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Malty Deliverables: 6 Best Beer of the Month Clubs

There’s really nothing like the convenience of a subscription box service. With very little effort exerted – aside from a small monthly fee – door delivery for gear, vinyl, and vitamins among others is certainly as a contemporary business model that’s here to stay. And in the world of craft beer, the service can be just as diverse and delicious – catering to specific styles, palettes, and preferences. What’s often not known about these beer-of-the-month clubs, however, is that some flagships services date back almost 25 years – long before the resurgence of craft beer hit the minds and hearts of drinkers across the globe – resulting in fine-tuned curation skills unmatched by other businesses in the subscription box industry.

Ranging in both price and style, each beer-of-the-month club out there today offers up a little something special in its own right. Some specialize in ultra-rare releases, others boast a hoppier membership. One thing’s for certain though, at the rate new microbreweries continue to sprout up and define themselves, there will be no shortage of unique beers to be shared among friends, colleagues, co-workers, and neighbors. That’s what a beer-of-the-month club should facilitate: camaraderie and conversation. So, with that in mind, check out our top six picks below for the best beer-of-the-month clubs – allowing you to sip, savor and share on a monthly basis.


For The A La Carte Craft Beer Lover

Purposed for the astute craft beer lover who wants to try it all but can’t ever seem to find what they’re looking for at the package store, Tavour works to grant access to beer that’s rarely available. Basically, the service acts as an active shopping cart in which everyday members will be granted access to 2 rare beers unavailable in their area. From here, curate a collection of fine craft beer – simply skipping any undesirable options in the process. Then, Tavour will ship this hand-picked collection to your doorstep. Signing up is free as well, and the craft beer nerds over at Tavour test and try each beer before making it available to members so you know this service is the real deal.

Purchase: $15+/month


Fresh Beer Delivered In Bulk

Hopsy recently broke out onto the beer scene as a personal home tapping device that works to keep your beer fresh, chilled and at the ready for whenever the thirst returns. Think of the device as a miniature kegerator for the countertop. In addition to the Hopsy system, they also rolled out a Hopsy Beer Club service that’s quite impressive in value. Just build out a taste profile and choose your desired shipping frequency and Hopsy will deliver four 67 oz “torps” of beer for the Hopsy tap right to your doorstep. Worried about shipping costs? Don’t be. The brand only charges $1 for delivery. Not bad right?

Purchase: $15/month with a Hopsy

Rare Beer Club

Collectible Specialty Brews Delivered In Style

As part of the larger Microbrewed Beer-of-the-Month Club, the Rare Beer Club is an ideal subscription service that sets you up with some of the world’s best hand-selected rare beers. Each month their exclusive panel decides upon several selections for members These include limited releases, celebratory beers, exclusive selections, specialty beers with innovative ingredients, imperial beers, and selections you can age for years to come. Rare Beer Club also offers three membership tiers ranging from two 750ml bottles a month up to six. In addition, sister clubs here also include the U.S Microbrewed Beer Club, U.S and International Variety Beer Club, Hop-Heads Beer Club, and the International Beer Club. Choose wisely, my friend.

Purchase: $36+/month

Craft Beer Club

Showcasing Two New Breweries Every Month

With a fairly straightforward name, there are no secrets when it comes to what this subscription service entails. Here, each month you’ll get hooked up with 12 beers from two featured craft breweries that adhere to the club’s guidelines of small production, independent ownership, and a blend of creative and time-honored techniques in their brewing process. Each collection includes four different styles (two from each brewery) and their “Micro Brew News” monthly newsletter complete with the most up-to-date happenings within the craft beer scene. Shipping is also free, and members can choose between monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly shipments.

Purchase: $42/Month

Honest Brew

Craft Beer From Around The World

For our UK beer nerds, Honest Brew host a membership that’s now more than 30,000 strong. Needless to say, the diverse range of craft beer from across the world in this service is certainly appealing within this beer-of-the-month club. Here’s how it works. First, set your taste profile so their panel of beer experts can begin curating what you like, then – with each delivery – rate and review the beers you received to help them further iterate, finally pepper in any special requests you may have regarding desired styles for the next box. Each box comes equipped with 12 different craft beers, features custom frequency for delivery, guaranteed freshness, and you can cancel the service anytime you like.

Purchase: $42+/month


For The Lover of Belgian Beer

In the same way that other beer-of-the-month clubs feature a collection of rare beers, BelgiBeer works to highlight individual Belgian breweries and showcase their offerings in the process. Each month they discover a new craft brewer, collect fresh beer from onsite, and package them alongside various glassware, beer mats, and any other worthwhile swag from the brewery for your enjoyment. However, it’s worth noting that with such curation comes an elevated price tag to go along with it. Available in various box sizes and subscription commitments to boot.

Purchase: $97+

The Beer Bucket List

Now that you’ve joined the club, it’s time to remain on the lookout for some rare beers worth trying. This bucket list of the 30 best beers to try before you die should help get you started.