The 20 Best Artificial Plants For Your Home in 2022

Hero: IKEA FEJKA Artificial Bamboo

Whether or not you’ve grown up taking care of plants and trees, it’s likely that we’ll all agree on one thing: keeping them conditioned, healthy, and proud can be a difficult process. Aside from the fact that any seasoned gardener has spent months (to years) honing their craft, there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to many different species, types, and strains, leaving many beginners with a bad taste in their mouth. After all, nobody wants to buy a plant or shrub, put in the time and effort to take care of it, and have it wither away.

If you’re serious about bringing some greenery into your home, you’ll have to put in the hours learning, researching, and understanding what it means to be a plant parent. But for those who aren’t the committal type, or want something a bit more intuitive to boost their home’s aesthetic, there are artificial alternatives to almost every family out there. Whether you’re looking for a tall tree that’s native to an ecosystem halfway across the globe or a shrub that grows right outside your front door, faux plants can offer you the best of both worlds, providing you with aesthetic pleasantry, without all of the complex nurturing practices. Below, we’ve outlined a few of our favorites to bring your interior space into a more serene place.

Velener Artificial Taro Leaf Plant

The Taro Leaf Plant is native to tropical climates, but with Velener’s artificial alternative, you’ll never have to worry about supplying your table-top companion with water, shade, and increased humidity. Aside from versatility and ease of care, this unique plant brings lush greenery to any location within your home and can be utilized in both outdoor and indoor areas, thanks to its construction. And the best part? Each all-plastic plant is potted within its very own grey, paper pulp enclosure, allowing you to “buy and place” without any additional steps.

Purchase: $21

Afloral Artificial Areca Palm Tree

Like the calm, beach-savvy aesthetic of California’s Palm Trees, but can’t fit one into the interior of your home? You’re going to have to settle for something a little more compact. Luckily, Afloral’s Artificial Areca Palm is here to save the day, thanks to its small footprint, near-lifelike feel, and round flower pot. Each of Afloral’s Arecas stands at a meager 32-inches tall, making it the perfect palm variant for in-home use. You’ll be able to take advantage of its small stature in the living room, office, or kitchen, while still being able to utilize it in covered outdoor areas like atriums, sunrooms, or gardens, depending on your own specific needs. And trust us — at only $38, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you won’t have to spend time, money, and effort keeping a living Areca at the top of its game.

Purchase: $38

Artiplanto MILO Artificial Snake Sansevieria

Artiplanto’s MILO Artificial Snake Sansevieria takes one of the plant world’s most popular in-home variants and turns it into a great-looking accessory that can amplify any room’s drab demeanor. Not only does this faux Snake Plant blend realistic style with the brand’s lauded close-to-life feel, but you’ll be able to bask in the greatness of its greenery year-round — something you can’t say for a number of natural plant types. At a height of 35 inches, this unique Sansevieria has been silk-screened, cut, and printed by hand, allowing it to garner unparalleled detailing that’ll leave guests in awe. But don’t be fooled; even you might be tricked by its true-to-life look and feel.

Purchase: $45

IKEA FEJKA Artificial Bamboo

We know that IKEA has created some of the genre’s most quintessential furniture, accessories, and design elements — but plants? C’mon. As it turns out, the Swedish powerhouse is also in the running for some of the interior design world’s most fashionable faux foliage, including, but not limited to, eastern staples like this FEJKA Artificial Bamboo. If you’re looking to bring a splash of Asia, Africa, or Latin America to your home, this potted bamboo offers buyers a unique take on in-home decoration, bringing a polyester, polyethylene, and steel construction to the table for an inherently lifelike look. Of course, you’ll never actually have to supply the massive amount of water, humidity, or environment that they’ll need to grow, nor will you have to worry about their near-uncontrollable growth. Instead, you’ll be able to admire the FEJKA for years to come, without wasting your time on the intricacies of a living specimen.

Purchase: $50

West Elm Faux Potted Trailing Succulent

West Elm is another renowned and recognizable name within the home decoration space, and as such, they’ve decided to introduce a line of their very own faux plants. The brand’s Trailing Succulent, for example, is an always-on-trend variant that’s been devised to enhance your indoor living area with ease. Housed inside of a tasteful ceramic container, this faux plant boasts a plastic, styrofoam, and cement construction, complementing its watertight earthenware enclosure for increased longevity. Instead of having to worry about a fresh, in-season succulent year-round, you’ll be able to enamor guests with this sleek and stylish addition. And the best part? You won’t have to spend numerous hours looking up how to keep the plant in prime condition.

Purchase: $54

CB2 Potted Faux Eucalyptus

CB2’s tasteful interior decorations are second to none, and that includes the company’s numerous faux potted plants. The Eucalyptus variant that you see here is one such example. It boasts a glorious flowing aesthetic, a lifelike drape, and feel, and a textured pot to give your interior area a hint of rustic charm. Since the plastic, styrofoam, and ceramic plant is smaller in size, it’s been designed to complement out-of-the-way areas like shelves, desks, and window sills, making it a surefire choice for rooms where subtle design hits are the cream of the crop.

Purchase: $60

The Sill Faux Rex Begonia

There are plants that provide a subtle accent to a room, and then there’s the Rex Begonia. This eye-catching plant is a staple among many a plant lover’s collections, but it can be difficult to find, handle, and care for. That’s why The Sill created its artificial version, bringing the poppy purple and green plant into the realm of easy everyday care. The only thing you’ll ever have to do is wipe the dust from its iridescent leaves.

Purchase: $67

Joss & Main Faux Olive Tree

Joss & Main’s Faux Olive Tree is a magnificent addition to any room in the home. Instead of bringing a tropical feel to your arid abode, it utilizes its more rustic appearance, resulting in Mediterranean, African, and Asian appeal. At 28-inches tall, this lifelike olive tree boasts a handcrafted plastic construction, a stone/earthenware base, and a nonchalant appearance that’s easy to clean, nurture, and move throughout the home. If you’re looking to depart from the smaller shrubbery on this list in lieu of a larger counterpart, the Joss & Main Olive Tree is a stunning example that’ll trick even the most articulate plant aficionado into thinking it’s real.

Purchase: $70

Bungalow Rose Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Bungalow Rose might not have been the first name we thought of when we started our search for the genre’s finest faux plants, but after stumbling across their lifelike examples, we’re glad that we decided to dive a bit deeper into Wayfair’s arsenal. The brand’s Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is an artificial take on the highly-acclaimed plant, bringing a lush, intuitive example into your home for an enhanced aesthetic. Instead of worrying about finicky responsiveness and watering practices, this 30-inch model will look great year-round without much upkeep, allowing you to focus on projects in other areas of your home. It’s even housed/planted inside of a rustic woven basket, giving it an even greater appeal.

Purchase: $75

The Sill Faux Watermelon Peperomia

Want to bring a Watermelon Peperomia into your home, but don’t know where to find one? The Sill has you covered on that front, and even though it’s not real, it’s pretty darn close. This unique plant has been studied and recreated down to the finest textures of the original, offering buyers an easy-to-care-for model that’ll accent any space in the home with its captivating demeanor.

Purchase: $75

The Sill Faux Angel Wings Begonia

If you’ve done any kind of research on the sought-after Angel Wing Begonia, it’s likely that you’ve been dissuaded from approaching the real-life iteration of this plant. Aside from its rarity, it’s also a complex plant to care for, turning many plant lovers away from its spotted leaves. Luckily, The Sill’s artificial Angel Wing example kicks all of that unwanted drama to the curb. Instead, buyers will be able to show off the aesthetically-pleasing plant to their friends and family without spending countless hours researching all of its unique traits.

Purchase: $82

Fopamtri Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Fopamtri’s Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plant is yet another take on a seasonal staple, without all the worrisome upkeep. Whether you’re looking to display this fern-like example in your bedroom, office, or primary living area, it’s been constructed to bring a lifelike feel to any area of the home, thanks to its organic styling. Aside from looking the part, it’s also over 43-inches tall, meaning that it will dominate the spaces where you might need additional coverage/greenery. To round things out, it’s been placed in a simplistic black pot, allowing for subtle stability, blending, and aesthetic prowess.

Purchase: $86

Gracie Oaks Artificial Magnolia Tree

Gracie Oaks’ Artificial Magnolia is, without a doubt, one of our favorite choices on this list. Recreating the handsome aesthetic of its real-life counterpart, this cleanly-cropped tree brings the same broad-leaf demeanor to any room in the home. At 36-inches high, the magnolia is more than enough for ample coverage, texturing, or accenting, giving it a unique appeal that can be utilized over and over again. The entire tree is crafted from premium plastic, allowing it to be cleaned easily. Coincidentally, this also negates the need for watering, trimming, and upkeep, allowing you to captivate guests with one of nature’s most beautiful trees, without all of the finicky characteristics that you’d find in a living example.

Purchase: $90

Urban Outfitters Potted Faux Rubber Plant

Urban Outfitters specializes in clothing and lifestyle accessories, so it was a huge surprise when we found out that the brand also boasts a tasteful selection of interior design items. Among these, its potted faux plants stand out — especially in the case of its artificial Rubber Plant. Stretching upward from its decorative, woven planter, this polyester, polyethylene, PVC, and metal offering brings all of the alluring aspects of the Asian mainstay, without having to take climate, water, and environment into account. If you’re looking for a plant that promotes a more prosperous environment, looks insanely real, and won’t ask you for an arm and a leg when it comes to upkeep, UO’s four-foot-tall Rubber Tree should be right up your alley.

Purchase: $94

The Sill Monstera Duo

Like the other Monstera on our list, The Sill’s Duo option is a prominent pairing that recreates the swiss-cheese plant in the most lifelike way possible. With this model, you’ll be able to imbue your home with inherent tropical feeling, thanks to its fern-like leaves, intense green color, and seven-inch planter.

Purchase: $98

Nearly Natural Corn Stalk Dracaena Silk Plant

It says it right in the name. Nearly Natural’s plants are, admittedly, “nearly natural.” Not only do they look and feel real, but they’ve also got the pattern, appeal, and intricacy of each of their plants down-pat. The Corn Stalk Dracaena Silk example that you see here is a testament to this, offering buyers an elegant, but simple take on the tropical African mainstay, while remaining true to the plant’s unique personality. This is captured by the offering’s long, overlapping stalks, allowing the plant to add texture and beauty to any room in the home. Get closer, and you’ll see that specialized textures have been added to the silk plant’s leaves, each with a well-informed pattern that contrasts perfectly with its dark green appeal.

Purchase: $140

Flora Bunda Artificial Onion Grass

Flora Bunda’s Artificial Onion Grass plant is a gift that keeps on giving. They’re small, sleek, attractive, and forgiving, allowing them to be placed in virtually any area of the home where greenery is needed. Since they’re only 17-inches tall and come packaged with a great-looking white ceramic pot, you won’t have to worry about placing them in your own container, meaning that they can be utilized upon arrival. To keep your life as easy as possible (and upkeep to a minimum) Flora Bunda has opted to provide this artificial succulent in varying heights and weights, allowing you to buy many at a time for intuitive texturing throughout the home.

Purchase: $170

Terrain Faux Bird of Paradise Tree

Terrain’s Faux Bird of Paradise is a modern adaptation of one of the genre’s most sought-after trees. Unlike its real-life counterpart, this plastic and wire variant is intended for indoor use only and features a large, three-foot-tall silhouette that can complement any space with ease. Unfortunately, the plant is so great-looking that it might steal the attention away from other aspects of the room, leaving many buyers in a tight spot. Each example is paired with a small black pot for increased stability since it tends to be top-heavy.

Purchase: $188

Frontgate Faux Magnolia

Frontgate’s Faux Magnolia is one of the finer options in this guide, and that should say something about its quality. When compared to the other magnolia that we’ve featured on this list, the one that you see here is presented in its early flowering stage, bringing delicacy, elegance, and beauty to the forefront. Its silk leaves and polyurethane trunk have been created to maintain the same lifelike detail found in natural examples, while a plastic pot has been included to provide the perfect counterweight against its five-foot-tall silhouette. Although the magnolia looks like it will fare well in covered outdoor areas, it’s been developed for in-home use only — so don’t risk it.

Purchase: $255

The Sill Faux Weeping Ficus

As the largest offering on our list, The Sill’s seven-foot Faux Weeping Ficus is a monstrous addition to any interior living situation. From its intermingling trunk to its luscious, lifelike leaves, this extra-tall example is perfect for those who are looking to introduce some altitude to their interior garden area or accent their space with intricate layering practices. Throw in a ceramic floor planter and you’ve got a lifelike tree that won’t need intensive upkeep to make an impression on guests.

Purchase: $300

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