The 8 Best 8K TVs for Any Budget of 2022

Photo: LG Signature ZX Class

We all know just how fast the tech world moves. The cyclic routine at which we are forced to move on to the latest and greatest has grown tiring — until you open up the box. In the past couple of years, 4K televisions and their widespread manufacturers have gradually sought to become the household standard. Be that as it may, some of these same tech giants have moved on to an even crystal-clearer picture. Regardless of how long they’ve been around, 8K televisions have already been proven to provide next-level quality across the board — but, one thing’s for sure, and it is that they come at a big price.

The crisp prowess of 8K resolution is gradually being integrated into other everyday products, too. From Samsung’s latest smartphone to BMW’s eye-popping theater screen concept shown off at CES, it can’t be too long until this immaculate resolution proves to be the industry standard. In the meantime, though, next-gen gamers and film buffs could make the absolute most of their consoles and home theater system with one of the market’s current options — and that’s where we come in. Considering there are only so many to choose from, it’d only be fitting to provide a thorough list composed of the 8 best 8K televisions to fit any budget that you can currently buy.

So... What Is 8K?

The Question Heard Across The World Of Tech

The world’s first 8K televisions were revealed at CES in 2012, and they’ve seen a slow march to adaptability in the decade since. The main benefit of 8K, naturally, is its higher resolution. 8K televisions offer visual capabilities like no other, boasting a pixel range of 7680×4320 pixels, whereas a 4K TV’s resolution is only 2840×2160 pixels. Of course, the latter already serves as an excelsior upgrade to any 1920×1080 options that served as the early ’10s “full HD” standard, but it’s hard to argue against the significant difference between 8K and 4K. As a matter of fact, the difference in resolution is exactly four times as much, so that should go to show how much of an improvement your current home theater might require.

Samsung Q900 QLED Smart 8K TV (2019)

While Samsung’s Q900 recently turned three years old, it is still a great entry-level choice from a universally-known brand at a bewilderingly low rate. Seeing as there is a gluttony of 8K televisions set to release from the South Korean manufacturer throughout 2022, it is worth noting that any 8K TV serves as an impressive upgrade from 4K, no matter what the price tags may insist. The 55″ Smart TV boasts Quantum HDR 24x tech which is powered by HDR10+, providing detail that practically remains unmatched no matter how many rotations it’s seen around the sun. And should 55″ be too small, you can always upgrade to the absurd 98″ version for the princely sum of ten grand.

Purchase: $1,800+

TCL Class 6-Series 8K Mini-LED TV

If you’re in the market for a newer option that won’t break the bank entirely, TCL provides an ideal entry to the world of 8K. The Chinese manufacturer’s 6-Series TV is powered by its patented AiPQ ENGINE, managing to “intelligently enhance” the color, contrast, and clarity of anything you watch as a result of its rapid-fire, self-correcting ability.  Visual prowess aside, TLC’s option is built to handle all of your entertainment needs, as it comes equipped with a built-in Roku for rapid access to any app. Available in 65″ and 75″ sizes, it also boasts a handful of gorgeous HDR modes, highlighted by none other than Dolby Vision.

Purchase: $2,000+

LG NanoCell 99 Series 8K TV

LG’s NanoCell 99 Series separated itself from the pack upon its release thanks to its use of Nano Accuracy, bringing the truest hues to light as a result of a nanoparticle filter being applied to its RGB wavelength. For additional realism and immersion, the tech giant’s patented Filmmaker Mode is meant to provide you with the authentic cinematic visual prowess that your movie’s director had in mind, providing an unsaturated experience thanks to the television’s picture and processor settings. To make the transition to 8K a seamless one, the NanoCell works with Airplay 2 and HomeKit, allowing Apple lovers to make the most of all their gadgets. It comes in a trio of impressive sizes: 65″, 75″ and 86″.

Purchase: $2,497+

Samsung QN800A Series Neo QLED 8K TV

Samsung’s QN800 series may not match up to its new-age successor, but it still delivers as an elite upgrade to any home theater system, coming in with three variants at 65″, 75″, and 85″. It features Object Tracking Sound+ and the brand’s trademark SpaceFit Sound tech to optimize the television’s acoustics, resulting in a sonic prowess that even audiophiles will appreciate. While the sound is impressive with this model, there is nothing more important here than the picture, which is where Quantum Matrix Tech Pro comes into play, bringing the blackest blacks and whitest whites to the forefront. Lastly, similar to all other Smart TVs that Samsung manufactures, its Tizen operating system makes for a fluid viewing experience that is as easy as they come.

Purchase: $2,498+

HiSense Class U800GR 8K ULED Roku TV

HiSense offers the perfect option for someone who has their sights set on eye-popping visuals without having to pay an eye-popping amount of money. The manufacturer’s U800GR is only available in 75”, going to show that these guys don’t take size lightly. Similar to TCL’s option, this 8K TV has a built-in Roku smart system for the sake of making streaming easy without any extra buttons. Plus, it features over 200 free live channels to revisit the nostalgic pastime of watching cable television. While these are great additions, don’t forget that what you are really paying for here are the unbelievably crisp resolution and theater-adjacent measurements, so it truly is a great all-around option.

Purchase: $2,700

Samsung QN900A Series Neo QLED 8K TV

Samsung’s latest visual powerhouse hit shelves in 2021 and hasn’t looked back since, often being touted as the industry’s best at its price, which is hard to argue against when accounting for everything it has to offer. For starters, it is practically bezel-free, resulting in what the brand has called an “Infinity Screen,” making for an immersive viewing experience on either its 65″, 75″, or 85″ display. It features a trio of virtual assistants choices to choose from in Alexa Built-In, Google Assistant, and Zixby, each of which makes opening any app rudimentarily simple, so it’s a seamless addition to your wide array of smart home gear, which we presume you already have considering you’re looking into buying an 8K television.

Purchase: $3,000+

Sony Z9J Bravia XR 8K TV

This particular 8K TV boasts a lifelike picture thanks to its transcendent use of Cognitive Intelligence and Sony’s most recent XR Contrast Booster, the latter of which paves the way for brooding blacks and vivid brights to dance across your screen while the former is capable of understanding how humans see and hear things, proving that this is some state-of-the-art stuff you just have to see to believe. Plus, since this is a Sony product, it has exclusive features that are tailored toward PS5 owners, like auto HDR tune mapping to enhance everything you need to see before making your next move. Skipping the “smaller” sizes entirely, this Sony comes in 75″ or 85″ flavors.

Purchase: $5,498+


Extraordinary quality often comes at an exorbitant price point, and there are few better examples of that statement than LG’s SIGNATURE ZX 8K TV. There is virtually nothing this television isn’t capable of doing, from the manufacturer’s patented SELF-LIT PiXELS providing a razor-thin composition with unparalleled OLED visuals to NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility tailored toward providing a swiftly responsive gaming experience. To make it all the more noteworthy, the available sizes of this particular model are a whopping 77″ and 88″, proving that it is truly a next-level addition to your home theater (or maybe even your local cinema).

Purchase: $20,000+

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