Bentley Hybrid Concept

The British car makers at Bentley have decided to join the hybrid movement as they debut their aptly titled Bentley Hybrid Concept.

Details on the electric vehicle are rather sparse at the moment, but if the “6 3/4 Litre” badge on this bad boy’s engine are any indication of what to expect, we imagine it will be equipped with the Mulsanne’s 6.8 liter V8 power plant. The setup should increase power by nearly 25 percent, with a 70 percent decrease in CO2 emissions. The massive luxury sedan will be able to travel 31 miles on nothing but electric power. This announcement is definitely a welcomed one considering just how fast the current Mulsanne drains that 25.4 gallon fuel tank.

Bentley Hybrid Concept 2

Bentley Hybrid Concept 3

Bentley Hybrid Concept 4

Bentley Hybrid Concept 5

Bentley Hybrid Concept 6