15 Best Action Sports Instagram Accounts

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At its very core, Instagram’s social media platform is a form of entertainment and insight into the highlights of the each user’s personal life. From here, we’ve seen photographers, athletes, and marketers take to the platform for promotional purposes. Lucky for users, there’s now a seemingly endless supply of accounts and photography to pull from in just about any specific vertical out there. Case in point, we’ve seen this before with previous VanLife posts, cycling, surfing, and even everyday carry.

Now, we’ve decided to widen the scope a bit and dive into the realm of action sports as a whole. Sourcing our own preferences as well as scouring the endless Instagram platform, we’ve managed to discover 15 action sports Instagram accounts that push the boundaries of photography and adrenaline-infused envy – manifested in form of the double tap. Here, we have surfers, skaters, BMX enthusiasts, and photographers who aren’t afraid to get up close and personal with the sport. So, if adding a bit of excitement to your feed is in order, take a look a the following list and give a few of these adrenaline junkies a follow.


For some of the greatest footage in skateboarding culture, there’s Berrics. The account is both owned and operated by skaters Steve Berra and Eric Koston who curate and post anything from old-school footage of young pros to more amateur Kook-of-the-day type content to help mix things up.


Chris Rodgers

Living a life aquatic in a teal-blue sea. At least that’s the gist of Chris Rodger’s Instagram feed – in addition to some the on-target snowboarding photography. He’s also the co-founder of GoDome, a GoPro accessory for capturing the perfect under-over shots in the water.


Dallas Dunn

A talented photographer and stoked dad in the BMX world, it’s clear Dallas Dunn knows the sport very well judging by his spot-on photography present throughout his feed – including both on and off-road shots of professional and amateur riders (mostly of his son). Dunn’s feed also carries with it an industrial feel as well – playing to the omnipresent urban playground suitable for riding.


Deus Ex Machina

Deus Customs functions best where the asphalt meets the sea. This is a characteristic made apparent by their relentless surfing/moto lifestyle presented not only via they Instagram account but through Deus’ offerings on their site. Not to mention their coastal Australian and Bali storefront locations positioned to deliver this lifestyle first-hand to surfers and bike enthusiasts alike.


Frode Sanbech Photography

Hailing from a colder climate, Frode Sanbech captures the chillier side of action sports. Specifically, off-the-grid snowboarding as well as park riders, all mixed in elegantly with landscape photography that will motivate you to get lost for a weekend. Certainly, a choice account to follow to help add a chillier element to your daily feed.


Garth Milan

From off the grid trails to arena supercross, Garth Milan works tirelessly to document it all. Here, we see Milan getting muddy with the rest of them, capturing shots from angles that surely elevate the heartbeat a tad. We’re also partial to the western dusty aesthetic of his scenery as well, showing us just how much fun and unforgiving landscape can be.


GoPro Bomb Squad

Wait, GoPro has an exclusive human flight team? Yeah, we were surprised as well. But what looks to be one of the funniest jobs on earth is documented daily on the GoPro Bomb Squad account. These individuals are as wild as they come, base jumping and skydiving from new heights laughing all the way to a safe landing.


Ian Walsh

Big wave surfer, snowboarder and health enthusiast, Ian Walsh not only know how to push the limits of the sport but is on the leading edge of nuanced training regimen to help keep himself in top shape during the off-season. Best of all, he’s known for documenting these training practices as well – possibly providing some insight into what it takes to live such an active lifestyle.


John John Florence

Another must-add to the list, the 2x World Champ pulls out all the stops to push the sport in every way possible. He’s starred in the first surf movie to ever be filmed entirely in 4K, lands some of the most insane maneuvers around – in contests no less – and is also a sailer by trade and all-around waterman.


Kirill Umrikhin

Versatility and in-your-face action sports with a side of innovation is always a litmus test for us when putting these lists together. And Kirill Umrikhin? He passed with flying colors. The young photographer and brand ambassador for the likes of Quiksilver and Nikon documents snowboarding unlike anyone we’re recently come across – complete with full sequences and wild POVs for our enjoyment.


Lucas Gilman

One look at this feed and it’s immediately obvious there’s a professional behind the lens. This notion becomes even more apparent when you take realize Lucas Gilman is a photographer, filmmaker, and Nikon USA Ambassador things begin to come into perspective. And with no landscape or shot too difficult, there’s always something new in his feed to appreciate.



In addition to a phenomenal print publication, Meta’s photography prowess is held in high regard through their Instagram feed. The aesthetic is both on point and rugged in appearance, portraying riders in a backcountry element doing what they love and not giving a damn whether or not their style is approved by others. It’s through Meta’s lens that adventure riding is not only a sport but an art form.


Rutger Pauw

Utilizing Broncolor equipment, photographer Rutger Pauw captures some incredible action photography and sequences. From wakeboarding to snowboarding to mountain biking and BMX riding, the high contrast and vivid nature of Pauw’s photography is certainly a daily thumb-stopper.


Samo Vidic

Vivid. That’s the word that comes to mind when perusing the account of Canon and Red Bull ambassador Same Vidic. His taste? Anything from Formula 1 racing to skiing to mountain biking and white water rafting. Basically, anything that gets the heart pumping properly. Best of all, it’s documented through a professional and the quality surely shows.


Travis Pastrana

This man needs no introduction and therefore was an obvious inclusion here. Was it the Nitro Circus affiliation, the daredevil attitude, or the clear gear headed mindset Pastrana maintains on a daily basis? Honestly, all of the above without a doubt. Be sure to give this account a follow if both a humor and a wow factor is what you’re looking for.


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