The Mulliner-Built Bacalar Is Bentley’s Most Exclusive Bespoke Car Ever

While some automakers compete to craft the quickest road-going transports around, Bentley is comfortable atop their luxury throne — continuously crafting some of the most opulent autos around that still manage impressive performance figures. But complacency is not Bentley’s way, which is likely why they’ve just pulled the curtain back on their Bacalar.

According to the brand, the Bacalar is the most exclusive and bespoke Bentley automobile ever. That’s due in large part to the fact that it marks Mulliner’s triumphant return to coachbuilding. Only twelve examples of the two-seater Barchetta, powered by an impressive 6.0L 650hp W12 engine, are to be made. But the exclusivity isn’t all that makes this vehicle special. You see, it also borrows sustainable design cues from the recently-unveiled EXP 100 GT concept — including materials like rice husk ash paint and 5,000-year-old Riverwood) — and it’s produced in the world’s first certified carbon neutral luxury automotive factory. The Bentley Bacalar marks a brave new endeavor for luxury automakers, and the bar is already very high.

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