Scoured: 25 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Every year Amazon puts a crazy number of deals on its online store just for its prime members. It’s a kind of thank-you for subscribing paying all that money every year. But, as always, the problem with Amazon is part of its benefit – there are a crazy number of deals here. So much so that it is hard to sort through. To help out, we put together a big list of some of the deals we’re watching. Some of these have already gone on sale, while others will later today.

Terms and Conditions

Artist R. Sikoryak turned the legal document that is Apple’s Terms and Conditions and transformed it in to a fun and informative graphic novel.

Purchase: $8

Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Need something sleek to hold your cash? This 100% real carbon fiber money clip will most definitely do the trick. It’s lightweight, slim, and stylish – making it ideal for daily use.

Purchase: $14

Power Practical Luminoodle

If you are looking for something to light up your apartment or campsite, look no further than this system. The USB powered and light strip has a number of different modes and comes with hangers for easy instillation.

Purchase: $20

Camping Cookware Mess Kit

This 10-piece set contains all of your cooking needs for an overnight camping trip. Made from anodized aluminum, these pots easily fold into themselves – saving time and space.

Purchase: $20

Perfect Pushup

Simple but effective, these pushup stands are ideal for the guy looking to get a little at-home workout in. Thanks to the rotational design of the stands, they help engage more muscles and strengthen your core.

Purchase: $22

Anker Soundcore Speaker

Rated at IPX7, this waterproof and dust-proof speaker can play your tunes out in the wild for up to 10 hours at a time. Just connect your phone via Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Purchase: $24

Bocce Ball Set

Looking for a way to kill time this summer? This 8 bocce ball set will do the trick. The standard sized balls are made from a Poly-resin composite and come in a durable carrying bag.

Purchase: $25

Soylent Cafe Coffiest

Silicon Valley is too busy to eat food. That is why they invented Soylent. The meal replacement drink can be used by regular people, too. Busy day at work? Forget to bring a lunch? Just crack one of these open and keep going.

Purchase: $27

TrackR Bravo

Simply put one of these around your keys or on your pet’s collar and you’ll never have to worry about losing them again. This Bluetooth enabled tracker pairs with your phone, making it easy to find anything you’re misplaced.

Purchase: $28

Victorinox Huntsman II

Everything you could want out of a pocket sized multi-tool is right here. With 15 functions including a screwdriver, scissors, and wood saw – you’ll never be caught unprepared.

Purchase: $28

Echo Dot

Amazon’s popular Echo Dot can do everything from play you music to order your groceries. Want to play some music? This can stream from Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and TunIn. Need to close the garage door or turn off the A/C? It can also connect to your home’s smart devices. Not bad for a little dot.

Purchase: $34

Kershaw Leek Knife

An ideal American made knife for EDC. The Knife has a SpeedSafe assisted opening, Sandvik 14C28N steel blade, and a 410 stainles steel handle so you know it’ll last a lifetime.

Purchase: $40

Coleman Daytripper Beach Shade

Want a little shelter while hanging out on the beach? This shade from Coleman is perfect. Made from high quality materials, the half-tent protects your gear and your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Purchase: $54

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

The only downside of laser tag is that you can’t bring it home. Or at least that was the case before Dynasty Toys rolled out this fun laser-tag 2-pack. It comes complete with a blue and white blaster.

Purchase: $47

Sentry Safe Chest Safe

Want to keep your valuables safe and protect? Look no further than the Sentry Safe. This thing has a half hour fire protection guarantee, and is designed to withstand explosions. Talk about tough.

Purchase: $57

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is an ideal addition to any kitchen. This one from Instant Pot comes with 14 different programs for cooking up soup, stew, poultry, grains, and even yogurt. This cooker is so well loved that more than 200,000 people bought it last year during Prime Day 2016.

Purchase: $90

Amazon Fire TV

Looking to upgrade your home entertainment system? One really easy way to do that is with the Amazon Fire TV. The streaming system makes it easy to stream your favorite shows and movies right on your TV.

Purchase: $90

Gears of War Replica Gun

The perfect get for Gears of War megafans. This officially licensed replica from the brutal and violent video game comes with a removable functional flashlight, and a battle-worn patina.

Purchase: $90

Timbuk2 Aviator Travel Backpack

A solid pack for the urban commuter. It has a water resistant look to it, a laptop compartment, interior compartments for your gear, and 6 easy access outside pockets. Not particularly feeling this bag? All Timbuk2 bags are 30% off.

Purchase: $132+

Pelican Elite Cooler

One of the top cooler makers out there. This 150 quart beast has a crazy 2-inches of polyurethane insulation that can keep ice frozen for up to 10 days. Ideal for storing good beer.

Purchase: $210

Amazon Echo Show

Essentially Amazon Alexa with a screen, this new piece of technology from Amazon is a perfect addition to the home. It allows you to stream shows, video chat with loved ones, and even check on your home security cameras – all with voice command.

Purchase: $230

Jimmy Styks Misstyk SUP

A quality stand up paddle board with an epoxy construction and a bamboo inlay. Included with the board is a paddle, leash, and board bag.

Purchase: $681

Panasonic Lumix FZ100

Looking to get a really solid DSLR? This could be the right pick for you. The camera comes with a high quality Leica lens and has the ability to shoot 4K video.

Purchase: $697

Yuneec Typhoon Drone

A quality drone designed for capturing stills and video from the air. The included camera can shoot 4K video and capture 12mp stills, while the 3 axis gimbal provides smooth shots and 360 degrees of play.

Purchase: $799

Sony 65-Inch 4K HD Smart LED TV

If you are looking for a serious update to your home theater, you can stop looking now. This TV features a 120Hz native refresh rate, an impressive HD picture, and smart functionality for connecting to apps.

Purchase: $1,498

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