The Blacked-Out Carbon Fiber Bentayga² Is A Literal Luxury Tank

With an all-wheel-drive system, up to 600 horsepower, and the option for a monstrous 6.0-liter V12 engine, Bentley’s Bentayga luxury SUV is certainly nothing at which to scoff. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved if you’ve got the money for such an absurd venture. If you do, you might just want to see what the folks at Spanish customization firm Bengala Automotive have to offer.

Called the Bentayga², this redux of Bentley’s high-end SUV takes everything great about the donor vehicle and compounds it with styling and performance upgrades. Limited to just 15 vehicles, each one completely bespoke, the details of said upgrades are slim. But there are some commonalities. For instance, all 15 are said to get “substantial quantities” of carbon fiber throughout the build, as well as raw stainless steel (presumably used in the beefy grille guard, but possibly elsewhere). Bengala also paired with an as-of-yet unnamed Spanish Off-Road Rally champion and his team to ensure the ride doesn’t just look good but also functions well. The rest of the features? Well, those are up to you, if you can afford one of these ultra-limited dream rides.

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