Benchmade Nestucca Cleaver

Usually when you think ‘cleaver’ words like ‘big’ ‘heavy’ and ‘menacing’ come to mind. While this Nestucca Cleaver from Benchmade isn’t quite big or heavy – it certainly is menacing for its size.

Inspired by the traditional Alaskan Native Ulu knife, this little beast is made to take on big game. While only 6 inches long from tip to handle, the knife makes the most of what it has with a blade that measures in at a little under 4.5 inches. Built using CPM-S30V steel rated 58-60 on the HRC scale, a G10 grip and finger hole for a solid handle, you’ll be sure to get a lot of mileage out of the Nestucca no matter what situations you end up using it in. Coming with a leather sheath, you can pick one up for yourself for $130. [Purchase]