Behold The Monstrous & Magnificent Bentley Continental GT ‘Ultratank’

There are a lot of ways to alter the performance of an automobile. Some of them are as simple as swapping out existing parts for more efficient or powerful ones. Others fundamentally change the way the vehicle functions. This Bentley Continental GT ‘Ultratank’ clearly fits into the latter group.

Once a road-going luxury performance vehicle, a group of Russians behind AcademeG have turned this sports coupe into something else entirely — a monstrous off-roader ready for any terrain. And while their work is far from finished, the proof of concept is promising, as they’ve managed to get it running on massive tank treads at speeds of up to 31 mph (though they estimate they’ll be able to double that with little effort). A monstrous mashing-up of luxuriousness and capabilities, we can’t wait to see exactly how much more insanity they’ll manage to squeeze out of this oxymoronic ride.

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