Berluti Is Building Beautifully-Appointed Bespoke Luxury Beach Buggies

With their fortified and rugged construction, long-travel suspension, and general go-anywhere nature, dune buggies tend to epitomize a certain spirit of freedom — vintage models even more so, harkening back to what’s often viewed (through rose-tinted glasses) as simpler times. And this is ultimately what served as the inspiration for Berluti’s unexpected new project: a bespoke, made-to-order Meyers Manx-esque dune buggy decked out in one of the Parisian luxury goods purveyor’s famous print patterns.

Weighing in at a little over 1,200lbs, the Berluti buggy is built around the chassis and 90hp air-cooled, carbureted 1.6L flat-four engine from a 1970s-era Volkswagen Beetle that’s been decorated in fiberglass bodywork paired with a polyester removable roof cover that’s adorned in a pattern penned by Berluti’s head designer, Kris Van Assche. The interior takes ample inspiration from the French outfit’s recent collaborative Globe-Trotter luggage collection, with wood, patinated leather, and polished metal components that all also appear on the elite label’s luggage. There are also Berluti leather straps to buckle dow various pieces of the aforementioned luggage collection and a surprisingly gorgeous exhaust setup. For more information or pricing, you can contact Berluti at the link listed below.

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