Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition Headphones

May 26, 2015

Category: Tech

Combining an intense workout with high-quality audio can be tough, especially you don’t want your pricey headphones to get soaked in sweat. But Bang and Olufsen, with the help of British cycling brand Rapha, has come up with a solution: sweat proof cans. Check out the Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition.

Aiming for a design that would please hardcore cyclists and anyone else looking to burn some calories, the Rapha Edition includes ear pads made from the same African hair sheep leather used in the Rapha’s GT Gloves, while the inner headband uses the same fabric found in Rapha’s Pro Team products, like shorts and shirts. A sturdy audio jack on both earpieces lets you place the cord placement on either side, and an inline remote and mic gives you control from the signature Rapha pink cord. [Purchase]

Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition 2

Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition 3

Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition 4

Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition 5

Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition 6

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