Bentley Hits A Hole In One With Their Lavish Centenary Golf Collection

Nothing pairs quite as nicely as high-end automotive manufacturers and golf clubs. Sure, up until the past few years, the statement above might not have made much sense — but these days, companies like Porsche and Lamborghini are creating their very own collections to complement the gentleman’s sport. To celebrate over 100 years of automotive prowess, Bentley has decided to join the fray with a set of high-end clubs catered toward golf’s most monetarily-inclined connoisseurs.

The company’s Centenary Collection is comprised of lavish clubs and accessories, each with their own carbon-fiber, titanium and aluminum constructions. Drawing staunch inspiration from Bentley’s flagship Continental GT, the collection’s CNC-machined irons, drivers, and wedges feature handsome gold details, distinctive diamond knurling, and a haunch style-line that’s omnipresent throughout the entire range. A handful of titanium wood-embued variants, which utilize cryogenically-frozen faces, are also present. Even Bentley’s accessories — a bag and headcovers made from carbon fiber panels and Centenary gold — are inundated with intentional luxury. Only 100 sets will be available for acquisition upon release. The Bentley Centenary Golf Collection is available for pre-order on the company’s website for $16,000.

Purchase: $16,000