Benchmade Treats The Tengu Knife To A Forged Carbon & Damasteel Upgrade

It was exactly one year ago that Benchmade unveiled its gentlemanly Tengu knife, a Jared Oeser-designed flipper with a decidedly clean and classic appearance. And now, after releasing the truncated Tengu Tool, Benchmade has announced the debut of a Gold Class version of the blade with the new 601-211 Tengu Flipper knife.

In typical Gold Class fashion, the 601-211-spec retains the outward design and dimensions of the original knife, while bestowing it with a host of ultra-top-shelf materials. The original knife’s CPM-20CV 2.77” plain tanto blade is now composed of BiFrost pattern Damasteel rated at 58-60 on the Rockwell scale. The elite new blade material has been paired with a new set of black and white marbled carbon fiber construction scales, outfitted with Sapphire blue PVD hardware and liners, a Raffir Blue Uranium Waves backspacer, and decorated via one of Oeser’s signature shield inlays done in a metallic blue G10. Weighing slightly less than the regular Tengu knife, the entirely handmade Gold Class variant now tips the scales at 2.62oz. Replacing the standard version’s black leather sheath is a top-shelf shark skin pouch accented with blue highlight stitching to match the knife’s crest inlays, hardware, and spacers. Scheduled for a release in the first week of April 2021, the Benchmade Gold Class 601-211 Tengu Flipper has been priced at $550.

Purchase: $550