Benchmade Unveils A Limited High-End Version Of Its Auto OTF Infidel Knife

Benchmade’s Limited Unlimited program consists of special edition versions produced on an unrestricted scale for only a year’s time before these limited edition models are then retired forever. And Benchmade’s latest blade to receive the Limited Unlimited treatment is its already excellent, highly-tactical-oriented Infidel automatic out-the-front knife.

Part of the Oregon City outfit’s top-shelf tactical-focused Black Class, the updated and improved 2001 version of the 3300BK Infidel now features blue-anodized 6061 T6 aluminum handles that pack a heavy-duty spring-loaded 3.91” black DLC-coated CPM-S30V steel plain double-edged dagger blade. Weighing in at under 5oz and measuring exactly 5” when closed, this limited edition variant of the automatic McHenry and Williams-designed knife only comes at a $15 premium over the regular Infidel. And, like the normal Infidel, we also assume this more high-end version will be sold with an included carrying sheath made from genuine Cordura. Priced at $446, the Benchmade Unlimited Limited 2020 3300BK-2001 Infidel OTF Automatic Knife will become available for purchase on BladeHQ’s website in approximately a month’s time.

Purchase: $446