The 15 Best Men’s Beanies To Stay Warm in 2021

Oct 21, 2021

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Winter might be wrapping up, but that can be a blessing in disguise for those of us who wait until the last minute to wait for deals on the season’s finest clothing options. Whether you’re looking to pick up jackets, pants, shoes, or tees that are being discounted for the introduction of spring and summertime gear, you’ll find that the acquisition of next winter’s clothing can be easier than ever — especially when it comes to headwear.

There aren’t many wintertime staples that can hold a candle to the beanie and watch cap, meaning that they’ll be plentiful as you head out to grab some before season’s end. As the quintessential head adornment for sealing in warmth and promoting stylish comfort, the beanie has become an essential item for many guys to amplify their everyday wardrobe, even in the summer. Below, we’ll list a few of our favorite examples, and give you some insight into what makes them an attractive proposition for the coldest time of year — even if it’s many months away.

Topman Khaki Ribbed Beanie

Topman’s Khaki Ribbed Beanie is one of headwear’s most versatile offerings, and it certainly helps that it’s one of the industry’s most affordable offerings, too. While you can’t expect to get a suite of high-end fabrics, bespoke stitching, and finely-tuned knits from a cap of this caliber, you won’t be disappointed with the example’s acrylic material, turn-up detailing, and ribbed structure — all of which are staples of the introductory beanie space.

Purchase: $10

Hurley x Roland Sands Moto Beach Beanie

Hurley might not be the first name you think of when you plan to go pick up a winter-ready beanie, but the company’s Moto Beach Beanie should always be on your radar. This collaboration with Roland Sands isn’t wholeheartedly focused on warmth and comfort; those are the cherries on top of the figurative cake. Instead, the cap’s 100% cotton blend offers just enough of both, while emphasizing a handsome black silhouette that will pair well with the entirety of your wardrobe.

Purchase: $21

Carhartt WIP Stratus Low Beanie

Carhartt has a long history of providing the world’s finest privateers with dependable workwear and the company’s technically-focused WIP branch is no different. In fact, the Stratus Low Beanie, which arrives as a counterpart to the brand’s iconic Watch Hat, is a perfect example of its commitment to stylish functionality, boasting an ultra-cozy acrylic fabric, stretchy rib knit, and a soft feel that will keep your head protected from cutting winter winds throughout the day. To set the beanie apart from its peers, buyers are also treated to a tasteful woven Carhartt WIP label at the headwear’s front, giving it just enough differentiation for most to take note.

Purchase: $28

Buck Mason Cotton Rib-Knit Watch Cap

Buck Mason’s reputation in the realm of modern menswear is top-tier, and with products like the Cotton Rib-Knit Watch Cap, it makes sense. This cotton and nylon-imbued variant was crafted to mimic traditional watch cap styling, giving it a classic look that’s unmatched by the majority of its competitors. But what makes this example so special is its durable characteristics, since it utilizes a subtle nylon mixture to reinforce the cap’s clean ribbing, knit, and structure.

Purchase: $32

Deus Ex Machina Shield Beanie

It’s not a Deus Ex Machina photoshoot without someone wearing a beanie, and since the company has its own well-thought-out line of apparel, it’s a no-brainer that most of its models are sporting beanies like the Shield. This great-looking example is available only in solid colors, giving it a dominant appearance when worn alongside a plethora of other clothing, and even features an embroidered Deus Shield patch to give it a little bit of extra “oomph” when compared to other models. But don’t worry, the acrylic product isn’t all show — it’s also one of the most comfortable items on this list, thanks to Deus’ hearty rib knit.

Purchase: $36

Patagonia Brodeo Beanie

Despite its abnormal name, Patagonia’s Brodeo Beanie is an homage to the variants of old. This cold-weather essential is crafted from some of the best materials in the industry, including recycled wool, nylon, and spandex, resulting in a sustainable accessory that’s both cunning, and cozy. As an added plus, this specific blend gifts the Brodeo an itch-free composition, meaning you won’t need to pull it off throughout the day to readjust and reapply for comfort. That’s a good thing when you’re battling the cold, and since the beanie also boasts a heat-trapping rib-knit cuff, you’ll be able to wear it all day long without issue.

Purchase: $39

The North Face Wool Backyard Beanie

The North Face is a prolific proprietor of the industry’s most dependable outdoor gear, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t bridge the gap between function and fashion. The brand’s Wool Backyard Beanie does this quite easily, thanks to a mixture of climate beneficial wools that were pulled directly from a Northern California ranch focused on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, and a stylish sewn logo that’s sure to catch the eyes of interested passersby. Each example is crafted from domestically-knitted yarns while providing the same clean-cut cap styling that you’d expect from such a reputable brand, and you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that you’re contributing to the betterment of the industry’s manufacturing practices.

Purchase: $44

Outerknown Fisherman Beanie

Outerknown’s Fisherman Beanie is a fashionable foldover that adheres to the company’s sustainable commitment. It’s crafted from a mixture of Extrafine Merino wool and organic cotton, giving it a sensible basis that’s also as comfortable as they come. As one of the beanie world’s more refined options, this great-looking variant boasts a traditional fisherman-style structure (like a cable knit sweater), natural, biodegradable fibers, and a silhouette that can be returned to the earth at the end of its lifecycle.

Purchase: $48

Taylor Stitch The Beanie

Taylor Stitch might place an emphasis on its reputation as one of the industry’s finest menswear manufacturers, but that doesn’t end at classic tees, pants, and jackets. The brand’s Beanie is an essential part of its winter-ready lineup, answering the call for any guy who’s looking to upgrade his arsenal with a watch cap that promotes warmth and everyday wearability. To seal in your head’s natural heat, a chunky knit structure, slubby deep whale cardigan stitch, and snug fit have been contracted to define Taylor Stitch’s flagship offering.

Purchase: $48

Beams Plus Wool Watch Cap

Beams Plus’ Wool Watch Cap might not inspire immediate thoughts of itch-free wear and comfortability, but the stereotype of one of the industry’s oldest fabrics doesn’t hold entirely true here. Instead, the company’s traditional watch cap seals in warmth and promotes comfortability thanks to its stretchy rib-knit stature, turn-up brim, and classic touches pulled from some of the industry’s finest offerings. Plus, it’s made in England — a locale where beanies and watch caps are put to use on a daily basis, whether it be for style, or function — so you can rest assured knowing that your future head warmer was crafted by the best hands in the biz.

Purchase: $72

Best x Made Cap Of Courage

Best x Made’s Cap of Courage certainly has an interesting name, and if you ask us, it’s uniqueness matches that of the actual product. The subtle beanie arrives in either a yellow, or heather pewter hue, and has quickly become one of the company’s iconic offerings for the winter season, thanks to its bold presence. Unlike its peers, this high-end offering is knit using 100% cashmere yarn, allowing it to seal in warmth and block out harsh winds, while also promoting one of the comfiest fits in the industry.

Purchase: $88

Rag & Bone Pizza Rat Beanie

Rag & Bone has been receiving an onslaught of coverage lately, and rightfully so, considering the brand’s top-tier garments are worn by some of the world’s most interesting people. But you don’t accrue that kind of reputation without great products to back it up — a case proven by the company’s odd, but awesome Pizza Rat Beanie. This one-of-a-kind offering calls upon NYC-inspired visual appeal to give it a leg up on its competition, while still incorporating a mixture of genre-leading Extrafine Merino Wool, viscose, and nylon to keep wearers protected from inclement elements. If you’re a fan of the street-inspired style, the poppy Pizza Rat beanie will be right up your alley.

Purchase: $95

Acne Studios Face Patch Beanie

Acne Studios is known for its attention to detail, and the brand shows no signs of slowing down the expansion of its “subtle clothing” empire anytime soon. The Face Patch Beanie, for example, boasts the company’s signature caramel brown coloring, while calling upon a rib-knit structure, turned-up hem, and face-embroidered patch at its front to give it just enough clout for sensible wear. Whether you’re looking to pair the Face Patch with a topcoat and Chelsea boots, or a t-shirt and sneakers, this versatile offering is sure to set the standard for watch caps for the foreseeable future.

Purchase: $130

Begg & Co. “Alex” Beanie

Begg & Co’s “Alex” Beanie might be a luxurious-looking offering, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not practical. Like many of the industry’s leading variants, this unique product is crafted from supersoft cashmere, and gifted with a chunky, ribbed design that pays homage to the genre’s most iconic silhouettes. The result? A lightweight, comfortable, and formidable headpiece that can block out cutting winter winds, protect you from freezing temperatures, and look good while doing it. Plus, you’ll be able to wear it in a variety of different ways, thanks to its ultra-foldable stature.

Purchase: $260

The Elder Statesman Watchman Tie-Dye Beanie

The Elder Statesman’s Watchman Tie-Dye Beanie is a dark horse pick, but it’s an eye-catching product that’s sure to make you the talk of any social event. You’d be right to assume that this one-of-a-kind offering is crafted with the highest-quality cashmere in the industry before being imbued with a selection of vibrant colors not seen on a vast majority of other watch caps. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from every other beanie-wearing guy on the street, Statesman’s USA-made example is a surefire way to do so.

Purchase: $444

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