stars. Ideal for both camping expeditions and emergency situations, PowerPractical’s Luminoodle is both easily stored and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Purchase: $20+

Streamlight Seige

When space becomes valued real estate within the backpack, this ultracompact lantern is an ideal option. Each Streamlight comes standard with 200 lumens of power – making it comfortable to use in close quarters – a glare-reducing cover to provide soft light, an ergonomic handle for traveling, and is 2-meter impact resistance tested so there’s no need to baby this thing when out and about for the weekend.

Purchase: $25

MPowered Luci Color Essence Light

If standard white light isn’t your forte, then we’d suggest having a look at this Color Essense Light – available in 4 unique hues, a color cycle mode and is powered by an RGB LED. Also, each Essence Light features a high-efficiency solar panel and charge level indicator so no batteries are needed, just 8 hours of direct sunlight for a full charge. Best of all, the entire piece weighs only 2.2 oz.

Purchase: $25

Barebones Beacon Light

Ideal for both the backyard patio and the campsite, Barebones’ Beacon light boasts a classic yet functional design inspired by the traditional fisherman’s lantern. It’s carabiner top also allows you to hang the device without issue and a 30-inch cord keeps things charged when the 200+ hour battery life begins to fade. Each Beacon also emits up to 220 lumens on high, is available in antique bronze, red, and copper, and comes with a 1-year warranty for good measure.

Purchase: $35

Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern

Suitable to its name, the Coleman Northstar is one bright propane lantern for the campsite. For instance, each piece offers upwards of 1500 lumens on high while an adjustable dimmer knob lets remain in control of how bright the campsite needs to be at night. Additionally, enjoy a matchless ignition thanks to its InstaStart Push Button, and smart fuel consumption via Coleman’s PerfectFlow System.

Purchase: $45+

Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Camp Lantern

Nothing’s worse than a campsite swarming with mosquitos. Thankfully, Thermacell builds this mosquito repellent camp lantern that works to not only light up the night with up to 300 lumens but also creates a 15-foot mosquito protection zone around the device. Additional features include a runtime of up to 50 hours, a battery power indicator, built-in hanging clip, and is both DEET and scent free.

Purchase: $50

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

In addition to the Black Diamond headlamp, it would behoove you to scoop up their Apollo Lantern as well. Here, each device features a 3 watt LED with dual reflectors that shine brightly through a frosted globe for bright yet evenly dispersed light. Also, a dimmer and battery life indicator keeps you in control and informed, a 60-hour burn time keeps things lit for days, and a 50-lumen output offers 20-meter illumination in every direction.

Purchase: $50

GoalZero Lighthouse 400

A perfect example of how the traditional lantern can adapt to the 21st century, GoalZero’s Lighthouse 400 not only offers 360 degrees of bright LED light but also comes equipped with an internal lithium battery with upwards of 4,400mAh and a 1.5a USB output. That’s enough power to recharge phones, and tablets while journeying off the grid. Additionally, a built-in handle makes for easy hanging, and collapsible legs make it packable for on-the-go transport.

Purchase: $70

BioLite SiteLight Variety Pack

What a better way to keep the festivities going long after the sun has set than with the SiteLight Variety Pack. The expansion pack from BioLite offer three separate ways to create functional outdoor lighting at the campsite. Each pack comes equipped with a SiteLight Mini for instant lighting, their standard SiteLights for directional spotlights, and a SiteLight XL for a full moon glow that’s ideal for larger groups settings. Compatible with BioLite Lanterns or any USB power bank.

Purchase: $70

Gear Aid Flux

Both a light and a power station, this diesel 20,800 mAh rechargeable light could very well be the ultimate camping light for backcountry living. It’s all thanks to upwards of 640 lumens of light on high, 10 brightness settings, up to 193 hours of operation, and a powerful Li-ion battery that can recharge phones, tablets or other devices via a 1.5 amp USB port. Take back control of your night under the stars.

Purchase: $90

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