Beltology Woven Belts

Aug 18, 2014

Category: Style

So you’ve conquered the stigmas involved with wearing a pink polo shirt. Congratulations. But this is no time to rest on your laurels, oh great trailblazer. No, it’s time to expand your horizons a little lower.

Beltology believes in more than just the black and brown approach to pants holder-uppers, as this company makes belts in more colors than Baskin-Robbins makes ice cream flavors. Each belt is made from waxed cotton, rayon or polyester, and features an elastic center that stretches up to 25% of its original length. The buckles are made from a metal called Zamak, which also sounds like a planet where Superman might need to kick a little alien ass, so that’s cool. But the best thing here is the assortment of colors and the names: Rags to Riches; Tea Time; Equator Baby; Cigar Tuesday; and Big Papa, which is not to be confused with Big Papi of the Red Sox. There are no belts in his size. [Purchase]

Beltology Woven Belts 1

Beltology Woven Belts 2

Beltology Woven Belts 3

Beltology Woven Belts 4

Beltology Woven Belts 5

Beltology Woven Belts 6

Beltology Woven Belts 7

Beltology Woven Belts 8

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