BenQ Gaming Video Projector

Under the right circumstances, gaming can be a very immersive experience. But, usually, that’s visually limited to the size of television you have in your home. But, what if you didn’t need a TV at all? If you had something that could turn any wall into a full-HD display, then your screen limitations are practically nullified. Well, that’s exactly what BenQ is offering with their Gaming Video Projector.

This superb device offers up 1080p HD projection with a brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens and a 15,000:1 contrast ratio on any surface. All you have to do is manage a distance of less than 5 feet from surface to projector and you’ve got yourself a 100″ big screen display. And because this projector is built specifically for gaming, it offers super low lag for an incredibly smooth gaming experience. Best of all, if you’re taking the projector and your system on the go, it has built-in 10W speakers with BenQ’s Cinema Master Audio+ technology for superb sound anywhere. Get your hands on this award-winning gaming projector for $999.

Purchase: $999