Benchmade SOCP Spear Point

Good things take time. While that maxim seems straight forward enough, too often in our daily lives we get caught up trying to speed through everything too quickly. Greg Thompson, however, didn’t get caught in that trap. Or at the very least, he didn’t when he was designing the Benchmade SOCP Spear Point tactical dagger.

Before developing this knife, Greg had spent over 15 years of his life training special operations forces. Once he came up with a concept it took another three or so years before he started shopping a prototype around. Attention to detail was paramount in the process of making the knife, and once the Portland based knife company Benchmade picked it up and started producing it, it showed through in spades.

Made from a tough 440c steel this fixed blade dagger is intended for quick release from its slim plastic sheath for self defense. The single finger-hole, 4 inch long handle, and 3.22 inch long serrated blade make for a knife that can be used in a variety of fighting styles like boxing or jiu jitsu and due to its slim profile, the knife can also be kept in your hand without obstruction while you reach for a firearm. To top it all off, depending on your interest, you can also add on a dull trainer to your order for honing your skills. Prices start at $115. [Purchase]

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