Ocean Tint: 12 Best Blue Lens Sunglasses

Photo: Persol 714

Most of the time when you think about sunglasses, you immediately picture dark lenses. Although they’re not as common, sunglasses with blue lenses are just as stylish and provide more functionality than other colors. No, they’re not as effective when the sun is beaming down on you with no clouds to dilute its wrath during the summer, but blue lens sunglasses are highly efficient during foggy weather and snowy conditions.

Investing in a pair of quality blue lens sunglasses is a smart move, but just like any other eyewear lens color, there are tons of options from which to choose. We’ve sifted through various frames from several brands with glowing reputations, looking for blue lens sunglasses that are both fashion-forward and effective for ambient lighting conditions. For your consideration, we’ve compiled a list of a dozen of the very best blue lens sunglasses to keep your eyes protected when the sun isn’t on full blast.


Why Blue Lenses?

If we said, “because they look phenomenal,” we wouldn’t be wrong, but that’s just the beginning. Blue lenses tend to reduce glare so you can see more clearly, enhance the outline of objects, and reduce eye-strain. Some athletes even prefer to use blue lens sunglasses because they provide exceptional contrast in mildly sunny conditions. Some blue lens sunglasses can even offer protection from HEV (High Energy Visible) or blue light, which has the potential to cause macular degeneration. So, yes, they are a fashionable and underrated lens color but they also offer additional functionality.

Select Your Shades

Add To Your Eyewear Lineup

Now that you know how blue lens sunglasses can benefit you, let’s take a look at the list of premier blue lens shades that can help upgrade your eyewear swagger. Our list covers a wide variety of blue lens sunglasses, including timeless designs and modern models, so we’re confident you’ll find a pair to complement your eyes.

Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Aqua

With circular retro frames, the Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Aqua shades are perfect for summertime outfits, as they give off positive vibes all around. The 48mm shades feature solid polarization to help you see clearly so you can view the world around you in high contrast. The San Francisco-based company truly knows how to make a quality pair of sunglasses. In fact, Sunski is so confident in their work that these shades come with a “forever warranty.” And if you purchase the Dispsea Tortoise Aqua sunglasses, a portion of the proceeds goes to environmental non-profits.

Purchase: $55

Warby Parker Topper

Featuring a circular design with a fairly square bottom, these shades are a modern take on the wayfarer silhouette. They’re made with custom-designed cellulose acetate and ultralight titanium for excellent durability. The blue lenses block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays and they’re scratch-resistant, in case life happens and you drop them on your way to the breezy beach. These sunglasses come with a one-year no scratch guarantee, in which Warby Parker will replace your lenses free of charge if they happen to get dinged. With crystal frames and flash mirrored Pacific blue lenses, these sunglasses are the perfect accessory to brighten up an overcast day.

Purchase: $95

Raen Remmy

Known as the Raen’s “calling card,” the Remmy shades have round black acetate frames with a vintage aesthetic, allowing them to work well as your go-to casual sun blockers. These sunglasses are available in two sizes: 52mm for slightly large fit and more coverage and 49mm for a refined look. The super light sunglasses feature a subtle horned temple and a notched bridge for extra character. To withstand occasional accidents on your daily urban adventures, they have five barrel hinges and a wire core embedded in the temples. They also feature blue CR-30 lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision, giving you 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Purchase: $104

Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses

One of the most iconic eyewear designs of all time looks even better with blue lenses. Ray-Ban’s Aviator Flash Lenses are as stylish as they are utilitarian, giving you the best of both worlds. The flash lenses provide you with a hybrid surface with a multi-layer treatment for undeniable shine. Thanks to their mirror coating, they’ll reduce glare to increase visual comfort while bouncing back evil glares. In addition, the polarized lenses increase visual clarity, reduce eye strain, and enhance contrast. Complementing the cool blue lenses are gold frames to help you steal the spotlight in any crowd.

Purchase: $178

Vuarnet 03 The Dude

Created in the ‘60s but made immensely popular in the ‘90s thanks to The Big Lebowski, Vuarnet’s 03 The Dude sunglasses are a stunning pair of sun blockers. They’ll provide you with 100% UV protection and 91% infrared protection while shielding you from 91% of harmful blue light. They also give you maximum protection against blinding glare, making these shades ideal for fishing, driving, or just walking through the city. The shades are oleophobic, hydrophobic, and anti-reflective, giving you the most bang for your buck. If you don’t like them with all their functionality and style, well, then that’s just like, your opinion, man.

Purchase: $240

Randolph Aviator

Randolph’s Aviator shades are built to exact military standards (Mil-S-25948) and have been serving the military since 1978. The battle-tested sunglasses are sported by U.S. military pilots, but they’re also dapper enough for the city and those looking for timeless shades. They feature special bayonet temples, scratch-resistant lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection, anti-reflective coating, and self-adjusting cushioned nose pads. And the cobalt-blue multi-layer mirrored lenses reduce glare. The sunglasses are handcrafted in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. If they look familiar, you’ve probably seen them featured in a few classic films, including Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro.

Purchase: $289

Moscot Lemtosh

Coming from a five-generation family-owned New York-rooted eyewear company, these Moscot Lemtosh shades are backed by one century of eyewear experience. These shades have an iconic design with a round profile and ‘Custom Made Tint’ which is done by hand. The shades also have diamond rives, handmade acetate frames, acetate nose pads, a 7-barrel hinge, and ‘Moscot’ temple engravings. The black frames go perfectly with the denim blue tint for a dramatic feel.

Purchase: $360

Persol PO0714SM Steve McQueen

Designed several decades ago and immortalized by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, the Persol 714 shades are the most dapper blue lens sunglasses ever created. The Italian eyewear brand utilizes their signature ‘Meflecto’ technology, crystal lenses for immaculate clarity, and acetate frames to make this model one of the best on the planet. Every time there’s a special edition colorway, they go fast, but you can’t beat the original blue lens version. Channel your inner Steve McQueen with a pair of these timeless sunglasses and look slicker than a thief.

Purchase: $380

Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun

If blue is a color you adore, Oliver Peoples’ Oliver Sun shades will be your go-to pair of eyewear. With a bold new take on the wayfarer design, these sun blockers stand out with a more square-bottomed look. They feature hand-laid functional pins for extra adherence between the hinge and frame front, in addition to universal fitting nosebands for a personalized fit. The blue polarized glass lenses cut down reflective glare and provide optimal clarity while blocking out 100% of UVA and UVB.

Purchase: $455

Thom Browne Navy Sunglasses

With a more refined take on the classic wayfarer design, the Thom Brown Navy Sunglasses are a classy pair of shades to go along with more formal attire. Their blue lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB and feature an anti-reflective coating, protecting your eyes from the blinding sun. They also have titanium temples, custom tri-colored signature temple tips, and gold arms to complement the blue frames. The 49mm shades are slightly smaller than the original design for a modern fit. Yes, they will set you back a bit, but once you wear them you’ll see they’re worth the price tag.

Purchase: $500

Salt Dibergi Ca

Sitting behind these Salt DiBergi Ca sunglasses, you can’t help but feel confident about your style. These round shades with slender arms will sit lightly on your mug while protecting your eyes from the wrath of the sun. They feature polarized double-mirror blue lenses for extreme clarity and sharp temple detailing for that extra aesthetic to help you look sharp. And the acetate frames are durable enough to hold up against everyday wear and tear.

Purchase: $510

Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin

With pre-WWII rectangular frames, this gorgeous pair of shades features blue CR39 lenses that are handcrafted in Japan. The lenses provide 100% UV protection and have an anti-reflective treatment for crystal clear vision. Everything used to make these sunglasses is top-notch, including a sterling silver signature arrowhead pin, a custom silver hairline engraved wire core design, burgundy dome 3D metal logo, and silver tension-secured custom hinges. These shades are limited to 350 examples, so you’d better act fast if you want a pair.

Purchase: $525

Do Polarized Sunglasses Make A Difference?

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