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Strapbacks: The 10 Best Baseball Caps For Men

Long gone are the days of flat brimmed hats and New-Era elastic linings. The way we shade our eyes and hide our bed-head as we run out to work in the morning has gone what feels like a decidedly retro route. The stuff our dads wore in the 1980s and 1990s, for better or worse, has made a serious comeback. And while we understand the detractors of the style, it’s hard not to like the simple, unbranded look of a simple six panel ball cap.

Simply put – one shouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of donning a hat with a ridiculous logo on it in order to either shade their eyes or conceal a particularly bad hair day. That’s what we pulled together a list of what we think are some of the best baseball caps for men. Take a look through and see for yourself why your eyes have been missing.

Goorin Bros. Slayer Baseball Cap

A classic looking 6-panel ball cap complete with an elastic headband, cotton build, and straight-forward coloring. Folks can pick this cap up in either black, navy, or olive in size small, medium, large, or extra large.

Fabric: Cotton
Fastening: Elastic

Purchase: $30

Mollusk Pennant Patch Hat

Made right here in the USA from American-made cotton fabric, this 6-panel cap from Mollusk is ideal for throwing on before heading out to go check the surf of spend an afternoon on a cafe patio. This design not quite your thing? Take a look at Mollusk’s other options in their shop.

Fabric: Cotton
Fastening: Fabric Strap

Purchase: $35

Polo Ralph Lauren Twill Baseball Cap

If showing a bit of brand affiliation is important to you, there is maybe no better way than donning a Polo Ralph Lauren cap. The cap’s simple embroidered polo player is one of those logos so often seen that it almost disappears onto the cotton fabric of the six panel ball cap. The hat comes in one size and features an adjustable strap on the back.

Fabric: Cotton
Fastening: Fabric Strap

Purchase: $40

FairEnds Light Blue Corduroy Ball Cap

Another solid American made ball cap. this one from FairEnds is made from a unique corduroy fabric and has an unstructured build. The back of the hat features a simple nylon adjustable strap with clip for snapping on to your backpack strap when not in use.

Fabric: Corduroy
Fastening: Nylon clip

Purchase: $48

Ebbets Field Flannels Army 1957 Vintage Ballcap

Some of our hands-down favorite ball caps on the market are from Ebbets Field Flannels. The throwback brand makes really fun caps using vintage logos from minor and major league ball teams and throws them on some old-school silhouettes. We’re particularly big fans of the above Army 1957 cap, but if you head to their site you’ll find a host of great picks ranging from the Alaska Goldpanners to the Kansas City Katz.

Fabric: Wool
Fastening: Leather Strap

Purchase: $49

Noon Goons Embroidered Cotton-Twill Baseball Cap

Another simple, unstructured ball cap featuring a subtle, but distinct brand logo. The back tab of the cotton six-panel ball cap is adjustable – making it easy to fit securely on any size skull. Great for hanging out on long Sundays or for pulling on for a bit of catch in the park or back yard.

Fabric: Cotton
Fastening: Fabric Strap

Purchase: $50

J.Crew Garment-Dyed Cotton-Twill Baseball Cap

J.Crew is synonymous with American prep style for a reason. They take classic styles like this six panel ball cap and not only do them justice – but add a bit of a high-end touch to them. For instance, rather than using a cloth strap on the back of this hat, the northeastern brand opted instead for a leather back tab.

Fabric: Cotton
Fastening: Leather Strap

Purchase: $55

Alex Mill Embroidered Herringbone Cotton And Hemp Ball Cap

Want something a little different when it comes to fabric choice? This cap from Alex Mill may be worth considering. Rather than being made from straight cotton, it boasts a unique cotton and hemp blend – making it all the cooler, breathable, and lightweight. The cap also boasts a simple X logo along the temple in the same Army Green color the hat’s fabric features.

Fabric: Cotton
Fastening: Fabric Strap

Purchase: $55

Gents Cashmere Baseball Cap

Cotton too pedestrian a fabric for you? Then how about cashmere? This 6-panel ball cap is made from the high-end fabric, features a structured temple, and an adjustable strap for making sure you have your cap on tight.

Fabric: Cashmere
Fastening: Fabric Strap

Purchase: $74

Noah Embroidered Baby Camel Hair Baseball Cap

A fun, unstructured baseball hat made from a unique fabric; baby camel hair. The temperature regulating fabric will keep you warm when it is cool out, but won’t overheat your noggin when the temperature is a bit higher. For an easy fit, the cap boasts a belt-like strap along the back with an attractive metal clasp. A solid pick for those looking to keep it both subtle and high class as the same time.

Fabric: Camel Hair
Fastening: Leather Strap

Purchase: $120

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