Bentley Bentayga Snowmobile

Just last year in 2016 Bentley decided to hop on the AWD crossover SUV bandwagon with the introduction of their Bentayga. And as a five-door luxury SUV, there was no shortage of Bentley specialties wrapped in this off-road-friendly package. It was also initially hailed as the fasted production off-road SUV at the time of release, boasting a top speed of 187 mph.

Now, from Rain Prisk comes his vision of the potential a Bentley Bentayga holds as an off-road capable, full-fledged snowmobile. As you can see, Prisk decided against the standard wheels on this 600 HP ride in favor of tracks. Also, the ride now hosts a utility roof rack for easy transport of any and all outdoor winter gear for trekking up the mountainside. From cliffside getaways to snow covered throughways on steep winding roads during a fierce winter storm, Prisk’s rendering is one of the few that excites us once again to enter the throes of winter.

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