Time Trials: 10 Best Analog Alarm Clocks

You’re doing it all wrong. Waking up to an unreliable smartphone alarm only to snooze it eight times before getting out of bed is no way to start the day. Not to mention running the risk of the battery dying overnight – leaving you disheveled and late to work the next day. This no way to live. And while advancements in the tech world have without a doubt made our lives much easier and connected, we’re of the assumption the baby boomers had it right all along with the analog alarm clock.

Not only do these vintage-themed alarm clocks boast a dependable performance, but they’re a great addition the nightstand getup – in between the desk lamp and the valet tray. Want some proof for yourself? Modern designers are jumping on the trend as well – offering up contemporary versions of analog alarm clocks for the taking. Just have a look below and see for yourself.

Newgate Brass Knocker

For most of us, when we picture a classic analog alarm clock the iconic twin bell piece comes to mind. Well, thanks to Newgate, that’s exactly what you’re getting with this dark matte painted metal piece in a velvet green colorway. Additional features include an Arabic dial with metal hands and a glass lens, moving hammer with real bell alarm, and contrasting brass details for good measure. A nightstand essential without a doubt.

Purchase: $35

L.L. Bean 1931 Big Ben

With this classic analog alarm clock, it’s time to wake up to something pleasant for a change. Each handsome piece is based on the iconic 1931 Big Ben design and comes standard with a painted metal body, glass lens, nickel clock, and a push-button backlight for viewing at night. Additionally, you’ll find a three-level alarm with both hi/low volume control and snooze functionality alongside accurate quartz timekeeping for dependability day after day.

Purchase: $45

Seiko ‘Bedside’ Alarm Clock

What better brand to build a classic analog alarm clock than one of the most popular watch builders in the industry? That’s right, thanks to Seiko’s ‘Bedside’ clock, you’ll enjoy an analog display, alarm reminder light, a quiet second hand, easy-to-read Arabic numeral hour markers, and a sleek black case for good measure.

Purchase: $49

Braun Classic Voice Activated Alarm Clock

From the renowned electronics brand comes something a bit out of the ordinary but welcomed nonetheless for fans of convenience. It’s Braun’s Voice Activated Alarm Clock that’s available in three different colorways, boasts an easy-to-read dial, crescendo alarm, and a voice-activated snooze function in conjunction with Baun’s German quartz movement.

Purchase: $50

Leff Amsterdam Block

With an aptly-suited name, the Block alarm clock is just that. It’s a more modern looking piece for sure, featuring a brushed case that’s welded by hand, fluorescent hands that become visible at night and a backlight that’s activated by the snooze button up top. Certainly a minimalist approach to the analog alarm clock, but we’re not mad at it.

Purchase: $73

Columbo Optic Alarm Clock

Featuring a classic table alarm clock appearance, the original design for this piece came from Joe Colombo back in 1970. What we have here is the second edition, featuring a futuristic design (for 1988 that is) along with Colombo’s iconic look, an ABS case, and quartz movement. Available in both black and white colorways.

Purchase: $85

Menu Tumbler Alarm Clock

Thanks to a unique design that offers a modern twist on the classic analog alarm clock, the Tumbler by Menu is a product by the Danish duo that make up Norm Architects. It features a rounded bottom but a no-tilt design that makes the painted steel device a decorative yet practical piece for the bedroom. Best of all, if you’re feeling particularly lazy, simply turn the clock upside down to disable the morning alarm.

Purchase: $100

Lemnos Riki Wood Alarm Clock

Back to basics. For those interested in a timeless design, the Riki Wood alarm clock is a great option to consider. Here, each Japanese made piece boasts a handsome white dial cleanly contrasted with black numerals and dials hands for an iconic look. No frills, special settings or design hacks. Just a sleek wooden timepiece slated for years of continued use.

Purchase: $120

Arne Jacobson Alarm Clock

A product of famed Danish architect Arne Jacobson, this small yet well-designed alarm clock features both the principles of traditional appearances with modern function. Meaning, it’s old school sounding bell alarm can be silenced with a quick tap, an LED light touch sensor helps you see at night, a graphic face comes complete with two-tone hands, and brass feet round things off with a nod to mid-century design.

Purchase: $129

Georg Jensen HK Clock

Designed by Henning Koppel, known throughout the watch world for his designs in lux watches, chronographs, wall clocks and weather stations, the fine alarm clock is a sure-fire stylish upgrade to the nightstand. Standard features include a stainless steel construction, white dial face with black hands, and a sturdy stand to keep things steady throughout.

Purchase: $145

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