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The 20 Best Gifts For The Cyclist

For cyclists, almost nothing beats time on the bike. The descents, the steep climbs, and the long miles provide an escape from the everyday. While on the road, riders see things they’d otherwise never get a chance to; whether it be something as fantastic as spotting a group of deer or other wildlife, or just noticing things as simple as how those bridges you drive by appear outside of the car, or the scent of asphalt and dirt on a hot day.

Maybe you get the appeal of riding. Or then, maybe you don’t. It’s entirely possible you won’t ever totally get the appeal and sensation of sliding into your lycra bib shorts and hitting the road, and you don’t really want to. What does matter though, is that you can show your friends or loved ones that you care by getting them a gift you know they’ll use religiously. Whether a new riding kit, a new set of wheels, or something as simple as a little fender to keep them from getting soaked when the roads are slick, we’ve assembled them all in this list of 20 best gifts for the cyclist.

Park Tool Vulcanizing Patch Kit

Park Tool Vulcanizing Patch Kit

All it takes to end a great ride is a little, tiny sticker, piece of glass, or a particularly gnarly pothole. One great way to make sure those inevitable flats don’t end a day in the saddle is to equip the Park tool patch kit. This little kit makes it easy to patch up your tube so you can save a bit of cash and time.

Purchase: $6

Quick Release Fenders

Quick Release Fenders

When you are on a bike, it doesn’t have to be raining for you to get absolutely soaking wet. If the roads have some water on them, your wheels will whip it up all over your legs and back. This portable quick fender (or ‘ass saver’) slides right under your bike seat and flips out when the rain starts coming down to help protect you from all the wet dirt and grime.

Purchase: $12

Park Tool Tire Levers

Park Tool Tire Levers

Sure, the bicyclist in your family may have some cheap plastic tire irons laying around, but do they have any hard steel ones? If not, you should consider gifting them this holiday season. They’re tough and built to last through a lifetime of repairing flats and sliding off old, used tires.

Purchase: $15

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

A really impressive multi-tool from the Crank Brothers. This thing comes packed with 19 different tools including a universal chain tool, two flathead screwdrivers, spoke wrenches in four different sizes, and a bevy of hex wrenches. Be the guy in the group with a fix for every problem.

Purchase: $30

Pearl Izumi Men's Pro Aero Glove

Pearl Izumi Men’s Pro Aero Glove

We all hope that big spills don’t ever happen, but let’s be honest, it’s really just a matter of time. For when your turn eventually comes up, having a pair of gloves on can do a lot to mitigate your misery. Sure, you may have some sore joints and maybe even a broken bone, but at least you won’t have ripped up hands.These ones from Pearl Izumi are thin, comfortable, and made of a breathable and comfortable material.

Purchase: $33

Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock

Kryptonite Keeper Lock

An incredibly tough lock guaranteed to keep your bike where you left it. Featuring super thick 7mm four-sided chain links made of 3t manganese steel connected via a hardened deadbolt. For protection from the weather and the whole shebang also comes in a hefty nylon wrap.

Purchase: $33

Continental GatorSkin Duraskin Tires

Continental GatorSkin Duraskin Tires

They may be a little pricey, but they are hands down some of the best tires out there. GatorSkins are both incredibly lightweight and durable thanks to the inclusion of a thick Duraskin polyamide fabric that protect the sidewalls from sharp objects on the road. Whether you are a commuter or train seriously on your bike, they’re a must have.

Purchase: $80

Cygolite Expilion 850 Bike Light

Cygolite Expilion 850 Bike Light

Seeing and being seen while you are on your bike is quite literally a matter of life and death. Motorists are easily distractible, so be sure they can’t miss your friends or loved ones with this monster bike light that puts out 850 lumens via a Cree XM-L LED light. The beam emitted from this American made light is both wide and long, so even rides that go late into the night can be safe.

Purchase: $90

Bellroy All Conditions

Bellroy All Conditions

Almost all bicyclists you come across bring their phones along with them on their daily rides. No, not because they want to text or chat with their friends, but because when things go south – it’s good to have a plan B. Bellroy’s All Conditions wallet is built for carrying your phone, keys, cash, and I.D. along on those long rides. And thanks to the YKK Aquaguard zipper and the tough weather resistant shell, everything will remain safe and dry.

Purchase: $110

Rapha Loopback Trousers

Rapha Loopback Trousers

Rapha is widely considered among cyclists as a truly fantastic cycling brand. Their clothing is both attractive and optimized for comfort and performance in the saddle. These sharp Loopback trousers are no different. Made for the bike commuter, they are made of a durable and lightweight stretch nylon yarn and feature a small pink loopback in the back left pocket.

Purchase: $170

Chrome Cinelli Barrage Cargo Backpack

Chrome Cinelli Barrage Cargo Backpack

If a friend or loved one is getting from point A to point B with an old, ratty bag on their back, you may want to consider giving them an upgrade. This Barrage Cargo Backpack from bag maker Chrome and Italian bicycle manufacturer Cinelli is made from a tough 18 ounce welded truck tarpaulin and abrasion resistant 1050 denier nylon for water resistance and durability. Gift this during the holidays and you can expect to see it last for years and years thanks to Chrome’s industry leading warranty.

Purchase: $180

Speedplay Zero Cromoly Pedals

Speedplay Zero Cromoly Pedals

For the cyclist looking for a bit of an upgrade to their riding gear, this could be the perfect fit. These tiny, two sided pedals and accompanying clips provide a large pedaling surface and provide for smooth play thanks to the use of top of the line bearings. Worried about compatibility with the riding shoes? These cleats fit either three or four hole mounts.

Purchase: $190

Keiichi Standard District Sky G15 0

Keiichi Standard District Sky G15

Having a good pair of shades on for when you roll out for a long ride in the saddle is critical. Riding up steep grades is hard enough without the sun blinding you. These sunglasses from District Cision feature a titanium core, a hypoallergenic nose pad, and D+ lens technology made from a proprietary polycarbonate material that prevents interior reflection, sheds water, and protects you from harsh rays.

Purchase: $200

Keiichi Standard District Sky G15

Smith Overtake Helmet

This thing hasn’t won multiple awards for no reason. Thanks to its AEROCORE construction it both keeps riders cool and safe from hard crashes. Oh yeah, and it just looks cool. That’s not something you can say about the majority of brain buckets out there.

Purchase: $250

Giro Empire ACC

Empire ACC Reflective

Giro’s Empire ACC riding shoes are quite possibly some of the coolest pairs out there. The upper of the shoe is made from one piece of the ultra-breathable Premium Evofiber that flashes bright whenever light hits it. The outsole is made from Easton EC90 Carbon fiber and makes for a tough, inflexible platform. To top it all off, the interior of the shoe will fight the stink thanks to the inclusion of X-Static, an anti-microbial fiber.

Purchase: $275

lululemon einn shell

Lululemon Einn Shell

Lululemon’s Einn Shell is a great pick for cyclists who are looking for a new shell to ride in. It is made from a single piece of Waterproof Glyde fabric that sheds rain while at the same time not clinging to your skin. Both the large side pockets, front zipper, and back vent are lined with an extra bright reflective coating so you can be seen and stay cool no matter how long the ride. All things said, this is a pick that’ll make any cyclist ecstatic.

Purchase: $400

garmin 88

Garmin Edge 820

If you or your friends and loved ones ride primarily for fitness then you know how important tracking your progress is. Without feedback, how can you improve? This bike computer from Garmin is built to give riders all the feedback they could want – from the amount of energy put out, Vo2, height climbed, among many others. It can even connect to Strava live segments so you can compete with your friends online.

Purchase: $400+

MAAP riding kit

MAAP Riding Kit

Few things are as rewarding as rolling out from your house for a long ride in a brand new kit. This one from the Australian cycling apparel company MAAP consists of their Detour Pro Jersey, a jersey made of micro perforated breathable mesh, and their Phase Team Bib Short – a comfortable and moisture-wicking pair of shorts complete with a 3D endurance pad. Cycling never looked so good.

Purchase: $225

easton wheels

Easton Ec90 Carbon Tubular Wheelset SRAM

If the cyclist in your life is looking for a serious upgrade to their bike, you should consider these carbon wheels from Easton. These low-spoke count carbon tubular wheels are made especially for flat or rolling road races and time trials. Built for speed, they’re light, aerodynamic, and aggressive as hell.

Purchase: $1,200

specialized allez

Allez DSW Sprint X1 Expert

If you are thinking, “yeah, all of these small add-ons are nice, but what I’m really looking for is a new bike.” then search no longer. Specialized’s Allez DSW Sprint X1 Expert is a crit-ready racing machine that comes equipped with a SRAM Force 1 groupset, and Axis 2.0 wheels. Ride on.

Purchase: $2,600