This Sim Steering Wheel Is The Same One Bentley Uses In Its GT3 Race Car

As simulated driving experiences have become steadily more immersive over the years, the line between real and virtual competition has grown increasingly blurred. These days, there is no shortage of gamers who’ve made the jump to professional racing, and some have even managed to hold their own. However, in what is perhaps the most literal way possible, Bentley has finally bridged the gap between the two sports once and for all: a steering wheel.

Codeveloped with the help of sim racing specialist FANATEC, the Bentley GT3 steering wheel is as much a piece of authentic race hardware as it is a next-level video game accessory. Though it’ll be used in the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, it’ll also eventually be offered for FANATEC simulators. There’s no pricing information available as of yet, but we have to imagine that between the forged carbon construction, four magnetic paddles, knurled rotary encoders, and central digital display (amongst a long list of other race-ready driving gizmos) that it won’t come cheap. At least it conveniently doubles as one of the world’s most overengineered desk clocks when not in use. Click the link below to learn more.

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Photo: Bentley