Supplement Your Style With Bespoke Post’s Personalized Subscription Box

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Finding the perfect selection of peripherals to complement your unique style can be trying. Apart from the complexities of navigating the industry’s most revered brands to find out what’s new, what’s in, and what’s trending, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the vast landscape that is “men’s style.” Luckily, the crew at Bespoke Post is here to make your life a bit easier with their tailor-made Subscription Box.

Bespoke Post’s Subscription Box isn’t like your typical subscription service — it’s an experiential look into who you are as a stylish gentleman. After signing up and taking a quick quiz involving questions about what you love, and what defines your own personal style, the company’s talented team of like-minded guys will put together a proprietary selection of essentials, which have been catered to your specific tastes, and send them to you on a monthly basis. Each handsomely-packaged parcel will arrive with an impeccable selection of high-end EDC items, grooming accessories, attire, and other odds and ends, taking the legwork out of finding, researching, and purchasing items from a variety of the industry’s leading proprietors. For more information on Bespoke Post’s well-informed Subscription Box, head over to the company’s website, where you’ll be able to apply for their $45/month service.

Purchase: $45