The 6 Best TVs That Double as Art

Photo: Beovision Harmony by Bang & Olufsen

Obviously, televisions are meant for entertainment purposes, but it might as well look good accounting for the fact you and your guests will be looking for at for a while. And while we’re not asking you to take your eyes off the big game, the market’s most impressive design-centric art TVs might just force you to do so.

When Samsung revealed its Frame television a few years ago, it threw the electronics world for a loop, as we’ve seen several similar stylish models hit the scene. While it’s easy to lose yourself in the crisp quality that we’ve grown accustomed to with a standard television, we narrowed down over a handful of the sleekest art TVs to buy and what you should be looking for before you add it to your living space.

Watching in Fashion

Liven Your Living Space

While every designer television boasts premium visual quality, not every high-end TV with a crystal-clear display can be deemed ‘stylish.’ So, if you’re thinking about what elements designate a TV that looks just as good when you’re not using it as it does when catching up on House of the Dragon, we are here to lend a hand.

Design Language: Like anything you decide to buy for your home, you probably want it to be cohesive, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t apply to your TV. You’ll soon learn that several manufacturers are aiming to appease your palette with well-designed models that don’t deter from the rest of your layout’s look.

Slim Bezel: A razor-thin bezel can make all the difference in your viewing experience in addition to refining your home’s feng shui. While you may not believe that your current television’s frame is a deterrent, a single look at a model like Samsung’s Frame or LG’s Gallery TV will convince you thinner is always better.

Display Modes: When you’re tired of flipping through Netflix with the inability to make a decision, the ability to display your favorite photos (or digital artworks) on TV is far more enticing. “Why would I need my TV to display art when I can just leave it off?” might be one of your questions, but it’s much better than being forced to stare at what is practically just a black hole when you’re not watching anything.

Materials: While each of the televisions we’ll bring up is composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials, two examples separate themselves very much from the rest, primarily due to their use of top-grade elements like handcrafted oak wood, anthracite aluminum, and premium textiles, the latter of which tend to deliver a subtle, much-needed contrast.

Photo: Samsung

The Frame by Samsung

This model is far from the market’s end-all-be-all example, there’s no doubt that The Frame played a significant role in other manufacturers who decided to come forward with similar TVs. Moreover, Samsung’s signature model can censor any room’s ambient lighting, as it will automatically adjust itself to display gorgeous artwork from Samsung’s pre-loaded library or anything you decide to upload yourself. Above all else, the latest iteration uses low-reflection panel tech to provide a smudge-resistant display, allowing you to bask in its streamlined beauty without messy interruptions.

Purchase: $598+

Photo: Samsung

Sero by Samsung

While The Frame is undoubtedly Samsung’s most popular TV of this caliber (if not in general), the innovative SERO serves as a unique alternative. Sure, some models offer user-friendly Apple AirPlay compatibility, but this is practically the first TV built for the smartphone era. It boasts a mobile-optimized, rotating screen that allows you to watch social content in a whole new manner, whether it’s an endless scroll of Tik Toks or a string of YouTube videos. What’s more is its top-firing 60W speaker system, which provides a much different sensory experience than swiping through your phone.

Purchase: $1,500

Photo: LG

LG’s Gallery Design line features many of the same elements that appear on the Samsung’s initial offering, including an inconspicuous bezel and unique art displaying mode — or, in this case, Gallery Mode. Be that as it may, the G2 Series television boasts one of the most pristine visual capabilities of the three we’ve mentioned thus far. This is majorly thanks to LG’s Gen5 AI Processor, which paves the way for automatic adjustments that improve picture and audio quality based on what you’re watching or playing. Plus, it features Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos tech, allowing you to engulf in an immersive viewing experience.

Purchase: $2,100+

Photo: LG

LG Pose TV

LG’s bewilderingly thin Posé was unveiled at Milan Design Week earlier this year and is yet to hit shelves in the states, but it would be an oversight to ignore its versatile composition. It is framed in a muted, beige-colored fabric that is charming enough to adhere to any home’s color scheme. Whether you want to place it in the corner of your bedroom or make it the centerpiece of your family area, the unique model will improve the look of your living space at the very least. For functionality’s sake, its convenient media shelf can hold anything from books to video games. It is placed in the back so nothing deters from the screen.

Purchase: TBA

Photo: Bang & Olufsen

Beovision Harmony by Bang & Olufsen

You’re probably more familiar with B&O’s heralded catalog of audio equipment, including everything from rugged Bluetooth speakers to top-of-the-line home theater systems, which is why the brand applied the same sonic standards to its Beovision Harmony. Consequentially, it features an integrated three-channel stereo, as it wouldn’t be right if the television didn’t have a high-end speaker system. This array offers various sound modes, adaptive base, integrated surround sound, and more. On top of that, the speakers unfold themselves in a graceful, choreographed manner. Lastly, the customizable TV comes in a trio of different options — Grey Melangé, Oak Wood, and Light Oak — that bring a fastidious look to any room.

Purchase: $18,925+

Photo: C-SEED


Lo and behold, a genuine work of art. C-SEED is adept at manufacturing high-end, design-centric televisions, but its N1 from earlier this year takes the cake (and eats it too). The innovative folding television is composed of as many as six separate LED micro panels, the sum of which varies depending on the size you select, of which there are 103”, 137”, and 165” — yes, it’s humungous. The seamless blend of future-proof technology and unrivaled contemporary style starts as a sleek base that could double for a metal bench at first glance until it unfolds into the mesmerizing 4K MicroLED TV of your dreams.

Purchase: $190,000+

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